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Drew Gulak is an American professional wrestler and trainer. He took birth on April 28, 1987. Also, he is presently working with WWE and competes on the SmackDown brand. He has got the WWE 24/7 Championship 8 times and was also a WWE Cruiserweight Champion once.

Gulak was formerly most famous for his work in Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW). There he held titles as the 2005 Chris Cash Memorial Battle Royal victor and one-time CZW World Heavyweight Champion. He also got the titles of two-time CZW World Tag Team Champion and one-time CZW Wired TV Champion. He also worked for many different offices like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Evolve, and Chikara.

At the Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) Wrestling Academy and the Chikara Wrestle Factory, Gulak started his professional wrestling training. It was in 2004. On September 10, 2005, he made his CZW debut. He took first place in a battle royal at Down With The Sickness 4-Ever, a Chris Cash tribute show. Team AnDrew included Gulak and fellow CZW Wrestling Academy alumnus Andy Sumner. They won the CZW World Tag Team Championship twice before breaking up in 2009.

Drew Gulak Salary

At the Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) Wrestling Academy, Gulak started his professional wrestling career training in 2004. On September 10, 2005, he made his CZW debut by taking first place in a battle royal at Down With The Sickness 4-Ever, a Chris Cash tribute show. Team AnDrew, which included Gulak and fellow CZW Wrestling Academy alumnus Andy Sumner, won the CZW World Tag Team Championship twice before breaking up in 2009.

Drew Gulak has had a very good career and is quite famous. Drew Gulak enjoys a lot of popularity. Here is the information if you are one of those people that search for Drew Gulak’s net worth. Thus, Drew Gulak’s net worth is reportedly $5 million, according to depthbio.

Drew Gulak Wife

Drew Gulak, a star of 205 LIVE, wed his old lover Liz Dietz. The man who works against going too high took a literal leap of faith and wed his love. Owner of CZW DJ Hyde, who was present at the reception, sent them his best wishes for a happy marriage by posting a photo on Instagram.

Drew Gulak

Drew Gulak, a cruiserweight fighter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is one of the more physically strong fighters in the category. He has a variety of submission methods and suplexes and is a strong enemy in the ring.

On 205 LIVE recently, Gulak started a “No Fly Zone” campaign in which he talked about the Cruiserweights and their many antics. Gulak has worked mainly on Mustafa Ali in recent weeks. On 205 LIVE last Tuesday, Gulak annihilated Ali as he was entering the ring for a match against Tony Nese. This attack was revenge for Ali’s use of dexterous manoeuvres.

Drew Gulak Age & Height

So, Drew Gulak took birth on April 28, 1987, as previously stated. Drew Gulak has been alive for 35 years. The height of the wrestler is 1.85 metres or 6 feet and one inch.


Drew’s Twitter username is @DrewGulak. He has 122.7 thousand followers and follows only 656 accounts. Moreover, he came to Twitter in April 2010.

Drew Gulak vs Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan and Drew Gulak took part in a classic brawl that we saw as time travel from the NW. It was for one night only. Also, it was in the 1980s. Also, they changed the Wells Fargo Centre into the Dallas Sportatorium. Despite Gulak’s claims to the contrary, Bryan defeated the former NXT Cruiserweight Champion. But, The Philadelphia Stretcher’s credit for keeping the contest razor-close.

Gulak kept things straightforward and harsh. It was in a match that was nearly exclusively on the mat and featured less than ten rope runs. He wasn’t always brutally attacking Bryan’s surgically repaired neck to set up his Gulock dragon sleeper. He was also twisting his legs into pretzel shapes. Once there, the famous World Champion made the last choice to hold the match by locking a wrist, somehow rolling into a certain lock, and winning when Gulak could not move.

After the battle, Bryan couldn’t help but give the Philly product a nod of respect. But, there’s no use contesting the accolades. The way tonight went, Gulak might perhaps be the smarter one.

Drew Gulak Released

Earlier today, WWE said on Twitter that they have fired former Cruiserweight Champion Drew Gulak. After that, The PWInsider claimed that Drew Gulak’s WWE contract had run out after one week’s WWE SmackDown tapings. Also that the two parties had been unable to agree on terms for a new contract. WWE officials turned down Drew Gulak’s request for a raise. Now, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio has disclosed this.

Because of the COVID outbreak, Meltzer claims, WWE is not making enough money to offer Gulak a raise. Also, reports state that WWE finally took back the offer it had first made to the former cruiserweight champion.

After the viral revelation, AEW performers Chuck Taylor and Joey Janela stated on Twitter that Drew Gulak may make the ideal addition to the AEW roster.

In the second round of the Intercontinental title tournament, Drew Gulak fought his old friend Daniel Bryan on last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown. Drew Gulak and Daniel Bryan shook hands before the fight began. The two were performing various grips and attacks on each other while putting on amazing wrestling manoeuvres. When Daniel Bryan curved and grinned at his friend, Drew Gulak attempted to give Gulock after spotting an opportunity.

Drew Gulak sent Daniel Bryan flying off the top ropes after the break. Then, the former Cruiserweight Champion knocked Daniel Bryan to the ground and made several attempts to put The Yes Man in a submission hold. However, Daniel Bryan never stopped figuring out how to kick out of submissions. Drew Gulak was in a tough spot in the Yes Lock when Daniel Bryan quickly recovered. Bryan won the encounter in a spirited struggle to move to the IC competition semifinals.

Drew Gulak vs Charlotte Flair

Since the 16th April SmackDown episode, Charlotte Flair and Drew Gulak have been at odds. The old Cruiserweight Champion spoke with The Queen about her fight with Ronda Rousey and her WrestleMania 38 match.

When Gulak asked Flair about the mistakes she made in her matches to keep the SmackDown Championship, Flair fought with him. The Opportunity took offence to this and put Gulak in the Figure Eight Leglock before making him declare his leaving.

Rousey made a remark to the SmackDown Women’s Champion at the end of April during the contract signing between Flair and her by placing Gulak in an armbar as the two signed the paper.

Before their match at WrestleMania Backlash, it appears that both women have been using the former 205 Live performers as a target to fire warning shots at one another.

Drew Gulak vs Karrion Kross

On SmackDown, Karrion Kross had a big entry into the match. He fought in a squash match with old champion Drew Gulak that was decided by one point. The veteran criticised his treatment as “pitiful” and voiced his displeasure.

Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns have been constantly dogged by Kross. But all we have seen of him since his comeback have been advertisements and covert messages to his competitors.

On the current episode of SmackDown, he squashed Drew Gulak and tied him between the ropes to make a message.

Following SmackDown, WWE veteran Drew Gulak criticised Karrion Kross on Twitter for refusing to release the sleeper hold even though the match was over.

He sent roses to Roman Reigns as a message even after his SmackDown match. Sami Zayn, who received it, made the implication that it smelled awful. It is unknown if the Tribal Chief even received them. In any case, it will be intriguing to see how the recently returning WWE star and his wife Scarlett do. Fans can anticipate Kross treating more celebrities in a similarly “pitiful” manner in the future.

Drew Gulak vs Zack Sabre Jr.

They manage to hit this one last time and offer a good follow-up to both their great fights from March and one in the Cruiserweight Classic before Gulak leaves the team in December. These two work really well together once more.

This is their third game together this year, which is quite nice, and each of the three feels different in some manner.

In their bout in March, Gulak tried to frustrate Zack by making him work the neck rather than his good arm before moving to the leg, but he saw his winning pose too late.

It was something more apt for wrestling TV in their Cruiserweight Classic match, and that was the best possible compliment. That was more about Gulak losing his usual composure in an incident that, whether by mistake or design, seems to tie neatly to their battle earlier in the year when he became unnecessarily aggressive in an effort to diminish Zack’s buzz.

Drew Gulak vs Cesaro

The pre-show match between Cesaro and Drew Gulak on Saturday marked the start of WrestleMania 36. The match demonstrated that even though WWE may have divided WrestleMania into two different evenings, there is still potential for someone to be demoted to the pre-show in addition to providing us with our first taste of WrestleMania without an audience and our first glimpse at the set. For the game, Michael Cole provided all of the commentaries.

The match began with some mat grappling between Gulak and Cesaro, in which Gulak employed his counter and submission techniques against Cesaro’s strength. Gulak concentrated his attack on Cesaro’s arm.

After Gulak pushed Cesaro over the ropes, the match soon moved outside, where the two engaged in a brief brawl before returning to the ring and then heading back outside, where Gulak threw Cesaro into both sets of ring stairs.

Gulak, who was feeling confident, rushed for the top rope but was hit by a forearm punch from Cesaro as he descended. They proceeded to trade counters while attempting a pin, which was immediately followed by an armbar. Cesaro ultimately regained control with a powerful boot. With an aircraft spin from Cesaro, Gulak was defeated, and the match ended just as soon as it had begun.

Drew Gulak vs AJ Styles

On the most recent SmackDown episode, AJ Styles and Drew Gulak engaged in combat. Gulak brutally defeated Styles to end the match. The audience finally got to see the two WWE superstars square off against one other in an action-packed battle after much buildup to the match. The two exchanged hard strikes in the opening moments of the fight. In actuality, Gulak attacked Styles prior to the commencement of the contest. After the bell started the fight, he kept control of it.

The 43-year-old wrestler sought to attack Gulak with a Styles Clash after displaying some incredible techniques in an effort to win the contest. The manoeuvre, however, did not go as intended, as Gulak instead nailed Styles with a flipping pin and won the greatest match of his WWE career. The supporters were unprepared for his victory, which was well deserved. Even though the entire fight was fairly entertaining and had several incredible moves, Gulak’s pinfall manoeuvre got the most attention. Fans congratulated and praised him in droves on Twitter.

Drew Gulak vs Gunther

On the blue brand, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion has recently had a difficult time. Gulak has experimented with a variety of unique positions in an effort to increase his appearances on weekly WWE programming, including the interviewer, assistant, and timekeeper.

He decided to go back to the ring because all of his previous attempts had been abject failures; nonetheless, doing so led to his destruction by Gunther.

Drew Gulak

After receiving some motivation from Intercontinental Champion Ricochet this week, Gulak came face-to-face with Gunther once more. He sustained a severe chest chop in addition to having his T-shirt torn.

The previous 24/7 Champion posted a very depressing response to the video of what happened to him on Friday night on social media today.

Throughout his tenure with the organisation, Gulak held the WWE Championship belt on numerous occasions. He may be in a rut right now, but that doesn’t imply he won’t be able to get out of it in the future.

Despite Gunther’s vicious attack on Friday’s SmackDown, Gulak attempted to remain cool this weekend on social media.

Drew Gulak vs Timothy Thatcher

Some of those are really little improvements that elevate already excellent products. Occasionally, those are unsuccessful counters, such as Gulak clubbing Thatcher’s left thigh while he was lifting up for a Gutwrench Suplex in an attempt to avoid his doom, or any of the ways they explore this concept on the ground, last-second attempts to lock hands to block armbars, attempt to push each other off, or similar things. Other times, those moves are more reliant on reflexes, as when Thatcher initially performs a German Suplex and then Gulak painstakingly separates his thumb from his other four fingers.

The fact thatcher was able to pull Gulak off his feet while still holding onto a double wrist lock is just one of the many notable and spectacular moments in this match.

Even a riff session match, like the one they do for the PWG fans, ends up having more substance when wrestlers this good are involved.

Thatcher and Gulak are never able to concentrate on anything for very long, but that doesn’t stop them from making sure that this is a match where decisions have an impact. Going for an all-arms battle results in both men preferring their left arm in distinct ways.

Before Gulak knows what he has, his onslaught on Thatcher’s arm is less targeted, largely stemming from a suplex attack on the neck and a later Piledriver.

As was already mentioned, the issue is with Thatcher’s grasp at a few crucial moments of the competition. Thatcher’s more focused chase of the one appendage, which she pursues with increasing success in the later stages of the match, has increasingly substantial repercussions on Gulak.

Is Drew Gulak Still in WWE?

Drew Gulak, the former cruiserweight champion, was allegedly going to make a WWE comeback during a SmackDown programme in August.

Gulak last appeared on television on May 27th, when Gunther & Ludwig Kaiser, the Intercontinental Champions, defeated Ricochet and the 35-year-old in a tag team match. After that match, he then worked in house shows while leaving from SmackDown.

Drew Gulak

According to recent claims from Fightful, The Viking Raiders’ initial squash opponent for last week’s SmackDown was supposed to be Drew Gulak. But for some reason, this didn’t work out in the end. In contrast, the team of Jim Mulkey and Tommy Gibson was defeated by Erik and Ivar.

It goes without saying that Gulak hasn’t had the easiest time thus far on the WWE main roster. Despite showing some early potential because of his connection to AEW star Bryan Danielson, his momentum quickly faded.

He has since become a consistent player in the 24/7 Championship picture and, for a short period of time, has been a backstage interviewer for SmackDown. Now that Triple H is in charge of bringing in the worldwide juggernaut, it is unclear if something intriguing is being planned for Drew Gulak.

Is Drew Gulak Injured?

In July 2020, WWE Superstar Drew Gulak said that he had hurt himself while playing SmackDown. He admitted that during his tragic four-way match, he suffered a few internal wounds.

Drew Gulak got engaged during the Intercontinental Championship No. 1 Contendership match on SmackDown the previous week. Gulak dropped a pair of head scissors on the ground and coughed up some blood as a result.

Drew Gulak

Later, Drew Gulak said he is now fine but is “bummed” he won’t get to compete against AJ Styles for the title.

Drew Gulak, a WWE Superstar, began engaging in entertaining rivalries, especially after he and Daniel Bryan formed an alliance. Gulak has previously faced off against AJ Styles and prevailed over The Phenomenal One.

Drew Gulak is one of the blue brand’s most potential wrestlers, but he hasn’t yet had a clear push that will make him one of the biggest challenges to the championship on SmackDown.


Is the WWE wrestler Gulak a trainer?

Gulak is a Jew. He was raised in the city of Philadelphia and attended Northeast High School. He also serves as a trainer at the WWE Performance Centre.

The wrestler Gulak has trained what people?

Gulak trains potential WWE Superstars in the Performance Centre in addition to wrestling. Drew Gulak worked with Adam Pearce to prepare Bad Bunny for his WrestleMania 37 matchup against The Miz and John Morrison.

Why doesn’t Gulak engage in wrestling?

So, Drew Gulak maybe decided not to re-sign with WWE because he requested more money on his contract, but the higher-ups turned down his request, according to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio. As a result, Gulak decided against agreeing to a new contract and left WWE.

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