The Most Popular Online Sports for Canadian Online Gamers

People worldwide like watching sports, especially when their favourite team or player is playing. Besides watching sports, many fans in countries like Canada and other parts of the globe also like betting on them. Naturally, this increased the number of sports betting platforms worldwide.

Of course, some sports are way more popular in certain countries than in others. As a result, local fans are interested in different things and often look for specific online betting operators that will let them access them.

The Most Popular Sports for Canadian Online Gamers

Speaking of sports betting and Canada places like Betano are famous for their wide range of sports that people can choose from. Since the brand focuses on the Canadian markets, gamblers can find all of the options they’re interested in. Needless to say, Canadian sports fans watch and bet on a variety of sports, so let’s go over the most popular ones.

Ice Hockey

Even though some people might be surprised ice hockey is on the list, there is no arguing it is one of the biggest sports in Canada. Millions of people watch the best team from the NHL on a daily basis, which has an effect on the sport’s popularity. 

Although some people will argue that the ice hockey teams in the USA are better than those in Canada, this isn’t always the case. Canadians have a couple of top-tier squads, such as the Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, and more. Some ice hockey clubs are over 100 years old and have had tons of success over the years.

Usually, gambling websites do not offer that many markets or special bonuses for this sport. However, the operators that are available in Canada know locals like it. As a result, players often have access to way more markets and special options that aren’t available for other sports.


The second sport (many people consider it to be more popular than ice hockey) on the list is basketball. Generally speaking, basketball is really big in every North American country, especially in the USA, because it’s home to the NBA. Unsurprisingly, this league has many fans in other countries, and Canada is no exception.

Canadians who like basketball can watch some of the best teams in the world from the US and other countries. For example, some people also pay attention to the Euroleague/Eurocup and competitions in China, such as the CBA.

It is important to note that the Canadian men’s national basketball team also has a lot of fans in the country. Its biggest success is the silver medal from the 1936 Summer Olympics. 

Canadian online betting fans who like basketball will always find a wide range of options. 

Since they’re in the same timezone as the US, they can wager on live matches and use special markets for the big NBA stars and their clubs. This is among the sports that provide an impressive range of short-termed live markets, many bonuses, and good odds.


While we’re on the topic of sports in Canada which are also the go-to options in the US and other parts of the world, we need to include baseball. This is probably the only sport with tons of fans among online bettors in North America and almost none in places like Europe or Africa.

Baseball fans in Canada know that this sport dates back to the 19th century, and the country has traditions in it. Of course, the MLB is the biggest baseball competition in the world, so it shouldn’t be surprised it has more fans than anything else in the country. 

Speaking of the MLB, almost all teams there are from the USA except the Toronto Blue Jays, which are the only Canadian team for now. Interestingly, Montreal Expos became the first team from the country to join the MLB, but the organization moved to Washington in 2005.

In terms of betting on baseball, the leading online bookmakers in Canada will always provide enough markets and good odds. Interestingly, some of them may also offer live streaming for some of the more popular games. With that said, Cash Out is usually not available when wagering on this sport, so people have to be careful.


Despite the fact that Soccer is nowhere near as big in Canada as in Europe, everyone knows it’s the world’s most popular sport. Consequently, even some sports fans in Canada pay attention to the most famous European competitions, such as the UEFA Champions League, the English Premier League, and more.

Even though the Canadian men’s national soccer team hasn’t won any big international competition, it has performed better than expected. In fact, it even qualified for the FIFA World Cup 2022, which took place in Qatar just a couple of months ago.

Regarding domestic soccer competitions, some of the biggest Canadian teams have a lot of loyal fans. However, most people focus on the big European competitions because this is where they can find the best teams and players.

When it comes down to betting on soccer, there is no arguing that this sport provides the most opportunities. The number of events and markets Canadian punters can access is impressive, even compared to options like basketball. Therefore, even people who’re not soccer fans often bet on the best teams because of the opportunities they have access to. This also includes special bonuses that bookies only offer for soccer.


Finally, we have another sport that is big worldwide and has a lot of fans among online gamblers. Even though none of the Grand Slam tennis tournaments take palace in Canada, many sports fans like watching the best players in action. That’s the reason why tennis has a lot of fans in the North American state.

Speaking of tournaments, the Canadian Open is among the oldest competitions in the world. This annual event is held in Quebec and Ontario and is over 142 years old. The tournament often attracts some of the best male and female tennis players worldwide, which is one of the reasons why the sport is so prevalent in Canada.

Regarding tennis betting, the latter is the go-to individual sports people focus on. It provides unique markets and betting opportunities that other sports do not offer. What’s more, tennis is one of the sports that often allows people to access short-term bonuses for specific tournaments. This is especially true for things like Wimbledon, the Australian Open, and other big events.


The sports mentioned above are just some of the options online bettors like wagering on. Naturally, the country has sports fans interested in many other things, such as eSports, American football, UFC, and so on. Regardless of what you like, you must remember that gambling is risky, so you must be careful and only place bets for fun.

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