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Ettore Ewen, a professional wrestler from the United States and former powerlifter, took birth on March 1st, 1986. We also call him Big E. He is presently under contract with WWE. there he competes on the SmackDown brand as Big E. But he is now hurting from an injury. He has a good solo career in professional wrestling. So, it is in addition to his tag team career with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in The New Day.

Ewen played collegiate football for the University of Iowa before switching to powerlifting and winning the USA Powerlifting championship. He also triumphed in high school wrestling, taking home the state title. After signing with WWE in 2009, Ewen got the ring name Big E Langston. So, he assigned it to its developmental company Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW).

People named him the second NXT Champion after FCW changed its name to NXT. He changed his ring name to Big E in February 2014. It was after he went to WWE’s main roster in December 2012. He has won the WWE Championship once. Then, he won the Intercontinental Championship twice, and the Raw Tag Team Championship twice. After that, he won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship six times since making his main roster debut. He holds the joint record for the longest Raw Tag Team Championship reign with The New Day at 483 days.

Big E Age

Big E

Big E’s birth name and real name are Ettore Ewen. On March 1, 1986, Big E was born in Tampa, Florida, in the United States. He became 36 years old on March 2022. He looks young for his age. Big E Langston is a former powerlifter and American football player who now competes in professional wrestling. Ettore Ewen is a WWE employee and goes by the ring name Big E when appearing on the SmackDown brand.

Big E Injury

Big E said that he is unsure if he would ever be able to wrestle again. It was because he continues to rehabilitate from a broken neck he sustained earlier this year. On the Friday Night SmackDown programme from March 11, Big E first broke his neck during a tag bout. Ridge Holland grabbed him tightly for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, but he fell on top of his head instead.

Big E

So, the next day, Big E revealed he had non-displaced fractures in his neck’s C-1 and C-6 vertebrae. He stated in a July 4 update that his C-1 is not ossifying and that physicians would postpone further tests. It will be until the one-year mark following his injury.

After playing collegiate football at the University of Iowa, Big E started working with WWE in 2009. In December 2012, the 36-year-old made his main roster debut.

Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods have been a trio since 2014. One of the most well-liked and prosperous factions in WWE history has been The New Day. Eight times in all, they have won the Raw and SmackDown tag championships.

Big E cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase and defeated Bobby Lashley to win the WWE championship in September 2021. Because of this, his singles career reached its zenith. He retained the championship until Brock Lesnar defeated him in a fatal-five match on the Day 1 show on January 1.

Big E Net Worth

Big E is the current Intercontinental Champion and one of the fittest and most physically strong players on the roster. Someone had encouraged the brightest talent in WWE to become the organization’s upcoming main event star.

Thus, Big E was an accomplished powerlifter who set numerous American records before turning to wrestling. He had too many injuries to realise his dream of playing professional football. He pursued wrestling instead and then got a developmental deal. The net worth of this WWE player is about $2 million. Also, his base pay, as per the WWE signing, is $500,000. He is, however, also supposed to get higher pay for any goods he sells for the business.

Big E Wife

The WWE Wrestler has been the subject of many debates. However, Big E Langston is currently not with anyone. According to speculations, Celeste Bonin, also known by her stage name Kaitlyn, dates Big E Langston. When Big E was in an interview on WWE’s main event, Renee Young brought up this subject. He informed him of the online craze around Big E and Kaitlyn. Big E responded right away without delay. He immediately refuted all of the rumours, claiming that they were all untrue. Other than being best friends, they don’t personally know each other.

Big E admitted to Renee that he closely monitors Kaitlyn because he is happy with his pal. Big E enjoys keeping his personal affairs private. He is more preoccupied with his goals than with his personal life. One can see how important his career is to him. It was after he cashed in his Money in the Bank to win the WWE championship. Kaitlyn has experienced a lot, and her story serves as motivation for all women worldwide. He is extremely happy for Kaitlyn.

It is fascinating to watch how she handled her life following her divorce. Also, how she has managed to get back on track. Big E gets along well with her current partner as well. Ettore also discussed her business after leaving WWE. He advised her to say goodbye and concentrate on her new life because the moment was right. The fact that Kaitlyn’s present firm is operating fairly smoothly indicates that her timing was impeccable.

Big E Height

Big E Langston, a wrestler, made his debut on December 17, 2009. His parents are Eltore and Margaret Ewen. His race is black, and he belongs to the United States.

He attended the University of Iowa and Wharton High School. Like other wrestlers, he stands at a respectable 5 feet 11 inches in height. Big E Langston, a wrestler, has won both the Raw Tag Team Championship and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship twice. He held the record for the longest tag team champion in WWE history.

Big E Neck

Big E is a former WWE champion. He says he is “grateful” that despite a recent setback that would prevent him from competing for at least a full year, doctors have predicted that he will fully recover from a fractured neck he had during a match in March. In a move with wrestler Ridge Holland on March 11, Big E shattered two cervical vertebrae, C1 and C6. Following Holland’s suplex, Big E fell on top of his head, and it was evident something wasn’t right.

Big E did not experience any spinal disc displacement, and his spinal cord, ligaments, or nerves were unharmed. He maintained he did not require surgery and he still does not.

Big E revealed that he is using a bone stimulator device, receiving stem cell therapy, and taking calcium supplements. He took these while he was recovering. Other than that, he is simply leading a normal life. Also, he waits to learn when he will be ready to wrestle once more.

Big E will also work with WWE at a talent tryout for current and recently graduating college athletes. It will be as his neck heals. Big E, a former Iowa Hawkeyes football player, will assess possible future WWE stars. It will be with people like Paul “Triple H” Levesque and James Kimball.

Also, Big E expressed his desire for WWE to have taken similar action. It was when he was a college football player and expressed his excitement at the chance to speak with other athletes who are seeking careers after graduation.

Big E vs Roman Reigns

On one Sunday night at Survivor Series, WWE champion Big E was defeated by universal champion Roman Reigns.

Big E deflected several Superman punches and even managed to escape The Tribal Chief’s signature spear. But, then, eventually, it became too much. Out of the Big Ending, Reigns countered and went after his opponent’s weak left knee. The WWE champion was then set up for another Spear, but this time he was unable to raise his shoulders before the three-count.

Big E

On a roll going into Sunday’s show, both Superstars hoped to gain even more momentum going into 2022 with a win.

Given that he has now held the unified championship for approximately 450 days, The Tribal Chief is now enjoying one of the most successful title reigns in WWE history.

During his reign as champion, Reigns defeated several of the biggest names in the industry, including Brock Lesnar, Edge, Daniel Bryan, Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Kevin Owens, and Rey Mysterio.

Since the WWE champion used to skulk behind Heyman with the Money in the Bank briefcase before cashing in on Lashley, a Reigns vs. Big E match has been anticipated for some time.

Once Big E won the WWE championship, it was almost a given that the two top current male Superstars of the organisation would square off.

The weeks leading up to Survivor Series saw The Tribal Chief and The Bloodline engage in a feud with New Day members King Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston on SmackDown, which increased anticipation for Reigns vs. Big E.

Ettore Ewen vs Bobby Lashley

Big E defeated Bobby Lashley in a Steel Cage match as the main event of Raw on Monday night, passing his first significant test as the WWE champion.

Lashley thought he had finished off his opponent with a Spear, but Big E kicked out. That encapsulated a contest in which both men gave it their all.

Big E successfully executed a Big Ending from the second rope to win after sensing the necessity to take a chance in order to achieve a decisive advantage.

It was Lashley and Big E’s first opportunity to face the champion since losing the belt in a conventional singles contest that kicked off Raw.

The Hurt Business and The New Day got into a fight at ringside that spilled into the squared circle, which led to the disqualification of the match. This prompted Adam Pearce, a representative of WWE, to match Lashley up against Big E in order to prevent outside intervention. The forthcoming two-night WWE draught could give Big E an indication as to what his next task will be. The champion might shift to SmackDown or a strong contender from the blue brand might transfer.

Ettore Ewen vs Brock Lensar

Big E was defeated by Brock Lesnar in the fatal five-way match at WWE Day 1, and a photo of him right after the match has been released, and it is terrible. Roman Reigns’ positive COVID-19 test necessitated a change in the schedule, which is typical of the current situation. Lesnar and Reigns’ scheduled title match had to be postponed as a result of this.

Lesnar was instead added to Raw’s WWE Championship bout, making it a fatal five-way. As a result, Big E, the current champion, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, and Lesnar were among the competitors.

The fight was exciting, and at times it seemed like any of the five wrestlers vying for the title could have won.

Lashley was taken out of the bout after Big E smacked him with the Big Ending. The former UFC champion then appeared to be about to strike Lesnar with the identical manoeuvre, but he outwitted his challenger and reversed the action, pinning Big E to win the match and claim the belt.

It raises the question of what the original plans might have been had Reigns’ test result not been positive because it is highly contentious that someone who wasn’t originally in the fight won the belt. Many people have expressed sympathy for the former member of New Day because of the nature of the title change.

Ettore Ewen vs Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins declared that he will challenge WWE champion Big E for his championship at the organization’s New Year’s Day pay-per-view, WWE Day 1, during the opening segment of Monday Night Raw.

After defeating Big E through disqualification in Monday’s main event, Kevin Owens was added to the contest. Rollins attacked Owens after being provoked by Owens, ending the match.

Big E

Rollins won a multi-man ladder match against Owens, Finn Balor, and Rey Mysterio on the Raw broadcast on October 25 to claim the top contender position. Due to Big E’s champion vs. champion battle at Survivor Series against WWE universal champion Roman Reigns, his championship chance was postponed.

Rollins has two reigns as the global champion and has held the WWE Championship twice. Since losing the Universal Championship to “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt in 2019, he hasn’t won a singles title.

The first WWE Championship reign of Big E’s career is currently underway. On the Raw programme from September 13 versus Bobby Lashley, he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. At the Crown Jewel competition in Saudi Arabia on October 21, he triumphantly defended his championship against Drew McIntyre. He defeated to Reigns in the championship match at Survivor Series.

Ettore Ewen vs Drew McIntyre

To keep the WWE Championship, Big E defeated Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel on Thursday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Unbelievably, the champion was able to kick out of a Claymore and then successfully strike the Scot with the Big Ending to win by pinfall. One week prior to the WWE draught, the two men began their unexpected feud. After E successfully defended his title against Bobby Lashley inside a steel cage, McIntyre came out and confronted the former member of the New Day.

There was some uncertainty as to whether they would face off in a bout when McIntyre was recruited from Raw to the blue brand on the subsequent week of SmackDown.

It might be said that Crown Jewel represented his first title defence of real significance, even though he defeated The All Mighty in a rematch. McIntyre was his first fresh opponent.

Although not many people thought he had a chance against Big E, The Scottish Warrior is one of WWE’s top talents and is always a threat to win.

This is mostly because a SmackDown Superstar winning Raw’s top championship right before the WWE draught results took effect would have complicated matters.

Big E is now free to engage in some fresh and intriguing rivalries on the red brand thanks to WWE’s decision to have him retain his title at Crown Jewel.

Ettore Ewen vs Kofi Kingston

Big E’s run as WWE Champion came to an end at the “Day 1” event when Brock Lesnar pinned him in a five-way match that also featured Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins. Big E has rejoined the SmackDown roster as a member of New Day.

Lesnar ended the reigns of both Big E and Kofi Kingston for the WWE Title, and Big E discussed this with Josh Martinez of Z100. He acknowledges that it is intriguing that their reigns came to an end in a similar way, but he noted that he was able to observe how Kingston handled the setback and gained insight into how to move on.

Big E stated there are a number of things he could have changed throughout his title run, but for the time being, his main priority is to perform and give his all. He noted that it can be challenging to support a champion who endured several defeats on television early in their career.

Big E FAQs

What kind of injury has Big E got?

Big E, a former WWE Champion, has been out since March due to a fractured neck. The accident happened during a tag match between the New Day and Sheamus and Ridge Holland, which ended with Holland throwing E outside the ring with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.

Big E has been available for how long?

After playing collegiate football at the University of Iowa, Big E was signed by WWE in 2009. In December 2012, the 36-year-old made his main roster debut. Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods have been a trio since 2014. One of the most well-liked and prosperous factions in WWE history has been The New Day.

Is Big E still able to wrestle?

Big E said in an interview with “The MMA Hour” that he doesn’t know whether he would ever be able to wrestle again since his doctors have warned him that another neck injury might be even more serious and devastating.

Who is the WWE Champion right now?

In his fourth reign, Roman Reigns is the current champion. On April 3, 2022, at WrestleMania 38 Night 2 in Arlington, Texas, he won the championship by defeating the previous champion Brock Lesnar in a Winner Takes All match for both the WWE Championship and Universal Championship, which Reigns guarded.

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