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Luis Martínez, an American wrestler of Puerto Rican descent, wrestles professionally as Damian Priest in WWE. He is a member of the stable The Judgment Day on the Raw brand. Previously, he competed in Ring of Honor (ROH) as Punishment Martinez and held the ROH World Television Championship once. He also worked in Japan as Punisher Martinez through ROH’s partnership with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).

Discover the comprehensive bio and wiki of Damian Priest, including his real name, age, height, and notable career in WWE. Learn about his association with The Judgement Day stable and his finishing moves. Find out about his marital status, wife, and any dental procedures. Explore his net worth and find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Damian Priest.

Damian Priest Bio/Wiki Table

Ring Name Damian Priest
Real Name Luis Martínez
Origin Puerto Rican
Citizenship American
Physique 6 ft 5 in (1.96 m) and 249 lb (113 kg)
Birth Date September 26, 1982
Current Age 40 years
Financial Status Estimated net worth of $2 million
Notable Achievements Signed with WWE NXT, notable victories over Keith Lee and Raul Mendoza
Recognitions Ranked 166th and 108th in PWI 500 rankings for the years 2019 and 2020 respectively
Known Also As Punisher Martinez (used in Japan)
Personal Life Marital status not disclosed, maintains privacy regarding personal matters

Early Life

Luis Martínez, also known as Damian Priest, was born in New York City to Newyorican parents. However, he was primarily raised in Dorado, Puerto Rico. During his time in Dorado, he discovered his passion for professional wrestling while watching the World Wrestling Council on television. Martial arts played a significant role in his upbringing as well, as his father, a martial artist, taught him Japanese Gōjū-ryū karate.

Martínez excelled in the martial arts domain, winning two national championships. Motivated by his success and driven by his newfound love for wrestling, he decided to pursue a career in the professional wrestling industry. Upon returning to the United States, he faced a period of cultural adaptation, despite Spanish being his first language.

Damian Priest Ethnicity

Damian Priest, also known as Luis Martínez, is a prominent professional wrestler of Puerto Rican descent. Born to Newyorican parents, Priest proudly embraces his Puerto Rican heritage. With his captivating persona and impressive in-ring skills, Priest has become a well-known figure in the world of wrestling.

As a wrestler of Puerto Rican ethnicity, he brings diversity and representation to the industry, inspiring fans from similar backgrounds. Priest’s success serves as a testament to the talent and determination found within the Puerto Rican community.

Damian Priest Nationality

Damian Priest, also known as Luis Martínez, is an American professional wrestler. He holds American nationality.

Damian Priest Full Name

Damian Priest, whose full name is Luis Martínez, is a highly accomplished professional wrestler in the world of sports entertainment.

Known for his charismatic presence and remarkable in-ring abilities, Damian Priest has captivated audiences worldwide.

Under his birth name, Luis Martínez, he embarked on his wrestling journey and honed his skills to become the dynamic performer known as Damian Priest.

Damian Priest Age

Damian Priest, born on September 26, 1982, is a professional wrestler whose age stands at 40 years. With a career that spans several years, Priest has achieved great success and garnered a dedicated fan following.

Known for his athleticism and charismatic presence, Priest has made a significant impact in the world of wrestling despite his relatively young age. As he continues to showcase his talents and evolve as a performer, fans eagerly anticipate the future achievements of this 40-year-old wrestling sensation.

Damian Priest Height

Damian Priest is billed at an impressive height of 6 feet 5 inches (1.96 meters). This measurement accentuates his imposing presence inside the wrestling ring, where he towers over many of his opponents.

Standing at such a significant height, Priest commands attention and exhibits a powerful physical presence that adds to his captivating persona as a formidable wrestler.

Damian Priest Weight

Damian Priest is billed with a weight of 249 pounds (113 kilograms). This substantial weight showcases his physical strength and muscular build, emphasizing his ability to deliver impactful maneuvers and dominate his opponents in the wrestling ring.

Professional Wrestling Career

damian priest

Early Career

After receiving training at the renowned Monster Factory, Martínez showcased his skills and emerged victorious in various championships held by Monster Factory Pro Wrestling. In 2014, he further honed his abilities by attending a training camp organized by Ring of Honor (ROH) and subsequently continued his training at the ROH dojo.

Ring of Honor (2015–2018)

Luis Martínez, known as Punisher and Damian Martinez, etched an indelible mark in Ring of Honor (ROH). Debuting as Luis Martínez in 2015, he showcased his potential through dark matches, conquering one out of two.

Reentering ROH as Punisher Martinez, he took part in the ROH Top Prospect Tournament. Although he lost to Lio Rush in the semifinals, his performance led to a contract with ROH. He formed alliances with B.J. Whitmer and Kevin Sullivan, setting up a feud against Steve Corino.

Participating in the 2016 Honor Rumble and Survival of the Fittest, Martinez impressed the crowd but couldn’t clinch a win. A brief feud with War Machine ended in a no-contest and a victory in a no-holds-barred match.

Through ROH’s association with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW), Martinez seized a win at Honor Rising: Japan 2017 alongside Hiromu Takahashi and Tetsuya Naito. However, he fell short in his quest for the NEVER Openweight Championship against Hirooki Goto.

Upon reentry as Damian Martinez, he contested in two Battle Royals but failed to secure victory. However, he and Whitmer claimed a win over War Machine, after which Martinez turned on Whitmer.

Martinez’s crowning achievement in ROH was on June 16, 2018, when he vanquished Silas Young to become the World Television Champion. He retained the title against Adam Page and Chris Sabin but relinquished it to Jeff Cobb upon leaving ROH. Martinez’s journey in ROH remains remarkable.

WWE Career

Early beginnings (2018–2020)

In October 2018, Luis Martinez, aka Damian Martinez, signed with WWE and joined the NXT brand six days later. He made his NXT debut on December 5 as a heel, succumbing to Matt Riddle. By April 2019, Martinez was rebranded as “Damian Priest” for television appearances, while continuing as “Punishment Martinez” in house shows. Vignettes re-introducing him as Damian Priest aired soon after.

On June 19, 2019, in his debut as Priest, he claimed victory against Raul Mendoza, followed by another win against Keith Lee in July. A feud began with Pete Dunne and Killian Dain in October, culminating in a triple threat match at NXT TakeOver: WarGames. Dunne emerged as the #1 contender for the NXT Championship.

Priest competed in the 5-on-5-on-5 Survivor Series match, representing Team NXT, but was eliminated by Randy Orton from Team Raw. In 2020, Priest got entangled in the NXT North American Championship storyline with Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic. Despite opportunities to clinch the title against Lee and Dijakovic in April, Priest failed to emerge victorious.

NXT North American Champion (2020–2021)

On April 22, an unknown assailant attacked Finn Bálor on NXT. On May 13, Damian Priest was unveiled as the attacker, leading to a match with Bálor at TakeOver: In Your House on June 7. Priest lost, but his performance drew commendation from Triple H. In a surprising turn, Priest praised Bálor post-match, transitioning to a face character.

On August 5, Priest bested Oney Lorcan and Ridge Holland, qualifying for the NXT North American Championship ladder match at NXT TakeOver: XXX on August 22. He triumphed, securing his inaugural WWE title. His first successful defense was against Timothy Thatcher on September 16. Priest retained the title against Johnny Gargano at NXT: TakeOver 31 on October 4, but lost to Gargano at Halloween Havoc on October 28, ending his reign at 65 days.

Priest disrupted Gargano’s November 11 title defense against Leon Ruff, resulting in Ruff’s win. This led to a triple threat match at NXT TakeOver: WarGames on December 6. Priest was assaulted by a masked character, Austin Theory, and his gang, causing his loss to Gargano.

Priest then sought retribution against Theory but fell prey to a surprise attack from Karrion Kross. Kross challenged Priest to a New Year’s Evil match, which Priest accepted but ultimately lost, marking his NXT exit.

United States Champion (2021–2022)

damian priest

Damian Priest participated in the 2021 Royal Rumble, marking notable eliminations before Bobby Lashley ousted him. He debuted on Raw, winning against The Miz, and helped rapper Bad Bunny claim the 24/7 Championship. A winning streak followed, leading to a WrestleMania 37 tag-team challenge alongside Bad Bunny against The Miz and John Morrison. Their victory, however, segued into a losing handicap match against The Miz and Morrison due to Maryse’s interference.

Priest won a subsequent WrestleMania Backlash lumberjack match against The Miz before taking a brief hiatus for a back injury. Upon return, he saved Humberto Carrillo from Sheamus, sparking a rivalry. This resulted in a SummerSlam match, where Priest triumphed over Sheamus, claiming his first United States Championship. He retained his title against contenders such as Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and Jeff Hardy.

A revamped Priest character saw a disqualification win against T-Bar and a disqualification loss against Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura at Survivor Series. He successfully defended his title against Sami Zayn, Apollo Crews, Robert Roode, and Dolph Ziggler.

In 2022, Priest retained his title against AJ Styles and Shelton Benjamin, but eventually lost it to Finn Bálor, ending his 191-day reign. This loss turned Priest heel for the first time since May 2020 and his first on the main roster, attacking Bálor post-match.

The Judgment Day (2022–present)

At WrestleMania 38, Damian Priest intervened in AJ Styles’ match against Edge, causing Styles’ defeat. This triggered an alliance with Edge, and the duo, soon known as The Judgment Day, saw Priest beat Finn Bálor in a singles match. Joined by Rhea Ripley, The Judgment Day triumphed in a six-person mixed tag team match at Hell in a Cell against Styles, Bálor, and Liv Morgan. Edge introduced Bálor as a new member but was soon betrayed and ousted by Priest, Ripley, and Bálor.

The Judgment Day started a feud with Rey and Dominik Mysterio, aiming to recruit Dominik. SummerSlam saw a defeat for Priest and Bálor by the Mysterios due to Edge’s interference. However, Dominik ultimately joined The Judgment Day following another defeat of Priest and Bálor at Clash at the Castle. The group secured wins against The O.C., ending the feud.

In 2023, The Judgment Day won a Raw Tag Team Championship opportunity through a tag team turmoil match but failed to secure the championship at Raw is XXX. Priest entered the Royal Rumble but was eliminated alongside Bálor by Edge, who they subsequently removed with Dominik’s aid. A successful fight against Angelo Dawkins earned Priest a place in the Elimination Chamber match for the United States Championship, but he didn’t win the title.

Post-WrestleMania 39, Priest confronted Bad Bunny, leading to a San Juan street fight at Backlash which Priest lost due to interference. Priest and Bálor were chosen as Raw participants for the new World Heavyweight Championship tournament, but Priest fell in the quarterfinals against Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

Damian Priest Finisher

His wrestling style entails a variety of rising and speed strikes. And, his skill in martial arts has a major impact on his striking. He uses a release suplex slam known as the Broken Arrow as well as the Razor’s Edge. In fact, it is a crucifix powerbomb stolen from Razor Ramon, who is his youth wrestling hero. He uses a rolling cutter known as The Reckoning as his finisher. It changed its title to Hit The Lights after earning its main roster debut. It was possibly as a result of Mia Yim, a part of Retribution who was also called as “Reckoning” at the era, bearing the same name.

damian priest

On June 16, 2018, on the 2nd night of the Award’s “State of the Art” event in Dallas, Texas, Martinez earned his first title in ROH. In fact, he got it by facing Silas Young again for the Television Network Title. In a six-person Test Bed match early that same evening, Martinez beat Cheeseburger to win a chance to play in said event. At Best in the World 2018, Martinez safely kept his title against “Hangman” Page in a Baltimore real fight. He faced Chris Sabin to fully defend his crown at Death Before Dishonor XVI. He fought Sabin after the game until Jeff Cobb halted him.

Damian Priest Wife

Damian Priest, the accomplished professional wrestler, has maintained a level of privacy when it comes to his personal life, including details about his romantic relationships. As of the information available, there is no mention of Damian Priest being married or having a wife. He prefers to keep his personal matters private, focusing on his career in the wrestling industry.

Is Damian Priest Married?

As of now, Damian Priest is not married and has no history of marriage or divorce. He maintains a highly private personal life, keeping details about his relationships under wraps.

Damian has not publicly disclosed any information about his romantic partners to his parents, nor does his Instagram account feature any romantic images with women, suggesting that he is currently single.

Due to his reserved nature, Damian Priest prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye, allowing fans to appreciate his talent and persona solely within the realm of professional wrestling.

Damian Priest Net Worth

Damian Priest, the accomplished professional wrestler, has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million. Known for his tenure with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) NXT brand, Priest has consistently delivered impressive performances, securing victories over formidable opponents such as Keith Lee and Raul Mendoza on numerous occasions.

In recognition of his talent and impact, Priest was nominated for the “Breakout of the Year” award in 2019, showcasing his rising popularity and potential. Furthermore, his achievements in the wrestling world have been acknowledged in the prestigious Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) 500 rankings. In 2019, he held the position of 166th among the top 500 singles competitors, and in 2020, he climbed to the impressive rank of 108.

Expanding his reach beyond WWE, Damian Priest has also made appearances in Japan under the alias “Punisher Martinez.” With his career at its zenith, Priest stands poised to continue accumulating wealth and success in the wrestling industry. Through his ongoing endeavors and numerous opportunities, he has the potential to further increase his financial standing in the future.

Bad Bunny vs Damian Priest

The highly anticipated matchup between Bad Bunny and Damian Priest created waves in the world of professional wrestling. Bad Bunny, the internationally acclaimed musician and pop culture icon, stepped into the ring to face off against Damian Priest, a seasoned professional wrestler known for his athleticism and prowess. The clash between these two individuals brought together the worlds of music and sports entertainment, captivating fans and generating immense excitement.

In the encounter, Bad Bunny showcased his dedication and commitment to the craft, impressing both wrestling enthusiasts and music fans alike. Despite being a relative newcomer to the wrestling scene, Bad Bunny displayed his athleticism and adaptability, delivering surprising moves and demonstrating his passion for the sport.

On the other hand, Damian Priest proved why he is a force to be reckoned with. Known for his dynamic in-ring style, Priest brought his experience and skill to the match, creating a compelling rivalry with Bad Bunny. His ability to seamlessly blend his wrestling abilities with the electrifying atmosphere of the event solidified his reputation as a top-notch performer.

The clash between Bad Bunny and Damian Priest exceeded expectations, delivering an entertaining spectacle that will be remembered by fans for years to come. It showcased the crossover appeal of professional wrestling and the power of collaboration between different forms of entertainment.

Damian Priest Teeth: Before And After

Damian Priest, the esteemed professional wrestler, may have undergone dental procedures or treatments to enhance the appearance of his teeth. While specific details about the nature and timing of these procedures are not readily available from public sources, it is not uncommon for individuals in the public eye, including athletes and performers, to prioritize dental health and aesthetics.

However, dental considerations typically do not take center stage in an athlete’s public image or promotional materials. Instead, the focus tends to be on their skills, athleticism, and captivating performances.

Damian Priest, with his distinct style and persona, stands out as a remarkable performer within the WWE. As a dedicated WWE Superstar, he devotes extensive hours to training, working with coaches and trainers to continually improve his in-ring abilities and overall performance.

While details regarding Damian Priest’s dental journey may be scarce, his commitment to excellence and his captivating presence inside the wrestling ring are evident. Through his hard work and dedication, Damian Priest continues to captivate audiences and solidify his reputation as a top-tier performer in WWE.


How Old Is Damian Priest?

Damian Priest was born on September 26, 1982. As of 2023, he is 40 years old.

How Tall Is Damian Priest?

Damian Priest is reported to be 6 feet 5 inches tall (1.96 meters).

How Much Does Damian Priest Weigh?

Damian Priest weighs approximately 249 pounds (113 kilograms).

What did Damian Priest do before WWE?

Before entering WWE, one of Damian Priest’s most notable plots saw him battling in the Ring Of Honor tag team title. Also, it was against The Viking Raider, a group that is actually a part of the WWE brand. Back then, Erik and Ivar were a great ROH team.

What martial arts does Damian Priest know?

Priest was naturally athletic. But, his skill in martial arts got him national fame. He was a two-time gold medalist in New York and learnt the Japanese karate style Goju-ryu.

Who is Damian Priest in a relationship with?

Rhea Ripley recently talked about her relationship with Damian Priest in everyday life. In fact, the two WWE stars were good friends long before they became a part of the Judgment Day team.

Is Damian Priest white or black?

American pro wrestler Luis Martnez is of Puerto Rican heritage Further, he was born on September 26, 1982. He is now in a deal with WWE. Also, he is a part of the team The Judgment Day. He fights on the Raw line under title Damian Priest.

Is Damian Priest with Rhea Ripley?

Priest and Ripley have been buddies for a long time. But, when The Judgement Day put them together, their love took on a story life of its own. In a brief podcast with Metro UK, Ripley outlined how the two ended up as a pair within one of WWE’s best leagues.

Who is Rhea Ripley’s boyfriend?

The bond between Rhea Ripley and Buddy Murphy went public after months of rumors. In fact, Buddy is a former WWE Star. He now lists himself as Buddy Matthews in the AEW and is a member of the House of Black.

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