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Max Kellerman is a person who actually needs little to no introduction. In fact, he is one of the most famous American sports personalities. Further, he has also acted as a commentator of various boxing shows, from time to time.

Max Kellerman was born on 6th August, 1973. He has hosted many different talk shows. Of course, all these talk shows were related to sports. Presently, he is the host of the show This Just In with Max Kellerman on the ESPN channel. Earlier, he had also acted as a co-host of ESPN talk show First Take. Besides him, Stephen A. Smith and Molly Qerim were also acting as his co-hosts on this show. Also, previously he was the co-host of the sports radio talk show Max & Marcellus. The other host on this show was Marcellus Wiley, on ESPNLA. Moreover, he was the color commentator for two other boxing shows:  Boxing after Dark and HBO World Championship Boxing.

Max Kellerman Bio/Wiki

Full Name Max Kellerman
Date of Birth August 6, 1973
Place of Birth Greenwich Village, New York City, New York, United States
Profession Talk show host, Journalist, Commentator, Actor, Screenwriter
Education Hunter College High SchoolColumbia University (1998)
Nationality United States of America
Age 49 years
Zodiac Sign Leo
Spouse Erin Manning
Children Esther Kellerman,Sam Kellerman and

Mira Kellerman

Siblings Sam Kellerman and two other younger brothers
Height 5 ft 10 in1.8 m in meters
Hair colour Black
Cars Not known
Net Worth $6 Million
Record Labels Columbia Records
Albums “Young Man Rumble” – music video (1994)
Music Groups “Max and Sam”
Movies “Rocky Balboa” (2006)“The Wedding Bout”

“Real Husbands of Hollywood”, “Creed” (2015)

TV Shows “Friday Night Fights”“Around the Horn”

“Max on Boxing”

“Talk show with Marcellus Wiley” (2011, ESPNLA, LA Live), “Talk show SportsNation on ESPN” (2013)

Max Kellerman Brother

Max Kellerman’s brother’s name was Sam Kellerman. Further, he was born on 24th November, 1974 and he died on 12th October, 2004.

However, he was murdered in Los Angeles, USA.

Max Kellerman’s brother was found in his apartment in the 1400 block of Vista Street in Los Angeles, bludgeoned to death. However, Sam Kellerman’s murder mystery was solved a few days after his death.

Of course, some initial investigation happened. Finally, James Butler was arrested for the crime.

James Butler was a former boxer. At that time, he was looking for a comeback but was failing considerably.

In fact, James mentioned that Max Kellerman’s brother was actually one of his closest allies. When nobody was there for him, Sam opened up his house for him to stay there.

According to sources, James was trying to rebuild his career as a boxer. On the other hand, he was also facing some relationship issues with his girlfriend at that time. Sam asked him to move out at the same time. Most probably, this led to some kind of argument. Finally, Butler killed him.

Moreover, Butler confessed to his crime a little time later. And, he was sentenced to twenty nine years in prison.

However, Max Kellerman is always all praises for his brother. In fact, he loved him dearly and was greatly sad about whatever happened to his brother.

Max Kellerman Wife

Max Kellerman

Max Kellerman married in 1994. And, his wife’s name is Erin Manning. In fact, she is also quite famous in her own arena. She is a social activist, an advocate and a well-known social media personality.

Further, they have three children: Mira Kellerman, Esther Kellerman and Sam Kellerman.

Max and Erin met in high school and started dating throughout college. Also, they have been married for 26 years.

Max Kellerman First Take

Max Kellerman First Take

The ‘First take’ show is a very popular one. In fact, it made its debut in 2007. It is a sports talk television show which airs on ESPN.

Max Kellerman was one of the hosts of ‘First Take’. Also, the other co-host of this show was Stephen A. Smith.

Initially, the duo bonded quite well in the early days. But later, Stephen A. Smith felt their connection waning. Somehow, the audience could feel something was wrong. So, Stephen became very vocal about getting Max Kellerman off the show. Of course, he believed that Max would get similar money for likewise jobs at other places as well.

Though it may come as a shock to many fans, the career of Max Kellerman on ‘First Take’ is now officially over.

Max Kellerman Salary

Max Kellerman has had a very famous career as a broadcaster. In fact, he was a 1998 graduate of Columbia University. He was first seen covering the show ‘Friday Night Fights’ for ESPN.

Of course, he makes big bucks via his career at ESPN. According to sources, he takes home around one million per year.

Overall, he has  a net worth of about six million dollars.

Max Kellerman Parents

Max Kellerman’s father’s name is Henry Kellerman. Further, his mother’s name is Linda Kellerman.

Initially, Max was born in the Bronx. He grew up in the Greenwich Village area of New York City.  However, he graduated from New York City’s PS 41 in Greenwich Village, Hunter College High School in 199. Later, he graduated from Columbia University in 1998.

Max Kellerman Acting

Max Kellerman made his appearance in the movie Rocky Balboa(2006), an American sports drama film along with co-stars Jim Lampley and Larry Merchant who were the commentary team for the fight between Rocky and Mason directed by the legendary Sylvester Stallone.

Further, he appeared in the 2015 film Creed in the role of a reporter interviewing Donnie Creed directed by Ryan Coogler and was back in its sequel Creed II.

Max Kellerman Net Worth

According to Celeb Net Worth, his annual income is around $1 Million from his ESPN show First Take. In conclusion, he bags in around $80.000 per month.

Max Kellerman New Show

Kellerman’s new show “This Just in” debuted on September 14, 2021. The show offered the news and opinion regarding trending sports trends and potential sports news from the evening ahead.

Hosting of Kellerman’s new show means that cancellation of another show – “Highly Questionable” by the ESPN. Highly Questionable was launched in 2011 and made popular by ESPN radio host Dan Le Batard and his father Papi.

Max Kellerman Height

The legendary sports personality aka boxing commentator’s height is 5 feet and 10 inches.

The Max Kellerman Show

Max Kellerman

Following his exit from the ‘First Take’ show, the star got nice things going for him. For example, he started with his radio show on ESPN on 14th September, 2021. In fact, as of now, it is his latest venture.

In this show, he patiently opens the floor to his listeners to discuss and break down the stories in sports. Furthermore, the guests will also include experts and news reporters from the world of sports. However, it is kind of a podcast show since it airs on ESPN radio.

Max Kellerman FAQs

Is Max Kellerman Off First Take?

Yes, Max Kellerman is off the show ‘first take’ He used to co-host the show with Stephen A. Smith. People also know Stephen A. Smith has a wonderful sports personality. In fact, he is a boxing commentator as well, and he is also quite good at what he does.

However, people have known him to have a friendly relationship with Max Kellerman. He agrees to this as well. But he feels that it was time for Max to move on from the show. Somehow he could feel that their on-screen chemistry was waning. Also, he felt that the audience were unhappy with their roles.

So, he was quite open about the truth. In reality, he thought that Max Kellerman could land a similar job at some place as well. Thus, he was in favor of Max being removed from the First Take show.

Is Max Kellerman still married?

Max Kellerman is the husband of Erin Manning. Furthermore, they are a very loving family. The duo got married in 1994. In fact, they are still together. Also, they have three children Mira Kellerman, Esther Kellerman and Sam Kellerman.

Who is Max Kellerman Wife?

Max Kellerman’s wife is none other than Erin Manning. Although people do not know much about her, she is a social activist and a famous advocate. In fact, they got married in 1994 and have been living as a family since then.

Is Max Kellerman in Rocky Balboa?

Yes, Max Kellerman had made a very short appearance in Rocky Balboa. He starred alongside Lampley and Merchant, who served as the broadcast team for the fight between Rocky and Mason “The Line” Dixon.

Also, Max Kellerman has played the role of himself in Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Is Max Kellerman in Creed?

He has starred in two other movies as well. For instance, he had made a short guest appearance in the 2015 film ‘Creed’. He was seen interviewing Donnie Creed after his fight with Ricky Conlan in the movie. His role in the short film ‘The Wedding Bout’ is noteworthy as well.

What show is Max Kellerman on?

After quitting commentary on ‘First take’, he is currently the host of This Just In with Max Kellerman on ESPN. Earlier he hosted ‘First take’ with Stephen A. Smith and Molly Querim.

Is Max Kellerman a Knicks fan?

This boxing enthusiast is not a very ardent fan of the Knicks. And, people who listen to his show on ESPN know the same.

He has always been a very vocal critic of the Knicks.

For instance, after Smith’s monologue on ESPN’s show, one time he admitted the Knicks made good hires in their front office with an air of despair. Of course, it is something that critics of the Knicks will definitely understand.

Of course he also followed it with a sigh of sadness saying that the Knicks have failed terribly. This comments regarding the Knicks having the worst performance history over the last two decades.

Did ESPN cancel Max Kellerman’s radio show?

His radio show ‘Highly Questionnable’ had aired on ESPN since 2011. However, recently it was cancelled after its long term. But for fans, this should not be a source of worry. Actually, he has resumed his work on his new radio show on ESPN radio. In fact, the show debuted in September, 2021. And so far it is going well.

Are Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman good friends?

According to sources, Stephen A. Smith and him were pretty good friends initially. They have also agreed to the same. But during the ‘First Take’ show, their on-screen bonding waned off a bit and both wanted to make a fresh start. Hence, he got a break from the show. However, very shortly after he resumed his career with his new ESPN radio show.

How much does Max Kellerman get paid?

The commentator is very famous in his own field. However, exact estimates about his revenue are not available. But according to sources, he takes home around one million dollars a year.

Is Max Kellerman on twitter?

Yes, indeed he is on twitter. In fact, he is also quite active on the Twitter platform.

Also, you can easily follow him on twitter and this is the link to his profile:

Did Max Kellerman get fired from ESPN?

Yes, the famous commentator was fired from ESPN’s show ‘First Take’ after being on it for a long time. Actually, Stephen A. Smith was behind this firing. He felt that their on-screen performance was getting monotonous. Hence, it was time for some change. So, he urged Max to remove himself from the show and continue his work on some other show.

Where does Max Kellerman live?

Currently, he lives in New York. He lives with his wife Erin and his three daughters Mira, Sam and Esther

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