Monique Brown: Interesting Details About Jim Brown’s Wife

Monique Brown, Jim Brown’s wife, stands as a testament to his legacy. A legacy that extends beyond sports, cinema, and activism.

Jim Brown, born on February 17, 1936, left a profound mark. He excelled not only in football but also in civil rights activism and acting. His time with the Cleveland Browns in the NFL was remarkable. He led the league in rushing yards for eight out of nine seasons, setting many records.

Jim then took Hollywood by storm. He became the first black action hero, making history with his roles. During the civil rights movement, his voice stood out. He championed racial equality and economic opportunities for minority-owned businesses.

Monique Brown provided unwavering support and strength. Their marriage in 1997 enriched Jim’s family, bringing two more children. Together, they faced life’s ups and downs, strengthening their bond. Jim passed away in 2023, but Monique’s presence highlighted his personal side. A side often overshadowed by his larger-than-life public persona.

Who Is Jim Brown’s Wife Monique Brown?

Monique Brown, the enduring pillar behind the legendary figure, Jim Brown, has been a significant presence in the life of the iconic sportsman and activist.

James Nathaniel Brown, celebrated for his unparalleled contributions to American sports, was not just an exceptional football player but also a fervent civil rights activist and a gifted actor. His legacy in the National Football League (NFL) is unparalleled, with records and accolades that speak volumes of his prowess on the field.

Beyond the sports arena, Jim Brown ventured into the world of cinema, establishing himself as Hollywood’s pioneering black action hero. His voice resonated powerfully during the civil rights movement, advocating for racial equality and championing economic opportunities for minority-owned businesses.

Amidst these monumental achievements, Monique Brown emerged as a beacon of support and love. Their union in 1997 brought two more children into their lives, further cementing their bond.

Monique’s unwavering support and presence have been instrumental in navigating the challenges and triumphs of life, making her an integral part of Jim Brown’s illustrious journey. Her role as a partner, mother, and confidante underscores the personal side of a man whose public achievements are known to all.

Monique Brown Bio/Wiki Table

Monique Brown

Full Name Monique Brown
Commonly Known As Monique
Born In 1976
Hometown United States
Current Age 47 years
Citizenship American
Heritage Mixed
Eye Shade Black
Hair Shade Black
Orientation Straight
Children Aris Brown, Morgan Brown
Current Relationship Status Widow
Late Husband Jim Brown
Gender Female
Wedding Year 1997
Profession Model, Philanthropist
Online Profiles Instagram

Early Life

Monique Brown embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry as an actress and producer. Her notable contributions include roles in films such as “Survival Arts” (1993) and “DecisiĆ³n final” (2014). Before her acting career, Monique graced the runway as a model. Her dedication to philanthropy is evident in her involvement with the AMER-I-CAN Programme, where she works diligently with young women, aiming to uplift their self-esteem.

Parents & Siblings

The available information does not provide specific details about Monique Brown’s parents or siblings. However, it’s evident that she has been deeply rooted in her family values, especially in her role as a supportive wife and a loving mother.


Monique and Jim Brown’s union in 1997 resulted in the birth of two children, Aris and Morgan. Their bond remained strong, with Monique standing by Jim’s side until his passing in 2023.

Nationality & Ethnicity

Monique Brown holds American nationality with pride. Her mixed ethnicity mirrors the U.S.’s diverse cultural fabric.


Details about her education may not be clear. However, her careers in modeling, acting, and philanthropy suggest she’s a passionate learner. Her journey reflects her commitment to personal growth.

Monique Brown Age: How Old Is Jim Brown’s Wife?

Monique Brown, a native of the United States, came into the world in 1976. By 2023, she celebrated her 47th birthday. Her age, particularly when viewed alongside Jim Brown’s, has been a frequent topic of conversation. She was just 21 when she tied the knot with Jim. Despite their notable age gap, it never stood in the way of their love. Together, they built a relationship anchored in deep commitment and mutual understanding, sprinkled with countless moments to cherish.

Who is Monique Brown’s Husband, Jim Brown?

Monique Brown

James Nathaniel Brown, born on February 17, 1936, in St. Simons Island, Georgia, was an emblematic figure in American sports. The son of Swinton Brown, a professional boxer, and Theresa, a dedicated homemaker, Jim’s athletic prowess was evident from his school days at Manhasset Secondary School in New York. Here, he showcased his versatility, earning 13 letters across football, lacrosse, baseball, basketball, and track.

Regarded as one of the NFL’s all-time greats, Jim Brown’s football career with the Cleveland Browns from 1957 to 1965 was nothing short of legendary. His accolades include leading the league in rushing yards for eight of his nine seasons, three-time recognition as the AP NFL Most Valuable Player, and an NFL championship in 1964. By his retirement, he had set numerous rushing records, averaging an unparalleled 104.3 rushing yards per game.

Beyond football, Brown’s athletic talents extended to lacrosse, with many considering him one of the sport’s greatest. His contributions to college football at Syracuse University were immortalized when his number 44 jersey was retired, and in 1995, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame.

Off the field, Brown transitioned to the silver screen, making a mark with roles in films like “Rio Conchos,” “The Dirty Dozen,” and during the “blaxploitation” era with movies like “Slaughter” and “Black Gunn.”

In his personal life, Jim married Sue Brown in 1959, with whom he had three children. Their marriage ended in 1972. He later found love with Monique Brown, marrying her in 1997. They had two children, and she remained his steadfast companion until his passing in May 2023.

Jim Brown and Monique Brown: A Relationship Timeline

In 1995, two individuals from different walks of life crossed paths, marking the beginning of a love story that would capture many hearts. Monique Brown, a model with grace and poise, met the legendary footballer, Jim Brown. Despite the significant age gap between them, their connection was undeniable. Their age difference, rather than being a barrier, became a testament to their commitment and understanding.

After their first meeting, the couple embarked on a journey of love, dating for a couple of years. Their bond grew stronger with time, leading them to the next significant milestone in their relationship. In 1997, after two years of courtship, Monique and Jim decided to solidify their bond by walking down the aisle. This union marked the beginning of a marital journey that would last for 26 blissful years.

Before Monique, Jim Brown’s love life had its share of ups and downs. In December 1973, he proposed to an 18-year-old, Diane Stanley, whom he met in Acapulco, Mexico. However, their engagement was short-lived, ending in April 1974.

Prior to Diane, Jim had been married to Sue Brown. They tied the knot in September 1959. After almost a decade together, challenges arose, leading Sue to file for divorce in 1968, citing “gross neglect.” The divorce was finalized in 1972, with Jim obligated to pay alimony of $2,500 per month and child support of $100 per week. The couple had three children together, twins born in 1960 and a son born in 1962.

Jim and Monique’s relationship stood as a beacon of love, understanding, and commitment. Despite the challenges and the shadows of the past, their love story remained unwavering.

Monique Brown & Jim Brown Children

Monique Brown and the iconic NFL legend Jim Brown shared a profound bond, evident not only in their marital relationship but also in the legacy they left behind through their children. Together, they were blessed with two children, Aris and Morgan Brown.

However, Jim Brown’s lineage extends beyond his union with Monique. In total, Jim Brown is the proud father of seven children. His children are Jim N. Brown Jr., Aris Brown, Morgan Brown, Kimberly B Brown, Karen Brown Ward, Kim Brown, and Kevin Brown.

Growing up under the shadow of their father’s monumental achievements in sports and entertainment, all of Jim’s children have been nurtured in an environment that emphasizes excellence, dedication, and commitment.

Monique Brown Net Worth 2023

Monique Brown

Monique Brown, the wife of the late iconic footballer Jim Brown, has carved a niche for herself in the world of modeling and philanthropy. As of 2023, Monique Brown’s estimated net worth stands at around $800,000. This wealth is a testament to her professional endeavors and dedication.

In contrast, her late husband, Jim Brown, boasted a net worth of approximately $50 million, reflecting his illustrious career in football and entertainment. Together, the couple represented a blend of sports excellence and grace, with their combined net worth symbolizing their achievements and contributions to their respective fields.

10 Facts About Monique Brown

  1. Monique Brown became the wife of the late iconic footballer, Jim Brown.
  2. She first met Jim Brown in 1995.
  3. Monique and Jim, despite a significant age gap, shared a strong bond.
  4. They dated for two years before marrying.
  5. In 1997, Monique Brown and Jim Brown got married.
  6. They enjoyed 26 years of happy marriage.
  7. Recognition has come to Monique for her work as a model.
  8. She has also made a name for herself through her philanthropic efforts.
  9. Monique supported Jim until he passed away in May 2023.
  10. Their relationship stands as a celebration of enduring love and commitment.

FAQs about Monique Brown

Who is Monique Brown?

Monique Brown is best known as the wife of the late iconic footballer, Jim Brown. She has also made a name for herself in modeling and philanthropy.

How did Monique Brown and Jim Brown meet?

Monique Brown and Jim Brown met for the first time in 1995.

When did Monique and Jim Brown get married?

The couple tied the knot in 1997 after dating for two years.

How long were Monique and Jim Brown married?

They were happily married for 26 years until Jim Brown’s passing in 2023.

Did Monique and Jim Brown have any children together?

Yes, they had two children together, named Aris and Morgan Brown.

What is Monique Brown’s profession?

Monique Brown’s work as a model has earned her recognition, and she is also known for her philanthropic endeavors.

How did Monique Brown handle the age difference with Jim Brown?

Despite a significant age gap between them, their relationship was strong, and they managed to make their relationship work seamlessly.

Is Monique Brown active on social media?

Yes, Monique Brown has a presence on platforms like Instagram.

What is Monique Brown’s net worth?

As of 2023, Monique Brown’s estimated net worth stands at around $800,000.

How has Monique Brown been after Jim Brown’s passing?

While specific details about her life post-Jim’s passing are not widely publicized, people know that she released a statement expressing her grief and gratitude for the support she received during the difficult time.

How Old Is Jim Brown’s Wife, Monique Brown?

Monique Brown, the wife of Jim Brown, was born in the United States in 1976. As of 2023, she has reached the age of 47.

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