The 8 Best Soccer Shoes to Buy In 2022—Ranked!

Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandoski, what do these three people have in common? If you answered soccer shoes, you’d be correct. The three best players in the world right now wear the best soccer shoes money can buy on a daily basis.

There are certain sports where a piece of equipment is more important than the rest. In Tennis? I’d say your racket is more important than shoes. But in soccer? Literally, the only thing you need is a quality pair of soccer shoes.

Whether you aspire to the professional leagues one day, or just play pick-up games on the weekend with your buddies, investing in a good pair of kicks is extremely important.

What are the best shoes to play soccer in? Read on below to find out now.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite Soccer Shoes

Arguably the best outdoor soccer shoes this year, the Superfly 8 from Nike is a go-to for many professional and casual soccer players. In fact, you can get the CR7 version of these cleats.

The chevron studs on the bottom of the boots make a noticeable difference as you cut across the pitch.

The upper material is soft and flexible, so it doesn’t limit the movement and function of your feet. You’ll have greater control over the ball and your reactionary movements. And the NIKESKIN overlay adds the perfect amount of texture to ensure you kick the ball just right, even when it’s wet outside.

The Best Soccer Shoes: Adidas Predator Freak

Want to scare your opponents as you charge toward them? Make sure to pick up the Predator Freak boots from Addidas.

These unique-looking cleats will add the perfect amount of character to your soccer uniform, and will definitely make you look like the meanest player on the pitch.

The two-part collar makes it easy to get these cleats on and off and keeps your foot feeling snug. The PrimeKnit upper material gives the right amount of security, while still allowing your foot to flex the way it needs to.

But the best part about this soccer boot is the Demonskin 2.0 rubber strike zone. The outer, rubberized texture lets you control the ball with complete precision, no matter what angle you are kicking at.

PUMA Future Z Soccer Shoes

You can’t talk about the best outdoor soccer shoes without mentioning PUMA, the brand that sponsors the reigning English Champions; Manchester City.

While PUMA might have a lot fewer teams under its list of sponsorships, it doesn’t lack in quality if the team that keeps wearing their shoes continues to win the league.

The Future Z soccer cleats are engineered to perfection to allow for flexibility and security. The dynamic outsole allows for a complete range of motion, without putting your foot at risk.

And you know what that means, right? More speed and greater precision.

Adidas X GHOSTED.3 Soccer Shoe

What about the best soccer shoes under 100 bucks? Try the X Ghosted.3 from Adidas.

You can choose the model of the shoe you need depending on your primary playing conditions, such as turf or firm ground.

The shoe is light, and the tongue is flexible, allowing for a good range of motion. And the Speedskin upper has a fair amount of grip, making these a great pick for casual players.

Nike Air Max 95

Looking for the best indoor soccer shoes, that double as a pair of slick shoes you can wear out on the town? The Air Max 95 from Nike fits the bill perfectly.

These shoes are thoughtfully designed so that they function great, regardless of what sport you’re playing. Indoor soccer? Not a problem. Outdoor basketball? That’s great, too.

With the visible air pockets in the heel, you get a guaranteed cushion with every step and jump that you take. This makes them a favorite for runners, or sports where you do a lot of running.

The upper mesh is ventilated so that your feet can breathe, even on the longest days. They also have a slick lacing system that makes it easy to find the perfect fit and adjust as needed.

And with so many different styles of the 95 Air Max, these will quickly become the most versatile shoe in your collection. Wear them while hanging out or running errands. Wear them during your morning walk or workout.

Better yet, grab a couple of pairs to ensure you can match multiple outfits, both on and off the pitch.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro

Looking for a more specialized indoor soccer shoe? The Tiempo Legend 9 Pro is built exclusively for indoor soccer players.

The outer layer is lined with leather and back by the right amount of foam, to make it easy to take shots over and over again. A simply raised texture on the outside gives you the right amount of control inside.

And a foam heel makes it much more pleasant to run around on the hard, indoor court. The mesh tongue and heel will keep you warm as well, in case the court isn’t air-conditioned.

Adidas Samba Classic Soccer Shoes

Want to look fresh during your next indoor match? Pick up the Samba shoes from Adidas. They look like they belong next to the pool, yet they are built for soccer performance.

You get an EVA insole for comfort and a rubber outsole for added traction and grip. and the leather upper is light, flexible, and will help you direct the ball to the perfect spot. Oh, and did we mention that you’d be the best-looking player on the pitch?

Adidas Goletta VIII

Looking for the best budget soccer shoes for indoor use? Try the Adidas Goletta VIII. These shoes provide a simple, yet classic Adidas vibe and give you basic performance for use indoors. The rubber outsole provides what you need without any of the frills you get with higher-end shoes.

Don’t Skimp On The Cleats

Purchasing the best soccer shoes is a bit of an investment. If you’re willing to spend the money, you will immediately feel the difference between a professional-grade soccer shoe and a budget-friendly cleat.

If you like to play, do yourself a favor and buy the best.

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