Improving Your Golf Stance: A Complete Guide

The funny thing about golf is most of us think we’re better players than we are. And we all want to improve our game. In fact, the average golf score among men is 96, and it’s 108 for women.

So, what are the factors keeping us from lowering those scores? Well, the answer is more straightforward than you think. It may begin with your golf stance.

Many weekend golfers don’t even know that your golf stance for each club is different. So, if you want some quick golf swing tips to drop your score, keep reading.

Start in the Middle

The best place to begin is by placing your feet for a middle iron. Then, you can adjust for each club going up or down.

For example, with a 6-iron, set your feet at shoulder width and make sure your toes point forward. Then, turn the front foot only slightly toward the target.

Posture is key to an easy golf swing technique. Your knees should only bend a bit, and your spine must remain straight. If you take a line from the balls of your feet, they should line up with your elbows and shoulders as you move up your body.

Now, practice this golf stance with slow movements to make sure you stay balanced. Your body must feel fluid as you progress through the swing.

Moving Your Golf Stance Up and Down

It’s crucial to remember that changes in your golf stance are subtle at best. Then if you change to a low iron, like a 9-iron or wedge, bring your feet 2 to 3 inches closer together. Again, practice maintaining balance control with your swing.

By contrast, when you move up to long irons, widen your golf stance a bit. The correct golf stance for irons depends in part on the length of the club.

Widen again a bit more for woods and drivers. You should have a relaxed golf stance where you aren’t reaching for the ball in each case. Instead, the ball is beneath your head with clear sightlines as the club falls to the ground from this stance.

Ball Placement

A lot of beginners fail to realize the differences in ball placement with the golf stance. This key element is one tip for how to improve your golf game overnight. If the bell is in the correct position for each club, your ball striking will improve a lot.

So hit the range today and practice these elements. Then you will be ready for the next tee time at with your foursome. The course is not the place for tinkering with your golf stance.

Starting with the short irons, place the ball in the middle of your golf stance. As you move up to longer irons, the ball moves closer to your front foot by about half an inch with each club length. Finally, the ball is just inside your front foot when you use the driver.

Again, it’s essential to have a relaxed grip and be over the ball without reaching. Coupled with an easy golf swing technique, you’ll amaze yourself with the improvement.

Take a Golf Stance for Success

Okay, you got this. Now you should feel comfortable enough in your golf stance to hit every shot with confidence. All that’s left is to get out there and put it into practice.

So, show up at the course early and loosen up. Then put the correct golf stance for irons and woods to work for your best game. And, if you enjoyed this article, come back for some more handy tips.

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