Unveiling Data Science and AI’s Impact on Winning Strategies

Successful sports bettors don’t make their picks randomly. Instead, they develop various strategies to minimize the bookmaker’s edge and maximize their chances of winning. Most of these strategies involve such things as betting with reliable bookies like those rated by Legalbet, an analytical service,  shopping for the best odds, being objective, and making sense of any available information.

Before the internet, punters had access to basic statistics. Shots on goals, offsides, and goals against were just a few of the most commonly used tidbits of information that bettors examined. Whilst that type of data can be very useful if analyzed properly, it’s really not a lot to go on especially when you compare the available data then to what’s available now. It’s also worth noting that oddsmakers have always had access to much more information. This is a big reason why it has always been such a formidable challenge to find weak or exploitable odds.

Unveiling Data Science and AI's Impact on Winning Strategies

Data Analysis on the Pitch

Data science is also playing a huge role on the pitch as more and more professional teams focus on the analytics side of sports. It has gotten to the point that many professional teams dedicate entire departments to analyzing the numbers.

By making use of AI and machine learning, coaches can almost immediately spot and exploit various weaknesses and strengths on both sides.

Because much of this data comes in real-time, coaches can alter the plan of attack on the fly. Instead of coaches and players having to manually analyze hours of film footage, powerful computers do that work for them. Yes, computers can now study the video and spot patterns.

Betting Sites and Bettors

These days, data science is evolving in leaps and bounds and it is a major factor in sports betting. For oddsmakers, being able to crunch huge amounts of data enables them to put out sharper odds. Furthermore, it allows sports betting sites to do it all in the blink of an eye.

For bettors, more data means that they can make more accurate predictions which equates to more winning bets. Of course, punters that create betting models have to understand how all of the data is best used. How do stats like offensive zone time and other obscure numbers fit into the big scheme of things? You can be certain that the major bookies know the answer.

As mentioned, oddsmakers are privy to a wealth of information. Much more than the average Joe can amass. However, the playing field is quickly becoming more level as advanced analytics software becomes an option for bettors. These programs and algorithms analyze a huge variety of stats and parameters. And whilst a lot of these software packages can be quite expensive, they are indeed becoming more affordable as more of them are developed. AI-driven software doesn’t just pick winners, but it can also be used to identify arbitrage opportunities, positive EV situations, and much more.

It is pretty clear that data science is going to continue being a big part of sports and the sports betting industry at large. Even though it has always been a key to the bookmaking business, it appears destined to play a much more influential role among sports bettors. Right now, there are numerous analytics programs and pay-per-head sites that punters can subscribe to. Users can choose which statistics they want to analyze and how that information should be used. With many of these packages costing around $200 or less per month, they are viable options for experienced and recreational sports bettors alike. Also Read – How To Choose the Best Shoes for Playing Sports

What the Future Holds

As the technology gets better, it is almost a given that the amount of available data will increase. This can only help punters make more informed and profitable bets. Even though most sports bettors do not currently have access to really advanced AI and machine-learning technology, it looks like it’s just a matter of time before they do. With that said, we are nowhere near the point at which data and technology can make predictions that are 100% accurate. 

Still, those who make use of this data and technology can easily spot trends, make more accurate predictions, and fine-tune their existing betting models. If you are new to this concept, then you might want to test some of the analytics software that is out there right now. A few of them even offer a free trial period. Once you have a bit of experience, you will probably conclude that data analysis and AI are the wave of the future for serious sports bettors.

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