5 Tips for a Beginner Golfer from Professionals

There are now 24.8 million golfers in the US. People are realizing the physical and mental health benefits of getting outside and onto the course. Yet with so many people to play with, how can you get ahead?

As a beginner, it can seem tough to get even the basics right. Read on as we discuss our top five tips for a beginner golfer.

1. Don’t Get Stuck on the Range

A person who never makes it off the range is commonly referred to as a range rat. This is a person who spends all their time practicing in comfort and safety but never makes it onto the course.

While the range can improve power and long-range accuracy, there are many things you can learn from being on the golf course. Experience is just as valuable to a learner and you also miss out on the thrill of competition when being on the range. Don’t be afraid to get out and take a loss as it will only make you better.

2. Master Your Grip

If you are new to golf then mastering grip should be your first task. It may seem instinctive to put it in the center of your palm as you want to get the most solid hold on it. However, this can prevent leverage in the swing.

Place the upper part of the club against the pinky on your lead hand. Lay the shaft across so that it leaves the hand through the middle of the index finger. This will give you more hinge from the wrist and fingers.

3. Invest in Lessons

You may believe that spending on new clubs and equipment will help improve your golf game. Yet none of them will be as useful as lessons from a professional. They may be expensive, but you will get the knowledge and expertise of someone who has done and played it all before.

When you find an instructor, make sure you stick with them. Each person has different methods and advice, so you don’t want to get confused by different approaches.

4. Don’t Finish Every Hole

When you start out playing golf, you shouldn’t feel you need to finish every hole. You should consider picking up after eight shots.

You are there to have fun first and foremost. The more shots you take, the less fun it becomes and the more frustrated you get. When you are like this you learn little, so take it lighthearted and know when something is not worth finishing.

5. Get Technological

Even learning golf can be made easier with the use of technology. There are a whole host of apps and resources waiting to help you out.

One of these can be found on golfpadgps.com. This handy app provides you with a rangefinder and allows you to track shots and score all from your mobile device.

Improving as a Beginner Golfer

Now you have these beginner golfer tips, it is time to get on the course. Nothing will make you improve more than going out and playing. Get some lessons, master your grip and employ some technological assistance.

If you found this helpful, we have many more articles. From fitness to nutrition, we have everything to help your sports activities in the coming year.

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