Putting 101: How to Get Better at Putting

The industry of golf clubs has a $3.66 billion market value. People spend good money on their clubs, and many competitive players even get superstitious about these prized possessions.

There’s one club that you’ll be using more than most – the putter. This club is your workhorse and the one you use when it’s time to hit this ever-important short shot.

You can always round your game out and play strong on any course when you’ve mastered the art of the putt.

Read on to learn how to get better at putting on your terms.

Learn Good Form

Fixing your form will help you better than almost any other putting tips. Putting requires you to hold your feet shoulder distance apart, and should hold your neck in a way that lets you maintain eye contact with the ball on the follow-through.

Good putting is all about balancing your weight and maintaining your mechanics. Figure out which putting form is the most comfortable and useful to you so that you can work on perfecting it.

Find the Perfect Putter

You need to put some time and effort into finding the right putter for you. Here are some factors that you should consider when looking for a putter:

  • Study the length and weight of the putter and make sure that it’s up to regulation standards
  • Consider what material the grip is made with
  • Assess which putter feels good and boosts your mood when you use it
  • Examine face-balanced versus toe-balanced
  • Choose the right head design and test out the sightline

Assess what other accessories you can buy that will round out your golf game. Study the best golf push cart reviews if you need some good transportation while out on the course.

Put the Reps In Daily

Learn how to practice putting in an environment that best serves you. It’s important that you have access to a putting green you can use whenever you want.

Figure out the most comfortable way to grip the putter so that you can learn how to aim your putts effectively. Fine-tune your stroke and commit your technique to your muscle memory by putting the reps in every day.

Work on measuring distance so that you can put some touch on the ball when you need to, and hit it with more force when necessary. You might also look into buying a golf shot simulator or a trainer that helps you work on your putting technique.

Hire a Swing Coach

Look for the help of a golf coach if you want to correct all of the mistakes in your putting technique. A swing coach will encourage you to find the best stance, grip, and form so that you are always comfortable when you’re putting.

They can also help you work out the kinks with your swing until it becomes second nature. Consider whether you’d like to get one-on-one private coaching, or if you’d like to participate in a group lesson. You may also be able to work with a swing coach remotely.

Check the experience level of your swing coach to know the highest level they’ve played and what clients they’ve worked with before. A coach will catch mistakes before they become engrained to the point that they’re difficult to fix.

Build Your Skill With Drills

The more you test and perfect your skills, the better the performance you’ll get every time you putt. Maintaining eye contact is one of the most valuable parts of putting or hitting any shot.

Start training drills that improve your hand-eye coordination so that you can control your swing and the location the ball goes. Isolate every movement of your putting golf swing so that you can perfect each step.

Practice a few different grip styles so that you can control the ball better while doing what’s best for the putter you chose. Some golfers choose to interlock their pinky fingers to make sure the grip is evenly distributed.

Test a few different grip styles against each other to see which one you like, and stick with the one that works for you.

Putt in Live Situations Often

Becoming a good putter is about more than just having good form and technique. The hardest aspect of putting is the mental game.

These shots are often difficult to make because of the pressure that comes with having to make a seemingly easy shot. The only way to replicate this pressure is to play competitive rounds of golf with others as often as possible.

That way, you will get the chance to put your putting practice to use and will get some mental reps of putting in a live situation.

This is also valuable because it teaches you how to call shots within the flow of the game. Learn how to read a green so that the putt becomes a permanent fixture in your game.

Keep a few putters in your bag and practice knowing which to use based on the current conditions and competitive situation.

How to Get Better at Putting 101

So many people today are falling in love with golf since it’s a game you can play your whole life. The challenge to get better never goes away, and you will begin taking pride in building your skills. These tips will help you learn how to get better at putting.

Start with these tips and check out our golf posts that will help you with your game.

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