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Giovanni Vinci, born Fabian Aichner on July 21, 1990, is an Italian professional wrestler who has made a significant impact in the world of wrestling. Currently signed with WWE, he performs under the ring name Giovanni Vinci on the Raw brand and is a member of the Imperium.

Vinci’s journey in professional wrestling began in 2011, where he made his debut for New European Championship Wrestling (NEW). He competed in the American independent circuit, including promotions such as Evolve, where he held the title of Evolve Champion. He also made his mark in the European independent circuit under the ring name Adrian Severe.

In 2017, Vinci signed a contract with WWE and has since been a prominent figure in the organization. He has formed teams, won championships, and has been part of significant events, including the Cruiserweight Classic tournament. In 2022, Vinci was repackaged and re-debuted as Giovanni Vinci, continuing to make waves in the wrestling world.

Get the complete bio of Giovanni Vinci, including his wiki, age, height, parents, WWE career, wife, net worth, awards, Instagram presence, FAQs, and more. Discover all the intriguing details about this talented individual.

Giovanni Vinci Biography / Wiki

Giovanni Vinci

Giovanni Vinci is best known by his real name Fabian Aichner. He is an Italian professional wrestler from South Tyrol. Vinci, who was born on July 21, 1990, has built out a great career in wrestling.

Vinci began his career on the European independent circuit. Where he honed his abilities and gained attention. It is for his outstanding achievements. He rapidly drew the attention of wrestling fans and industry insiders. It was with his combination of power, agility, and high flying moves.

Vinci’s talent led him to World Wrestling Entertainment in 2016. It is when he signed a contract and joined the NXT brand. Vinci made a name for himself. He competed in major competitions such as the United Kingdom Championship Tournament and the Cruiserweight Classic. His battles were full of exciting moments. It demonstrated his ability as a wrestler.

Vinci has also had great success as part of the tag team Imperium. It is alongside his partner Marcel Barthel. He is under the ring name Giovanni Vinci. Their domination and technical skills have gained them several titles. It includes the NXT Tag Team Championship. The alliance and in ring chemistry of the two has made them a formidable force in the tag team division.

Vinci has fought in many international brands outside of WWE. It demonstrated his talent on a worldwide stage. His also appeared in firms such as Westside Xtreme Wrestling and International Pro Wrestling.

Giovanni Vinci Biography / Wiki Table

Birthday July 21, 1990
Name of the Day Saturday
Zodiac Sign (Horoscope) Cancer
Next Birthday 21 July, 2023
Age in 2023 33 years
Place of Birth South Tyrol, Italy
Country of Birth Italy
Height 6 feet
Weight 220 lbs
From South Tyrol, ITA

Early Life

Giovanni Vinci

Fabian Aichner is sometimes known as Giovanni Vinci in the wrestling. He was born on July 21, 1990, in South Tyrol, Italy. Growing up, Vinci had interest in sports and physical activity. He was captivated by professional wrestling.

Vinci’s athletic ability was obvious from a young age. He was a standout in a variety of sports. It included track and field, soccer, and swimming. He has quickness and strength. It laid a great basis for his future wrestling attempts.

As Vinci grew older, he became more interested in pursuing a career in professional wrestling. He immersed himself in the wrestling scene. He also attended live events, studied fights, and prepared to improve his own abilities. Vinci stands out among his colleagues. It is due to his passion for his work as well as efforts.

Vinci entered the European independent wrestling circuit with a great ambition to win. He fought in many mathes around Europe. It sharpened his skills. It also helped him to gain experience. His performances drew the attention of fans and industry leads. It made him as a prominent talent.

When World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) talent scouts noticed Vinci. It was a great point in his career. WWE gave him a spot in their system. It was called NXT.

Giovanni Vinci Parents & Family

Unfortunately, no information about Fabian Aichner’s parents or family is public. Vinci values privacy. He has avoided disclosing too much about his personal life. As a result, his family remains a private component of his life that the general world is unaware of. Vinci has mostly focudes on his professional wrestling career. He has also communicated with his fans in ring. While his privacy must be respected. It is worth mentioning that his family’s support as well as influence may have played a key part in developing Vinci’s career.

Giovanni Vinci Nationality & Ethnicity

Giovanni Vinci is of Italian descent. He also has Italian nationality. Vinci was born and raised in South Tyrol, Italy. he is proud of his Italian background.

Giovanni Vinci Height

Giovanni has an amazing physique. It also helps him win in the ring. Vinci gains attention with his powerful presence inside the ring. He stands at 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm) tall.

Giovanni Vinci Weight

Vinci maintains a solid and powerful figure in terms of weight. His weight as an athlete fluctuates. It is due to factors like training, food, as well as physical training. During his career, he weighed approximately 220 pounds or 100 kg.

Giovanni Vinci Age

Giovanni Vinci was born on the 21st of July, 1990. He is currently 33 years old.

Giovanni Vinci Wife, Girlfriend and Children

Giovanni Vinci is now unmarried. There is little information about his previous relationships. It suggests that he wants to keep his personal life private. He has no children.

Giovanni Vinci Net Worth

Fabian is one of the wealthiest Professional Wrestlers. He is one of the most well known Professional Wrestlers. Giovanni Vinci’s net worth is $5 million. It is according to our sources.

Giovanni Vinci Professional Wrestling Career / WWE

Giovanni Vinci is 33. He is an Italian professional wrestler. Vinci is a World Wrestling Entertainment performer. He goes by the ring name Giovanni Vinci on Monday Night RAW. He is also a member of the Imperium stable.

In December 2011, he made his professional wrestling debut for New European Championship Wrestling.  Vinci also fought in the finals of the 2012 New European World (NEW) Heavyweight belt competition. But did not win the tournament or the belt. Vinci also participated in and reached the finals of the NEW competition again in 2013. He did not win the event that year or the next year. Later in 2014, he won the King of the North event after defeating Chaos in the finals.

2011 to 2017: Early career

On December 12, 2011, Giovanni Vinci made his professional wrestling debut for New European Championship Wrestling (NEW). Despite being fresh to the wrestling business. Vinci soon had the many fans with his talent.

Vinci competed in the finals of the NEW World Heavyweight Championship competition in 2012, demonstrating his abilities against elite rivals. Although he did not win the tournament or win the championship, his performances were praised by the wrestling world.

The next year, Vinci found himself in the finals of another NEW event, this time the Deadline tournament. He fell short of victory despite his best efforts. But his regular appearance in tournament finals indicated his ability to play at a high level.

Vinci’s resolve remained unchanged when he returned to the Deadline event in 2014. Unfortunately, he experienced a similar ending and just missed winning the event. His remarkable accomplishments throughout the year, however, did not go unnoticed, as he was named No. 5 by Cagematch for the Euro Match des Jahres (European Match of the Year).

Giovanni Vinci in Cruiserweight: 2016

Giovanni’s career took a dramatic turn in 2016 when he competed in the Cruiserweight Classic, a WWE-hosted competition. Vinci, who is of Italian descent, shown his athleticism and technical skill against some of the world’s finest cruiserweight wrestlers. Although he did not proceed to the tournament’s latter rounds, his performances left an impression on both the audience as well as WWE executives.

Giovanni returned to the independent circuit after competing in the Cruiserweight Classic. He teamed up with Mexx and fought in the NEW World Tag Team Title Tournament. Vinci as well as Mexx triumphed. Thanks to their exceptional collaboration and chemistry. They also gained the tag team titles and establishing themselves as fearsome adversaries.

Vinci had another major victory in 2014 when he defeated Chaos in the King of the North Tournament finals. His victory also showed his skills to compete in single competition. It also cementing his image as a versatile and talented wrestler.

Vinci, who is always looking for new possibilities, wrestled for the German Wrestling Federation (GWF) as well as the Belgian Flemish Wrestling Force (FWF) in 2017.

2017 to present: WWE

Giovanni Vinci was also confirmed as one of the competitors in the highly anticipated Cruiserweight Classic competition in June 2016. Vinci was selected to represent Italy in the competition. It included some of the world’s best cruiserweight fighters. Vinci squared battle against Gentleman Jack Gallagher in the opening round of the tournament but was eventually eliminated.

Vinci’s contract with WWE was finally confirmed on June 5, 2017. It also confirmed his position within the business. Shortly later, on June 22, Vinci made his NXT debut at a live show. He later lost to Adrian Jaoude. Vinci had undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, adding over 30 pounds of muscle since competing in the Cruiserweight Classic.

Giovanni Vinci NXT Debut

Vinci made his NXT broadcast debut on September 27th. It was when he faced off against the powerful Kassius Ohno. Despite his best efforts, Vinci was unable to win. However, while under contract with WWE, Vinci made a special appearance at Evolve 115. It was a WWE sponsored event.

He fought Shane Strickland to win the Evolve Championship in a dramatic finish. At Evolve 116, he successfully defended his championship against Kassius Ohno. However, Vinci’s reign as champion was short lived. He was later defeated by Austin Theory at Evolve 117.

Vinci established a tag team with Marcel Barthel at the end of December. The two began competing on both the NXT and NXT UK brands. Their collaboration was a key turning point in Vinci’s career. They joined up with Walter and Alexander Wolfe to make the strong team known as Imperium. Imperium soon gained fame for its great performance as well as great dedication to their mission.

Vinci and Barthel made history on May 13, 2020, when they defeated Matt Riddle and Timothy Thatcher. They stood in for Dunne. Later they won the NXT Tag Team Championship. Their triumph made the start of a reign noticed by successful championship wins over renowned teams. It included Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch, Breezango, as well as The Undisputed Era. However, Imperium lost to the Breezango on the August 26 broadcast of NXT. It ended their wins after 105 days. A rematch on the September 16 edition of NXT failed to win back the belts.

Giovanni Vinci vs Kyla O’Peilly on NXT 2021

Imperium’s adventure continued. On the special Halloween Havoc edition of NXT on October 26, 2021, Vinci and Barthel defeated MSK. They won their second NXT Tag Team Championship reign. At the December 5 War Games event, the duo also won against Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner. It made their supremacy in the tag team division clear.

However, on April 2, 2022, at NXT Stand & Deliver, Vinci and Barthel lost the belts. They lost to MSK in an exciting triple threat tag team match. It also featured The Creed Brothers. It brought their reign to an end after an amazing 158 days. Later, Vinci made his final show as a member of Imperium on the April 5 edition of NXT. It was when he and his partner lost to The Creed Brothers. Vinci’s behaviour throughout the match hinted at the tag team’s end. He later walked out on Barthel.

Vinci went through a rebranding process after leaving Imperium. On the May 24 broadcast of NXT, vignettes were shown of Vinci’s debut as Giovanni Vinci. Later, Giovanni Vinci had his re debut on the June 14 edition of NXT. He defeated Guru Raaj. It was when he showed his skills and flexibility in the ring.

Vinci’s will to win gold continued. He challenged Carmelo Hayes for the NXT North American title on the August 16. It displayed his will to reach to the top of the NXT roster. He lost.

Giovanni Vinci and Ludwig Kaiser

Vinci made a surprising cameo alongside Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser. It was on September 3, 2022, during Clash at the Castle. Imperium was also reconstituted. Vinci, Gunther, and Kaiser were subsequently recruited to the Raw brand. They were also a part of the 2023 WWE Draft. They wrote a new chapter in their careers as they pushed Imperium’s win to a new platform.

Giovanni Vinci’s WWE career has seen extraordinary changes, memorable wins, as well as his devotion to perfection. He involved in the Cruiserweight Classic and also won the tag team with Imperium. Vinci also rebranded as Giovanni Vinci, Vinci has consistently shown his abilities and passion to his trade. He made a lasting mark on the world of professional wrestling.

Giovanni Vinci has proved his skills, talent, and performance in the ring throughout his career. Vinci’s path highlights his will to improve his skills. He put himself as a famous force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

Giovanni Vinci Awards

Fabian Aichner is also known as Giovanni Vinci. He has won several titles and medals during his professional wrestling career. Vinci held the Championship of Wrestling Interstate Championship once. It shows his talents and skills in wrestling.

Vinci also won the famous King of the North Tournament at Dansk Pro Wrestling in 2014. This triumph put his place as a winner.

Vinci’s success later carried over to the Evolve organisation. Where he won the Evolve Championship. It also put himself as a strong force in the wrestling industry. His time as champion shows his in ring skill. It also established him as a unique talent.

Vinci won many championships while wrestling for New European Championship Wrestling (NEW). He once held the NEW Hardcore Championship. It also showed his ability to play in high pressure situations. Vinci also won the renowned NEW World Heavyweight Championship on two consecutive occasions. It put his win in wrestling world. In the tag team division, he won the NEW World Tag Team Championship. It was along Mexx. It showed his skills as well as ability to perform in a team dynamic.

He wrestled in Power of Wrestling. Vinci’s accomplishments went beyond NEW. In POW, Vinci and James Mason won the POW Tag Team Championship. It showed that they are a deadly pair.

PWI recognized Vinci’s talents. They ranked him 238th on the PWI 500 list of the best 500 singles wrestlers in 2020. This honour recognizes his skill, devotion, as well as effect on the wrestling profession.

During WWE, Vinci and Marcel Barthel had a lot of success in the NXT Tag Team division. They won the NXT Tag Team Championship twice. It put them as a strong tag team. Their reigns showed their ability to play together and smash their opposition.

Giovanni Vinci Instagram

Giovanni Vinci, known as @vinciwwe on Instagram, has a significant following on the platform. With 76K followers, Vinci shares glimpses of his wrestling career and personal life through his posts. He is following 292 accounts and has shared 329 posts at the time of this report. For the latest updates and insights into his wrestling journey, you can follow him on Instagram @vinciwwe.

Giovanni Vinci Cagematch

I recommend going directly to the Cagematch website. Look for Giovanni Vinci in their database to access his profile. Examine his match history, ratings, as well as other statistics. Cagematch is a reliable source of professional wrestling information. You should also discover what you’re searching for on their website.

Giovanni Vinci Injury & Return News

Giovanni Vinci

Giovanni Vinci, the renowned professional wrestler, had fans worldwide concerned when it was announced that he was out of action due to a lower-body injury. The news came as a shock to many, as Vinci’s dynamic presence in the ring was greatly missed. The nature of the injury was undisclosed, leaving fans and followers in suspense about the severity of the situation and the timeline for his return.

However, the wrestling community was soon abuzz with speculation about Vinci’s status. Rumors began to circulate that Vinci’s injury might not be as it seemed. The speculation was fueled by Vinci’s absence from the Imperium, which raised questions about his future with the group.

In a surprising turn of events, it was later revealed that Vinci’s injury was not genuine. The news of his injury and subsequent absence from the ring was part of a carefully crafted storyline. Vinci was not actually injured, and his time away from the ring was a strategic move to build anticipation and intrigue.

The revelation was met with relief from fans who were eager to see Vinci return to the ring. The news of his ‘injury’ and the subsequent revelation of its fictional nature only served to heighten the excitement around his return. When Vinci finally made his comeback, it was a triumphant moment that reaffirmed his place in the wrestling world. His return was a testament to his enduring popularity and the compelling power of a well-executed storyline.


What is the Net Worth of Giovanni Vinci?

The Net Worth of Giovanni Vinci is $5 million USD.

 What is the Height of Giovanni Vinci?

The height of Giovanni Vinci is 6 feet 0 inches.

Where is the birthplace of Giovanni Vinci?

The birthplace of Giovanni Vinci is South Tyrol, Italy.

What is the Date of Birth of Giovanni Vinci?

The birthday of Giovanni Vinci is on 21 July,1990.

Is Giovanni Vinci Married?

The marital status of Giovanni Vinci is not known.

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