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Olivia Hasler, known professionally as Penelope Ford, is a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. Born on September 14, 1992, Ford has made a significant impact in the wrestling arena, particularly in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Combat Zone Wrestling, and GTS Wrestling. As of 2023, her career continues to evolve, showcasing her remarkable skills and dedication to the sport.

In recent developments, Ford has been in the news for both professional and personal reasons. She and her partner, fellow wrestler Kip Sabian, were set to make their debut in DDT Pro Wrestling in Japan in February 2023, marking a significant step in their international wrestling careers.

However, 2023 has also been a year of personal challenges for Ford. She and Sabian opened up about suffering a miscarriage, an event that deeply affected their lives. This tragic experience required Ford to take a break from in-ring competition and televised appearances.

Ford’s journey in professional wrestling is a testament to her talent and perseverance. From her early days to her current status in AEW, she has consistently demonstrated her prowess in the ring. Her ability to overcome personal hardships while maintaining her professional career is inspiring to many of her fans and fellow wrestlers.

Who is Penelope Ford?

Penelope Ford, born Olivia Hasler on September 14, 1992, is a renowned American professional wrestler. She has gained significant fame in the wrestling world, particularly for her work in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). Known for her dynamic in-ring abilities and charismatic presence, Ford has become a prominent figure in the wrestling community, captivating audiences with her performances and athleticism.

Penelope Ford Bio/Wiki

Birth name Olivia Hasler
Born September 14, 1992 (age 31)
Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.
Spouse(s) Kip Sabian
(m. 2021)
Ring name(s) Penelope Ford
Billed height 5 ft 4 in (163 cm)
Billed weight 119 lb (54 kg)
Billed from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Trained by D. J. Hyde
Drew Gulak
Finneus James
Rory Gulak
Debut 2014

Young & Early Life

From a young age, Penelope Ford showed a keen interest in athletics and performance. Growing up, she was involved in various physical activities, which laid the foundation for her future career in professional wrestling. Her early life was marked by a passion for sports and entertainment, setting the stage for her eventual rise in the wrestling industry.

Parents & Siblings

Details about Penelope Ford’s parents and siblings are not widely publicized. Like many professional athletes, Ford has kept her family life private, focusing public attention on her professional achievements and wrestling career. This discretion has allowed her to maintain a clear distinction between her personal and professional life.

Nationality & Ethnicity

Penelope Ford is an American national, born and raised in the United States. Her nationality is a significant aspect of her identity, contributing to her appeal and relatability to American wrestling fans. Information regarding her ethnicity is not explicitly detailed in public records, as Ford has primarily been recognized for her professional accomplishments rather than her ethnic background.


The specifics of Penelope Ford’s educational background are not extensively documented. However, it is known that her education, combined with her early interest in sports and athletics, played a role in shaping her career path.

Penelope Ford Age

Penelope Ford, a prominent figure in professional wrestling, was born on September 14, 1992. As of 2023, she is 31 years old. Her age reflects her experience and maturity in the wrestling world, where she has established herself as a skilled and charismatic performer.

Penelope Ford Height

Standing at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm), Penelope Ford’s height is a notable aspect of her physical presence in the wrestling ring. Her stature, while not the tallest in the wrestling community, contributes to her agility and dynamic in-ring performance.

Penelope Ford Weight

Penelope Ford maintains a weight of approximately 119 pounds (54 kg). This weight is indicative of her fitness and conditioning, essential for her demanding career in professional wrestling.

Penelope Ford Physical Appearance & Body Measurements

Penelope Ford’s physical appearance is characterized by her athletic build, a testament to her dedication to fitness and training. Her body measurements are reported to be 33-27-34 inches, reflecting a balanced and toned physique.

Professional Wrestling Career

Combat Zone Wrestling (2014–2018)

Penelope Ford made her debut on December 17 in a CZW Dojo Wars tag team match, where she teamed up with George Gatton to defeat Conor Claxton & Frankie Pickard. She secured her first CZW singles victory on December 31 by defeating Dave McCall. Throughout 2015, Ford engaged in various tag team and singles matches. In one notable singles match on June 10 at the CZW Dojo Wars, Brittany Blake overcame Ford. Additionally, at CZW Cerebral 2015, Ford participated in a dark match, which Blake won, intensifying their rivalry.

Subsequently, on December 16, Ford challenged Blake in a Best Two Out Of Three Falls title match for the CZW Medal Of Valor Championship. Unfortunately, Ford did not succeed in capturing the title from Blake, concluding her second year in CZW. In 2016, Ford continued to compete predominantly in tag team matches, achieving a handful of singles victories along the way.

The year culminated for Ford with a match on December 7, where she faced Jordynne Grace. This match was a rematch of their earlier encounter in 2016 at WSU Unshakable. Similar to their first match, Grace emerged victorious, defeating Ford once again. This series of matches not only showcased Ford’s resilience and dedication to wrestling but also marked significant milestones in her early career.

All Elite Wrestling (2019–present)

Penelope Ford joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in May 2018, as AEW announced on January 8, 2019. She began managing her real-life boyfriend, Kip Sabian, and they feuded with Joey Janela. In her AEW debut on October 9, 2019, Ford and Bea Priestley faced Allie and Britt Baker in the first-ever AEW Dark episode but lost. However, Ford secured her first AEW victory on March 3 in Dark, teaming with Baker to defeat Yuka Sakazaki and Riho.

On May 23, 2020, Ford competed in her first PPV match at Double or Nothing. She faced Kris Statlander as a last-minute replacement for the injured Baker but did not win. Later, on June 10, Ford and Nyla Rose teamed up on AEW Dynamite. They defeated Hikaru Shida and Statlander, earning Ford a championship match at Fyter Fest. However, Shida defeated Ford at the event.

At All Out, Ford announced her engagement to Sabian. They teased revealing his best man on the next Dynamite episode. On September 9, they revealed Miro as the best man. On October 23, 2021, Ford competed in the AEW TBS Women’s championship tournament. Ruby Soho defeated her. After a long feud, Ford and The Bunny lost a street fight against Anna Jay and Tay Conti on December 31, 2021, on AEW Rampage.

In 2022, Tony Khan responded to criticism about Ford’s absence. He explained on July 8 that Ford was not medically cleared to compete since January. However, Ford returned to AEW on August 15 on AEW Dark Elevation. She defeated Heather Reckless by submission, marking a significant comeback.

Penelope Ford Husband: Kip Sabian

Penelope Ford

Penelope Ford, a renowned wrestler in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), leads an intriguing personal life with fellow wrestler Kip Sabian. The couple’s relationship, blossoming both in and out of the ring, has captivated fans. They got engaged in April 2020, a moment celebrated widely in the wrestling community. Their engagement announcement came during the December 23, 2020, episode of AEW Dynamite: Holiday Bash.

Interestingly, Ford and Sabian had already married before their on-screen wedding at AEW’s Beach Break. This revelation added a unique twist to their story, showcasing their deep commitment. Their on-screen wedding, a first for AEW, mirrored their real-life bond.

Moreover, Ford and Sabian have faced challenges together. They shared their experience of a miscarriage, showing strength and mutual support in tough times. As of 2023, they remain happily married, balancing their personal and professional lives in AEW. Despite Sabian’s injury post-wedding, their relationship continues to thrive. Their journey is a testament to personal resilience and professional success, making them a beloved couple in professional wrestling.

Penelope Ford Net Worth 2023

As of 2023, Penelope Ford’s net worth is estimated to be quite substantial, though there are varying reports about the exact figure. Some sources estimate her net worth to be around $350,000, while others suggest it could be as high as $1.5 million. This variation is likely due to the different methods of calculation and the inclusion of various assets and income streams in the estimation.

Penelope Ford Social Media

Penelope Ford is also active on social media, where she engages with her fans and shares aspects of her professional and personal life. Her presence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter allows her to maintain a direct connection with her audience, further enhancing her popularity and marketability.


Who is Penelope Ford?

Penelope Ford, born Olivia Hasler on September 14, 1992, is an American professional wrestler currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

What is Penelope Ford’s background in wrestling?

Ford debuted in professional wrestling in 2014 and has since made a name for herself in promotions like Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

When did Penelope Ford join All Elite Wrestling (AEW)?

Penelope Ford joined AEW in 2019 and has been a prominent figure in the women’s division since then.

Has Penelope Ford won any championships in her wrestling career?

As of the latest information, Penelope Ford has not captured any championships in AEW, but she has been a significant competitor in the women’s division.

5. Who is Penelope Ford married to?

Penelope Ford is married to fellow professional wrestler Kip Sabian. They got engaged in April 2020 and were already married prior to their on-screen wedding in AEW.

6. What are some notable matches in Penelope Ford’s AEW career?

Notable matches include her first AEW match on AEW Dark in 2019, her participation in the AEW Women’s World Championship match at Fyter Fest, and her match in the AEW TBS Women’s Championship tournament in 2021.

What is Penelope Ford’s net worth as of 2023?

Estimates of Penelope Ford’s net worth in 2023 vary, with figures ranging from around $350,000 to as high as $1.5 million.

How tall is Penelope Ford?

Penelope Ford stands at 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall.

What is Penelope Ford’s presence on social media?

Ford is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she connects with fans and shares aspects of her professional and personal life.

10. Has Penelope Ford faced any personal challenges recently?

Yes, Penelope Ford and Kip Sabian opened up about experiencing a miscarriage, a deeply personal and emotional challenge they faced together.

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