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Jonathan Owens, born July 22, 1995, is an American football strong safety known for his current role with the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL)​​. His football journey began at Christian Brothers College High School, where he won the CBC Linebacker of the Year​​. Owens later played as a defensive back for Missouri Western State University (MWSU), earning numerous accolades including the MWSU Male Student-Athlete of the Year and a place in the All-Mid-America Intercollegiate Athletics Association (MIAA) Second-team​​.

Owens’ professional career started when he signed with the Arizona Cardinals as an undrafted free agent in 2018, but an injury led him to spend the season on injured reserve​​. He then joined the Houston Texans’ practice squad in 2019 and was promoted to the active roster later that year​​. Owens’ time with the Texans was marked by several transitions between the practice squad and active roster, a two-year deal in 2021, and his first career interception and fumble recovery​​.

In 2023, Owens moved on to play for the Green Bay Packers​​. Off the field, Owens is also known for his relationship with USA gymnast Simone Biles, whom he married in April 2023​​. His journey in football and his personal life make Owens a compelling figure in the NFL.

Get all the essential information about Jonathan Owens, including his biography, age, height, weight, NFL career, parents, wife (Simone Biles), contract details, salary, net worth, and more. Explore frequently asked questions and discover everything you need to know about this talented athlete.

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Jonathan Owens Biography/Wiki

Celebrated Name Jonathan Owens
Age 28 Years
Nick Name Owens
Birth Name Jonathan Owens
Birth Date 22 July, 1995
Gender Male
Profession American football safety
Birth Nation United States
Nationality American
Place Of Birth St. Louis, Missouri
Ethnicity African American
Mother Arthruine Cannon
School Mid Rivers Elementary School
High School Christian Brothers College
College / University Missouri Western College
Best Known For Named MWSU Male Student-Athlete of the Year
Height 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight 210 lbs (95 kg)
Body Type Athletic
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Married
Wife Simone Biles
Career Start
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Houston Texans
Current Club Green Bay Packers
Current City Houston
Salary Contracts, Salaries, Endorsements (Football)
Horoscope Cancer
Race Black
Religion Christian
Net Worth $50 million
Source of Wealth Professional football player
Links Instagram



Birth and Family Background

Jonathan Owens, an American national, was born on July 22, 1995, under the Leo sun sign. His birthplace is the United States, specifically St Louis, Missouri.

Nothing much is known about American footballer Jonathan Owens’ personal life. The name of his father is still unknown. Yet from his social media we have a lot of information about his other family members. Owens’ mother is Arthurine Cannon. He credits his life and a lot of his success to his mother. He is very close to his mother and has a very good bond with her.

On Mother’s day in the year 2020, Owens posted on his Instagram. In his post, he added a very cute picture of him together with his mother. He also wrote about how grateful he was to have her in his life. He wished her a very happy Mother’s Day. Owens also added that his mother had been his biggest supporter and fan throughout his life. He was also very grateful for everything she had taught him. Finally, he said that he hoped she would enjoy her day.

Jonathan Owens also loves his sister a lot. He regularly posts about her on his Instagram. In the year 2018, he posted on his Instagram saying that the reason he started playing football was his sister. He said that he did not know what he would have done if she did not force him to start playing football. Jonathan Owens and his sister have an age gap of 11 years. Nevertheless, he said that he was very happy that they were very close. Finally in his post, he promised that he would continue making her proud.

Education and Early Sporting Achievements

Jonathan Owens

Owens completed his early education at Mid Rivers High School, followed by graduation from Christian Brothers College. It was here that he developed an interest in football, beginning his journey in the sport at a secondary school level. His exceptional performance in college football was recognized through several awards. Among these were the All Conference and All District awards, both won during his time at Christian Brothers College. Furthermore, under the guidance of coach Scott Pingle, he excelled as a linebacker, securing the title of Linebacker of the Year at his college.

Jonathan Owens Nationality

Jonathan Owens was born in the town of St Louis in Missouri, in America. Thus he is an American by nationality. He is also of African descent. Thus he is an African-American.

Jonathan Owens Age

Born on the 22nd of July, 1995, Jonathan Owens has already had an impressive journey through life. Currently, he is 28 years old. Over these years, Owens has managed to make an indelible mark in his respective field, inspiring countless individuals worldwide with his talent and dedication.

Jonathan Owens Birthday

A Leo by zodiac sign, Jonathan Owens celebrates his birthday every year on the 22nd of July. Having been born in the year 1995, he has seen numerous accomplishments throughout his life, with each passing birthday marking another year of success and personal growth.

Jonathan Owens Height

With a height of 1.8 meters or 5 feet 11 inches, Jonathan Owens is a figure that stands out in a crowd. His physical stature goes hand-in-hand with his professional achievements, making him an impressive personality in every aspect. His height not only adds to his distinct persona but also aids him in his professional pursuits.

Jonathan Owens Weight

Jonathan Owens, who is currently weighing in at 95 kg or 210 pounds, maintains a solid physique essential to his profession. His disciplined approach to maintaining his health and fitness is truly inspirational, reflecting his commitment not only to his professional life but also his personal wellbeing. His weight is a testament to his balanced lifestyle and rigorous training regimen.

College Career

In the year 2013, Jonathan Owens went to Missouri Western State University. Owens played in the defensive back position for Missouri Western State University. This happened after his redshirt year came to an end during the season in the year 2013. In the year 2017 during the last season, Jonathan Owens won an award. He was Missouri Western State University’s Male Student Athlete of the year in 2017.

Owens also played in the All Missouri IAA Second team. He played in that team in the year 2013 during the 2013 season. Owens was a part of the academic Honor Roll students of the MIAA. He was a part of that honor roll list for the entire time he studied at the Missouri Western State University. Fans might find it quite surprising that Jonathan Owens wanted to become a doctor! Thus he had taken the course pre-physical therapy as his major subject.

Professional Career

Jonathan Owens

Arizona Cardinals

In the year 2018, Jonathan Owens signed under the team, the Arizona Cardinals. He joined as a free agent who was undrafted. This happened after the NFL Draft that took place in the year 2018. Before the season that happened in 2018, Owens got injured. This happened in the last week of OTAs. Thus his team waived him due to his injury. Owens was unable to play during the entire season. Hence he had to spend the entire season on the injured reserve. In the year 2019 on the 31st of August, the Arizona Cardinals waived Jonathan Owens.

Houston Texas

In the year 2019, on the 30th of September Owens signed under a new team. This team was the Houston Texas. Owens signed under the practice squad of Houston Texas. In the year 2020 on the 13th of January Jonathan Owens signed a contract with Houston Texas. This was a reserve contract for the future.

On the 5th of September in the year 2020, Houston Texas waived Jonathan Owens. The following day on the sixth of September Owens signed another contract. He thus finally joined the practice squad of Houston Texas. On the 10th of October, in the year 2020, the Houston Texas changed his position to the active roster. They did this because they needed Owens to play in the match against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Again on the 17th of October, Houston Texas changed his position to the active roster. This time the match was against the Tennessee Titans. Thus Owens played in the Houston Texas’ fifth week and sixth week games. He nonetheless returned to the practice squad after each match.

On the 12th of December in the year 2020, Jonathan Owens was finally able to achieve his dream. The Houston Texas signed him to the active rosters. On the 31st of August in the year 2021, The Patriots waived Jonathan Owens. Thus they re-signed him to the practice squad.

He was promoted to the active roster on December 4. On December 9, the Texans signed Owens to a two-year, $1.175 million deal that runs through the 2022 season. On December 26, 2021, Owens had his first career interception and first fumble recovery in the Texans’ upset win over the Los Angeles Chargers. Owens was placed on injured reserve after suffering a dislocated wrist in the team’s week 16 loss against the San Francisco 49ers.

Green Bay Packers

Jonathan Owens, a 28-year-old safety, harbors aspirations of a starting role in the Green Bay Packers’ deep secondary. His journey in football began with a setback, when he tore his anterior cruciate ligament during organized team activities with the Arizona Cardinals. Rather than succumb, Owens powered through, pursuing his training with renewed vigor in anticipation of another NFL opportunity.

His determination paid off. Following a brief term with the Texans’ practice squad, Owens ascended rapidly, securing a 17-game start. His second NFL start brought him his first interception off Justin Herbert. Around this time, he wed Simone Biles, a seven-time Olympic medalist, whose triumphs fuel his own aspirations. Biles has been a staunch supporter of Owens ever since he joined the Packers.

Renowned for his tackling prowess, Owens’ ability to bring down his opponents is his most acclaimed skill. Despite his commendable performance during the 2022 season, he finds himself up against stiff competition within the Packers’ secondary. Veterans Rudy Ford, Tarvarius Moore, Innis Gaines, and Dallin Leavitt stand as rivals for the starting spot beside Darnell Savage.

The Packers’ safety position has become a heated point of discussion, with Owens and Savage currently in the lead. Yet, Ford, celebrated for his lightning speed, could outstrip Owens to claim the starting role opposite Savage in Week 1.

Owens’ 2022 run was indeed notable, where he racked up 971 snaps and 125 tackles. However, Pro Football Focus rated him amongst the NFL’s lowest performing safeties. Nonetheless, Owens perceives Green Bay as the perfect launching pad for growth, where the competition will drive all players to elevate their game.

Unfazed by the challenges looming ahead, Owens maintains that the chip on his shoulder will persist till his playing days cease, propelling him towards enhanced performance and increased success on the field.

Jonathan Owens Playing Position

Jonathan Owens, a fifth-year player in the NFL, has proven his mettle as a safety, a position that he has played with dedication and skill. With four solid seasons under his belt with the Houston Texans, where he started all 17 games in his final season, Owens has demonstrated his reliability on the field​​.

In 2023, Owens made a significant move by signing with the Green Bay Packers, a decision that has been warmly received by the team and its fans. With his experience, Owens is expected to bolster the Packers’ safety lineup, which at the start of the 2023 season had only three players with playing experience. Although Darnell Savage is likely to be the starting free safety, Owens’ entry could spur a healthy competition with Rudy Ford potentially vying for the same role​​.

Owens’ time on the field has been marked by significant performance metrics. In 2023, during his tenure with the Texans, he was a full-time starter, logging a defensive snap share of 83%. He made the most of this ample playing time by achieving career-highs in tackles (125), pass deflections (four), and sacks (one). Despite these impressive stats, Owens did face challenges in coverage, allowing three touchdowns and a passer rating of 128.5 as the closest defender. However, these are areas where he can continue to grow and improve as a player​​.

Owens’ journey from being an undrafted rookie free agent out of Missouri Western State to becoming a key player in the NFL is inspiring. Throughout his career, he has spent time on various practice squads, honing his skills and preparing for his moments on the field.

Jonathan Owens Current Contract & Salary

Jonathan Owens

Jonathan Owens is currently under a contract with the Arizona Cardinals. The contract, which spans three years, was signed for a total of $1,722,000. The following details break down the specifics of this contract:

Contract Duration

The contract is set to last for three years. The specific start and end dates of the contract are not explicitly provided, but given that it’s a three-year contract, it would typically cover three NFL seasons.

Contract Value

The total value of the contract is $1,722,000. This is the amount that Owens is set to earn over the duration of the contract, provided all terms are met and the contract is not terminated prematurely.

Signing Bonus

Upon signing the contract, Owens received a bonus of $12,000. This is a one-time payment that players often receive as an incentive when signing a new contract.

Guaranteed Money

The contract guarantees $12,000. This is the minimum amount that Owens is assured to receive, regardless of any potential circumstances that might otherwise prevent him from earning his full contract value, such as injury or being released from the team.

Annual Salary

The contract stipulates an average annual salary of $574,000. This is the amount Owens is set to earn per year on average over the course of the contract.

Base Salary for 2023

For the year 2023, Owens’ base salary is $1,010,000. This is the amount he is set to earn from the contract for that year, excluding any additional earnings such as bonuses or endorsements​​.

Salary Breakdown

Jonathan Owens’ salary primarily comes from his contract with the Arizona Cardinals. The following details provide a breakdown of this salary:

Base Salary

As part of his contract, Owens is set to earn a base salary of $1,010,000 in 2023. This forms the bulk of his income for the year.


The specifics of any bonuses that Owens may be eligible to receive in 2023 are not explicitly provided. In NFL contracts, bonuses can come in various forms, such as performance bonuses for meeting certain on-field achievements, or roster bonuses for being on the team’s roster as of a certain date.

Cap Hit

Owens’ cap hit for 2023 is also $1,010,000. The cap hit refers to the amount of money a player’s contract counts against the team’s salary cap for a given year. This figure is important as it impacts the team’s ability to sign other players under the constraints of the NFL’s salary cap rules.

Additional Earnings

In addition to his base salary and potential bonuses, Owens may also have additional earnings from sources such as endorsements or other business ventures. However, specifics regarding these potential additional earnings have not been provided.

Jonathan Owens Net Worth

Jonathan Owens, a 28-year-old NFL player, has an estimated net worth ranging from $7 million to a potential $50 million. This substantial sum is largely attributed to his earnings from NFL contracts, bonuses, and possibly endorsement deals.

Owens, who started his football journey in high school, has devoted his life to the sport, later flourishing as a defensive back in college. He now serves as a safety for his team in Houston, Texas. However, it’s crucial to understand that estimating the net worth of celebrities can be challenging due to the variability in their lifestyle and spending habits.

Owens’ wife, Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, publicly expressed her pride in his achievements since they made their relationship public in 2020. Despite the range in estimated worth, the actual figure may differ based on various calculation methods and sources.

Jonathan Owens’s Wife: Simone Biles

Simone Biles, celebrated as one of the greatest gymnasts of all time, and Jonathan Owens, an NFL safety, first confirmed their relationship in August 2020. Both sports celebrities, they have been sharing sweet updates about their relationship with fans ever since, painting a picture of a loving, supportive partnership.

Owens’ Support for Biles’ Mental Health

Owens supported Biles in August 2021 when she made the difficult decision to withdraw from several events at the Tokyo Olympics to focus on her mental health. This significant moment in Biles’ career underscored the importance of mental health awareness in sports, and Owens’ support highlighted the strength of their bond.

The Journey Towards Matrimony

In late 2022, the couple shared their engagement shoot photos on their respective Instagram accounts, setting the stage for their upcoming nuptials. Then, in April 2023, Biles celebrated her pending nuptials with a “Cloud 9” themed bridal shower, further building anticipation for the big day. A week before their wedding, they obtained their marriage license, with Biles sharing a picture of the joyful moment on Instagram. Finally, the pair tied the knot on April 22, 2023, and celebrated again with a lavish ceremony in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on May 6, 2023.

Who is Simone Biles?

Simone Biles, born on March 14, 1997, is an American artistic gymnast known for her phenomenal career achievements. Raised in Spring, Texas, she was adopted by her maternal grandfather and his wife after spending her early years in foster care. She holds Belizean citizenship through her adoptive mother and refers to Belize as her second home.

Biles is the most decorated gymnast in the history of the Gymnastics World Championships, having won 25 World Championship medals. She holds numerous records, including the most World all-around titles for a female gymnast. At the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Biles won multiple individual gold medals, and despite facing struggles at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she still managed to win a silver medal with the US team and a bronze medal on the balance beam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Jonathan Owens

Where was Jonathan Owens born?

Jonathan Owens was born in St Louis, Missouri, United States.

Who is Jonathan Owens’ mother?

Jonathan Owens’ mother’s name is Arthurine Cannon. He has a close bond with her and credits her for his life and success.

Does Jonathan Owens have any siblings?

Yes, Jonathan Owens has a sister. They have a significant age gap of 11 years but are very close.

Where did Jonathan Owens complete his education?

Jonathan Owens completed his early education at Mid Rivers High School and later graduated from Christian Brothers College.

What early sporting achievements did Jonathan Owens have?

During his time at Christian Brothers College, Jonathan Owens excelled in football. He received awards such as All Conference and All District. He was also named Linebacker of the Year at his college.

What is Jonathan Owens’ nationality?

Jonathan Owens is an American by nationality. He was born in the United States.

How old is Jonathan Owens?

Jonathan Owens is currently 28 years old. He was born on July 22, 1995.

When is Jonathan Owens’ birthday?

Jonathan Owens celebrates his birthday on July 22nd every year.

How tall is Jonathan Owens?

Jonathan Owens stands at a height of 1.8 meters or 5 feet 11 inches.

What is Jonathan Owens’ weight?

Jonathan Owens weighs approximately 95 kg or 210 pounds. He maintains a solid physique through his dedication to fitness and training.

Which college did Jonathan Owens attend and play football for?

Jonathan Owens attended Missouri Western State University and played in the defensive back position for their football team.

Did Jonathan Owens receive any awards during his college career?

Yes, in 2017, Jonathan Owens was named Missouri Western State University’s Male Student Athlete of the year. He also played in the All Missouri IAA Second team in 2013.

Which NFL teams has Jonathan Owens played for?

Jonathan Owens has played for the Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans. He is currently a player for the Green Bay Packers.

Did Jonathan Owens face any injuries during his NFL career?

Yes, Jonathan Owens got injured before the 2018 season while playing for the Arizona Cardinals. He had to spend the entire season on the injured reserve. However, he has since recovered and continued his professional career.

What position does Jonathan Owens play in the NFL?

Jonathan Owens plays as a safety in the NFL. He has demonstrated his skills and dedication to the position throughout his career, starting all 17 games in his final season with the Houston Texans.

How long is Jonathan Owens’ current contract with the Arizona Cardinals?

Jonathan Owens’ current contract with the Arizona Cardinals is set to last for three years.

What is the total value of Jonathan Owens’ contract with the Arizona Cardinals?

The total value of Jonathan Owens’ contract with the Arizona Cardinals is $1,722,000.

How much is Jonathan Owens’ base salary for the year 2023?

Jonathan Owens’ base salary for the year 2023 is $1,010,000.

What is Jonathan Owens’ estimated net worth?

Jonathan Owens’ estimated net worth ranges from $7 million to a potential $50 million, primarily from his NFL contracts, bonuses, and possible endorsement deals.

Who is Jonathan Owens married to?

Jonathan Owens is married to Simone Biles, an Olympic gold medalist and celebrated gymnast.

When did Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles confirm their relationship?

Jonathan Owens and Simone Biles confirmed their relationship in August 2020.

What are Simone Biles’ notable achievements in gymnastics?

Simone Biles is the most decorated gymnast in the history of the Gymnastics World Championships, with 25 World Championship medals. She has also won multiple gold medals and set numerous records at the Olympic Games, including the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

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