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American pro wrestler Luis Martnez is of Puerto Rican heritage. And, he was born on September 26, 1982. He is now assigned to WWE and a part of the stable The Judgment Day. He works on the Raw line under the ring alias Damian Priest.

In fact, he is a former ROH World Television Champion. Also, he is well-known for his efforts in Ring of Honor (ROH). Here, he performs under the codename Punishment Martinez. He has also fought as Punisher Martinez in Japan as a part of ROH’s affiliation with New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW).

Martnez was bred in the Puerto Rican town of Dorado while being born to Nuyorican parents in New York City. Here, he developed an interest in professional wrestling while living in Dorado. And, it was after watching the World Wrestling Alliance on television. His combat artist father taught him Japanese Gj-ry karate. Martnez chose to make a career in pro wrestling after earning two national titles in full-contact martial arts. His first dialect was still Spanish when he got back to the United States. So, he traversed a period of cultural inculcation.

Damian Priest Age

He was born on September 26, 1982 & is currently 40 years old.

Damian Priest Height

Damian Priest is one of the tallest wrestlers. He stands at a height of 6 feet 5 inches tall.


As Punishment Martinez in ROH Wrestling, Martinez is known for having a deep voice. In fact, it has aided him in his promos to maintain the gloomy, sinister persona.  The character Martinez actually played in other promotions. “Damian Priest,” was clearly meant to be similar to but darker and more severe in the WWE. However, over time, this character changed and took on a more macho, rockstar-like attitude. And, it seeks more fame, progress, and appreciation. This character is further made clear by showcasing bars, parties, and women quite often with him in green room bits. As a result, people dubbed him as “The Archer of Infamy.”

damian priest

Martinez unveiled a new theme tune, new gestures, and a slightly altered look on the Raw show of October 25 . Thus, it alluded to a character shift. One side of Priest is the cool and collected side known as “The Priest” . And, this is similar to his old game, whereas the other is a new darker, sterner side known as “The Damian”. So, this would be seen if Priest would just get incited or wronged. The new character and the title track merge these two factions of Priest.

Under his real name, Luis Martnez, he made his rookie visit at a ROH event in 2015. Then, he took part in two dark matches, failing the first against The Romantic Touch. And, then he won the second with Shaheem Ali and Hellcat and Mattick.

Damian Priest Finisher

His wrestling style entails a variety of rising and speed strikes. And, his skill in martial arts has a major impact on his striking. He uses a release suplex slam known as the Broken Arrow as well as the Razor’s Edge. In fact, it is a crucifix powerbomb stolen from Razor Ramon, who is his youth wrestling hero. He uses a rolling cutter known as The Reckoning as his finisher. It changed its title to Hit The Lights after earning its main roster debut. It was possibly as a result of Mia Yim, a part of Retribution who was also called as “Reckoning” at the era, bearing the same name.

damian priest

On June 16, 2018, on the 2nd night of the Award’s “State of the Art” event in Dallas, Texas, Martinez earned his first title in ROH. In fact, he got it by facing Silas Young again for the Television Network Title. In a six-person Test Bed match early that same evening, Martinez beat Cheeseburger to win a chance to play in said event. At Best in the World 2018, Martinez safely kept his title against “Hangman” Page in a Baltimore real fight. He faced Chris Sabin to fully defend his crown at Death Before Dishonor XVI. He fought Sabin after the game until Jeff Cobb halted him.

Is Damian Priest Married?

Famous American pro wrestler Damian Priest is of Puerto Rican heritage. And, he is best known for being promoted by WWE. On the Raw brand right now, Damian Priest is performing.

On December 15, 2012, Damian Priest debuted. He was a part of the MFPW Heavyweight Tournament Final at the time as Punisher Martinez.

Damian Priest has not yet gotten married. He never has wed or been through a divorce. Additionally, there are no traces of Damian tying the knot or dating. Damian is highly private, thus he keeps his personal details secret.

He has not discussed his girlfriends with either of his parents. And, his Instagram also says that he is single since there are no romantic shots of him with any women.

Damian Priest vs Rey Mysterio

Recently, Damian Priest made light of Rey Mysterio’s shame after WWE RAW on Twitter.

Rey Mysterio and Judgment Day have been locked in a long war. Dominik, Rey’s son, went against his father and served in the evil stable. Thus, this made a major shift in their feud. The faction has fiercely tortured and abused the famed luchador since the incident. At Monday Night RAW’s season opener, the most recent case of shame happened. Dominik went into the ring after Mysterio beat Chad Gable and requested his father to beat him. But, the latter denied. Rey, on the other hand, did not hesitate before killing Damian Priest as well as the others of Judgment Day.

Dom took a lame shot to finish the move on Rey. But, he managed to stop his father from doing the 619. Then, people saw the WWE icon sobbing on the stage as Judgment Day began without halt.

Damian and Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley was a past WWE RAW Women’s Champion. Recently, she remarked that she always hoped to work with Priest but did not know exactly how it would happen.

When Ripley, Priest, and Edge came together to join The Judgment Day, they adopted their darkness. Both players have proved themselves as a strong entity on the RAW team over their stint with the group. The gang has been ready to wreak havoc on everyone who gets in their way. And, it has happened since the debut of Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio.

Damian Priest Net Worth

The estimated net worth of wrestler Damian Priest is $4 million. Also, he has become a World Wrestling Industry NXT brand signee. Further, he  has won over Keith Lee and Raul Mendoza in wrestling fights on countless events.

In 2019, they named him for “Breakout of the Year,” but he lost. On the list of the top 500 single fighters in the PWI 500, he ranked 166 in 2019 & 108 in 2020.

Additionally, he has acted under the alias “Punisher Martinez” in Japan. As he is at the pinnacle of his career, he has ample chances to amass huge money.


damian priest

What did Damian Priest do before WWE?

Before entering WWE, one of Damian Priest’s most notable plots saw him battling in the Ring Of Honor tag team title. Also, it was against The Viking Raider, a group that is actually a part of the WWE brand. Back then, Erik and Ivar were a great ROH team.

What martial arts does Damian Priest know?

Priest was naturally athletic. But, his skill in martial arts got him national fame. He was a two-time gold medalist in New York and learnt the Japanese karate style Goju-ryu.

Who is Damian Priest in a relationship with?

Rhea Ripley recently talked about her relationship with Damian Priest in everyday life. In fact, the two WWE stars were good friends long before they became a part of the Judgment Day team.

Is Damian Priest white or black?

American pro wrestler Luis Martnez is of Puerto Rican heritage Further, he was born on September 26, 1982. He is now in a deal with WWE. Also, he is a part of the team The Judgment Day. He fights on the Raw line under title Damian Priest.

Is Damian Priest with Rhea Ripley?

Priest and Ripley have been buddies for a long time. But, when The Judgement Day put them together, their love took on a story life of its own. In a brief podcast with Metro UK, Ripley outlined how the two ended up as a pair within one of WWE’s best leagues.

Who is Rhea Ripley’s boyfriend?

The bond between Rhea Ripley and Buddy Murphy went public after months of rumors. In fact, Buddy is a former WWE Star. He now lists himself as Buddy Matthews in the AEW and is a member of the House of Black.

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