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Peter Thomas England is an English pro wrestler. And, he was born on Nov 9, 1993. He is now signed by WWE. Here, he goes by the stage name Butch and acts on the SmackDown label. Together with Matt Riddle, he won the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Cup. He is a past WWE United Kingdom King and a past NXT Tag Team Title.

Dunne began training in 2006 at the young age of 12. Further, he played his first game in 2007. Since then, he has performed a lot in promos around the world. In fact, he has also worked in circuits that are independent of the pro wrestling industry. This includes Destiny World Wrestling (DWW), Fight Club: Pro (FCP), Over the Top Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), and Progress Wrestling , Revolution Pro Wrestling (RPW), and Westside Xtre (wXw).

He has stated that his first lessons under Edwards were poor. And, it simply taught him “the essentials.” Dunne started out as a wrestler at the Holbrooks Festival in Coventry in 2007. Here, he first met Mark Andrews and got into a fight with him.  Then, he later completed a brief learning curve with Max Angelus and started to work on other small local plays. And, these were mostly in community centers near his home of Birmingham. He fought as Tiger Kid till January 2010. Then, he was defeated by Helix in a hair vs. mask match at Riot Act Wrestling in Kent.

Butch WWE Finisher

Dutch Mantell, a famous figure in the industry, has reacted to Xavier Woods’ new finishing move. And, also the events that occurred after his win against Butch on the latest WWE SmackDown.

On SmackDown, Woods beat Butch in the singles match with a tiny package rollup. The Backwoods is the finisher that The New Day participant has used on him.


Dutch Mantell pointed out that he wasn’t averse to the rollup since it was simply a tactic to surprise rivals. However, Xavier Woods’ act after beating Butch was ridiculed by the old WWE manager (fka Pete Dunne). There are always ways to keep the integrity of a celebrity facing the three-count in wrestling, as per Dutch Mantell.

Promoters in wwe have long used the well-known trick of paying heed to the losers. But, for the bout between Butch and Woods, WWE took a distinct unique path.

Butch WWE Wiki

In order to give their group of friends more options, Dunne and ring caller Jim Lee created Attack! Pro Wrestling in 2011. And, they staged a weekend of events in Birmingham. Dunne played in a four-man set up as the Elder Stein Invitational on the first weekend of concerts in August 2011.  In fact, he reached the final before falling to Mark Andrews. Later, the promotion would grow to include events largely in Cardiff and Bristol, with Dunne performing constantly. Also. he fought primarily as a face and often going against his closest friend Mark.

The BBC 3 tv show “People Like Us” revolves around residents of the Birmingham Borough and the area around it. This show throws light upon how they progress toward achieving the set goals. For example, weight loss, acting careers, or in Dunne’s case, becoming a pro wrestler. This would feature Dunne sometime in 2014. After suddenly flipping on Mark at “Mandrews Goes To America” in January 2015, an event styled as Andrews’ last event after signing with TNA Wrestling, Dunne would later develop into one of the promotion’s main villains.

Dunne won the ATTACK! 24/7 Title for a record 307 days straight from the middle of 2015 until the end of 2016. Even during this time he fought in dual rivalries with Dennis and Wild Boar. And, this marked the start of a long war with Lee, the co-founder of ATTACK and the ring caller.  On Nov 20, 2016, Dunne’s run as a fighter in ATTACK! Pro Wrestling was put to bed. However, this happened after he fell to a team led by Lee in a five-vs-five elimination bout. So, this came with the condition that the loser skipper had to quit ATTACK.

WWE Butch Biography

Real name Peter Thomas England
Nationality British
Weight 93 kgs
Birthday 9th Nov, 1993
Siblings Damian Dunne
Height 1.78 m
Children Emni Rae

Butch WWE Age

Butch aka Pete Dunne was born on 9 November 1993 in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is currently 29 years old.

Butch WWE Height

Butch is 5 ft 10 inches (1.78 m) tall.

Is WWE Butch Pete Dunne?

Peter Thomas England was born 9 November 1993. Of course, people know him better by his old ring name Pete Dunne. He is an English pro wrestler. He is currently under the wing of  WWE. Here, he fights on the SmackDown line under the ring alias of Butch.

On 15 December 2016, news sources claimed that Dunne would be one among the 16 men fighting in the 2-night U.K. Tournament final to win the first ever WWE U.k. King. And, the event took place on 14 and 15 January 2017. He beat Roy Johnson in the first round. Next,he proceeded to the quarter finals. And, eventually he moved to the semi-finals where he won over Sam Gradwell and Mark Andrews twice. Finally, the win made him move to the final game, where he fell to Tyler Bate.

Dunne then got into a deal with WWE. Thus, it  limited his right to accept solo bookings. He later joined NXT and made his debut there on February 22, 2017. In this match, he defeated Mark Andrews Then, he soon began to make visits on NXT. In order to promote upcoming live shows in the UK, Dunne and other event players went on 205 Live on April 4.

Who is Butch WWE?

He is a past WWE United Kingdom Title holder. He is also a former NXT Tag Team King with Matt Riddle. In fact, Matt also claimed the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Challenge.

Dunne managed to turn face while he and Strong afterward joined forces. They did so starting on 28 March again for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. In this match they took over Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan in the 1st bout itself. And, they won over Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young in the semis.Then, they met The Authors of Pain in the final match on 4 April. However, the game ended in a no match when Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole hit both groups.


Dunne has a nickname of “The Bruiserweight” going for him.  Of course, it stands in regard to both his size and skill. His go-to moves largely consists of fights, stiff blows, grip grappling, and snapping of his rivals’ fingers. His closing ace is a pumphandle reverse STO dubbed the Bitter End. This move was previously called Drop Dead. He soon turns into a more psychotic  and angry character when he moved to the “Butch” ring alias on the big stage.

Butch WWE FAQs

What was Butch’s name in NXT?

Fans once knew Butch as Pete Dunne. Now, he battles on SmackDown with Brawling Brutes and has detailed Vince McMahon’s stance to the title. His past record with the WWE lines is strong. Firstly, he competed as Pete Dunne in NXT UK . And, then NXT as well as on the global scene.

Why is Pete Dunne now Butch?

After not being able to win the event, he met Tyler Bate at the NXT TakeOver match in Chicago Here, he claimed the NXT United Kingdom Title. Dunne went from the UK to the US, was moved to the main roster. Finally,  he changed his name to Butch.

Is Pete Dunne new name Butch?

After spending years in NXT, they have finally promoted Butch up to the main team. Unfortunately, Butch was handed to him by WWE. Dunne gave his reason for not being upset about the title change. He spoke about it during a chat on Mark Andrews: My Love Letter to Wrestling.

Did Pete Dunne change his name?

The WWE NXT UK King Pete Dunne (or, you may know him as Butch) made his official main label start on SmackDown. His new name was Butch, and that’s how he was greeted. In fact, he already  has Sheamus and Ridge Holland working for him.

What was Butch’s name in NXT?

Butch, who people once knew as Pete Dunne to fans, now fights on SmackDown along with The Brawling Brutes. Also, he has discussed Vincent McMahon’s stance on the name change. His past record with the WWE line is solid. Since he has formerly fought as Pete Dunne in NXT UK and then NXT as well as on the solo scene.

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