Understanding the Significance of IP Tracking for Online Gaming Safety in the US

Sports betting is a super fun way to get more involved in the games you watch. When done responsibly, it can add a bit of thrill and excitement to the game you’re already watching. It can also add a bit more excitement to a game that’s otherwise a little slow.

We don’t often think about how we bet or what happens each time we place a bet but there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. There are a lot of security measures that go on behind closed doors to ensure everyone is safe and having a good time.

Understanding Significance of IP Tracking in Online Gaming Safety

Part of those security measures has to do with tracking IPs and some states like New York require operators to track IPs in order to operate. 

Let’s take a deep dive into what an IP is and why it’s so important to track them in order for everyone to stay safe online. 

What is IP tracking? 

IP tracking tracks a user’s IP address. This is similar to looking up where they live but instead of using an address, they look at the location of the user via their internet access. 

IP stands for ‘internet protocol’ and every device that is connected to the internet has its own IP address. This internet protocol decides what can and can’t be sent over that particular device and network. 

This unique address tells us where the person is and what information is allowed on that device. There are different rules for different countries and states when it comes to what is and isn’t allowed on the internet.

You can look up your own IP address by searching ‘what is my IP address’ into your desired search engine. You’ll be given a set of numbers, and this is the IP address that is unique to you. 

Any time you visit a site, download something or search for something online, your IP address is logged. This means that your online activity can be monitored – even if you search using an incognito browser. 

What makes IP tracking important for sports betting?

Having IP tracking on for sports betting is important because there are different rules in different countries. How people spend their time online is difficult to monitor and police so a lot of betting sites will track the IP address to ensure that all the betting taking place is legal. 

This might seem like a drastic way to go about this, but it also helps protect people against fraud. Someone might hack a person’s account but if they’ve signed up from a new device, this will be flagged as the IP address would be different. 

You may have seen this when you get a new phone or device. When you sign into an account with your card information, you often receive an email or text. It alerts you to a new login attempt. This happens because of the IP address.

IP addresses also help people who want to limit their betting. If a user sets limits on their account, sites can recognize the IP address and block them.

Legal issues also come into play with online gaming and betting. Different states have varying rules about what’s legal. Policing online activities is tough, so IP tracking helps enforce the rules.

Sports betting has its own set of complex rules. These rules can confuse users. IP tracking prevents users from accessing illegal betting types. It makes it easy for them to know what they can and can’t do.

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How has this made an impact on users? 

If we look into how this impacts the customers, it is a bit of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s very useful to keep everyone safe and happy online when it comes to NFL futures. However, a lot of users find it annoying that they can only access certain types of betting online whether it be just point spreads and team futures. 

Some have started using VPNs in order to get around the IP tracking. A VPN is a virtual private network that can allow users to look like they’re somewhere in the world that they’re not. Therefore, they are able to access the sites that they wouldn’t usually be able to. 

This is one way to get around the IP tracking however, it’s not advised as it isn’t strictly legal.

We have outlined the importance of IP tracking in Online Gaming Safety. How do you feel about IP address tracking?

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