Delfina Suarez: Daughter of Luis Suarez – An Insight into Her Age, Mother, Birthday, Height, and More

Meet Delfina Suarez, eldest child of football legend Luis Suarez, now with Grêmio and Uruguay’s national team. Born in Barcelona, she’s a 13-year-old with a strong social media presence. She delights followers on Instagram and TikTok. Her father, famous for his time at FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, recently joined Grêmio. He scored his first goal there. Luis also recently mourned Luis Suárez Miramontes, a Ballon d’Or winner.

Blessed with a doting family and comfortable lifestyle, Delfina is an endearing young girl currently immersing herself in the joys of childhood. The affectionate care from her family and her interactions with her siblings shape her growing years. Moreover, her innate cuteness and charm have made her a darling among her father’s fans. Displaying grace and confidence, Delfina is well on her path to a promising future.

Discover intriguing details about Delfina Suarez, the daughter of renowned footballer Luis Suarez. Delve into her age, mother, birthday, height, and other captivating aspects of her life. Uncover the fascinating journey of this young celebrity kid and gain a deeper understanding of her background and experiences.

Delfina Suarez Bio/Wiki Table

Name Delfina Suarez
Date of Birth August 5, 2010
Nationality Spanish
Parents Luis Suarez (Father), Sofia Balbi (Mother)
Siblings Benjamin Suarez (Brother), Lautaro Suarez (Brother)
Occupation Celebrity Kid, Media Personality, Internet Personality
Notable Feature Well-known for being the daughter of Luis Suarez
Relationship Status Not currently known or disclosed
Career Focused on studies and personal interests
Interests Football, Basketball
Social Media Instagram – @delfina.suarez9_

Delfina Suarez Early Life, Birthplace, and Education

Delfina Suarez came into the world while her father was playing for FC Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain. As a result, she holds Spanish citizenship and possesses a blended heritage of Uruguayan and Spanish roots. Growing up amidst opulence, she shares her upbringing with her parents and two younger siblings: her brother Benjamin and sister Lautaro.

Delfina pursues her education in a prestigious private school in Spain, where she mingles with other children from the realm of celebrity. Renowned for her intellectual prowess, she embraces knowledge eagerly and exhibits a particular affinity for the arts and music. Moreover, she finds joy in participating in football matches alongside her father and brother, wholeheartedly cheering them on during their athletic endeavors.

Family & Parents

Delfina Suarez, the eldest child of Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi, enjoys a strong familial connection with her parents and siblings. Luis and Sofia’s love story began in their teenage years in Montevideo, Uruguay, eventually leading them to embark on a journey together in Europe when Luis joined Groningen in 2006. In 2009, they sealed their commitment with marriage. Delfina, their firstborn, entered the world in 2010, followed by Benjamin in 2013 and Lautaro in 2018.

Delfina cherishes her family deeply and frequently shares heartwarming snapshots of their moments on her Instagram account. Additionally, she is part of a sizable extended family, comprising grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, who reside in Uruguay and regularly visit them. Embracing both Spanish and Uruguayan customs, Delfina actively partakes in the celebration of festivals and traditions alongside her loved ones.

Delfina Suarez Age: How Old Is Luis Suarez’s Daughter?

Delfina Suarez, the daughter of Luis Suarez, was born on August 5, 2010. As of the present time, her age is 13 years old as of 2023. Being born in Barcelona, Spain, Delfina is growing up with a life filled with privileges and opportunities. As the eldest daughter of renowned soccer player Luis Suárez, she has often been in the media headlines.

Delfina Suarez Height & Physical Appearance

Delfina Suarez is a stunning young girl who bears a striking resemblance to her mother, Sofia Balbi. She possesses long, flowing blonde hair, complemented by beautiful brown eyes and a fair complexion. Standing at a height of 4 feet 8 inches (142 cm) and weighing around 41 kg (90 lbs), she maintains a graceful and proportionate figure. She takes pleasure in dressing stylishly, effortlessly keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

Delfina Suarez’s Father: Luis Suárez

Delfina Suárez, the eldest and only daughter of the legendary Uruguayan footballer Luis Suárez and Sofía Balbi, is undeniably connected to football greatness. Born on August 5, 2010, Delfina shares her father’s passion and lineage.

Luis Suárez’s remarkable career has spanned esteemed clubs like Liverpool FC, Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid, earning him accolades and cementing his status as one of the sport’s icons. In 2009, he exchanged vows with Sofía Balbi, forming a loving family unit. Together, they have been blessed with three children: Delfina (born in 2010), Benjamín Suárez (born in 2013), and Lautaro Suárez (born in 2018).

Occupation and Career

At her young age, Delfina Suarez is currently focused on her education and pursuing her hobbies. However, she has already gained recognition as a prominent celebrity kid and a rising star on social media platforms. Her Instagram account boasts an impressive following of over 200k individuals who eagerly engage with her endearing photos and videos featuring herself and her family.

Delfina’s charming presence has also landed her appearances on television shows and in notable publications such as ESPN Deportes, Hola! Magazine, and El Mundo Deportivo, among others. She actively participates in various events and functions alongside her family, including prestigious award ceremonies, charitable galas, captivating fashion shows, and enjoyable parties.

Lifestyle and Interests

Delfina and her family reside in a magnificent mansion located in Madrid, where they relish a life of luxury. Additionally, they own multiple properties spanning Barcelona, Uruguay, and other countries. Embracing their jet-setting lifestyle, Delfina frequently explores various destinations worldwide, immersing herself in diverse cultures and experiences. During her leisure hours, she engages in playful activities, including games, reading captivating books, indulging in movies, and enjoying music.

Delfina Suarez Achievements and Net Worth

As a young individual, Delfina Suarez has not yet achieved any personal awards or honors. However, she takes immense pride in her father’s remarkable accomplishments as a renowned footballer, including numerous triumphs such as La Liga, Copa del Rey, UEFA Champions League, European Golden Shoe, and the Pichichi Trophy, among others. Additionally, she supports her mother’s success as a businesswoman, as Sofia Balbi owns the shoe brand SB Collection.

Regarding net worth, Delfina does not possess an individual net worth or income at this stage. However, she is affiliated with the net worth of her father, Luis Suarez, which is estimated to be approximately $70 million as of 2023. Luis accumulates his wealth through his football salary and lucrative endorsement deals with prominent brands like Adidas, Pepsi, Gatorade, and more.

Delfina Suarez Boyfriend, Crush & Relationship

Delfina Suarez, a bright and joyful girl, finds immense delight in spending quality time with her beloved family and friends. She attends a private school in Spain and demonstrates excellence in her academic pursuits. In her leisure moments, Delfina indulges in activities such as dancing, singing, and drawing, showcasing her diverse talents. Her social media presence has garnered a substantial fan base, as she shares delightful pictures and videos of herself and her family. Her official Instagram account boasts an impressive following of over 200k devoted supporters.

At present, Delfina is not involved in any romantic relationship. Being at a young age, she prioritizes her studies and nurturing her hobbies, displaying no inclination towards romance. Content and enamored with her life, she holds deep affection for her parents and siblings. Delfina exudes a sweet and adorable persona, radiating a promising future ahead of her.

The Controversial Kiss: Delfina Suarez and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.

In 2018, a notable moment in Delfina Suarez’s life occurred when she shared a kiss with Cristiano Ronaldo Jr., the son of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, during the Ballon d’Or ceremony in Paris. The ceremony featured their fathers as nominees, making the encounter even more significant. The captured kiss swiftly went viral on social media platforms, triggering a plethora of reactions from both fans and the media.

Opinions surrounding the kiss diverged significantly. Some viewed it as an innocent display of friendship between two children who shared a common passion for football, having grown up in similar environments. However, others perceived it as a gesture of disrespect and betrayal towards Delfina’s father, given his well-known rivalry with Ronaldo both on and off the pitch. Speculation arose, suggesting that the kiss might have been orchestrated by Ronaldo to provoke Suarez or to bolster his son’s public image.

Delfina’s parents chose not to publicly address the incident, opting to let their daughter embrace her childhood without undue interference. Since then, Delfina and Ronaldo Jr. have not been spotted together, but reports suggest that they maintain an amicable relationship, occasionally exchanging messages behind the scenes.

Facts about Delfina Suarez

  1. Delfina Suarez was born on August 5, 2010, in Barcelona, Spain.
  2. She is the eldest child and only daughter of Luis Suarez, the renowned Uruguayan footballer, and Sofia Balbi.
  3. Delfina has two younger brothers named Benjamin Suarez and Lautaro Suarez.
  4. She attends a private school in Spain, where she excels academically.
  5. Delfina enjoys various hobbies such as dancing, singing, and drawing.
  6. She has gained popularity on social media, particularly on Instagram, where she shares adorable photos and videos of herself and her family.
  7. Delfina has appeared on television shows and in magazines alongside her parents and siblings, including features in ESPN Deportes and Hola! Magazine.
  8. She has a close bond with her extended family, including grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins who frequently visit from Uruguay.
  9. Delfina has had the opportunity to attend prestigious events such as award ceremonies, charity galas, fashion shows, and parties, accompanied by her family.
  10. While still young, Delfina is already making a mark as a celebrity kid, attracting attention and admiration from fans worldwide.


Who is Delfina Suarez?

Delfina Suarez is the eldest daughter of famous Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez and Sofia Balbi. Born in Barcelona, she’s a 13-year-old known for her strong social media presence.

What is Delfina Suarez’s nationality?

Delfina holds Spanish nationality, born in Barcelona while her father played for FC Barcelona.

Does Delfina Suarez have any siblings?

Yes, she has two younger brothers, Benjamin and Lautaro Suarez.

What are Delfina Suarez’s interests?

Delfina enjoys football and basketball, among other hobbies.

Where does Delfina Suarez study?

She attends a prestigious private school in Spain, excelling in academics and showing a keen interest in arts and music.

How tall is Delfina Suarez and what is her physical appearance?

Delfina stands at 4 feet 8 inches (142 cm) and weighs around 41 kg (90 lbs). She has long blonde hair, brown eyes, and a fair complexion.

What is Delfina Suarez’s role on social media?

As a media and internet personality, Delfina is popular on Instagram, sharing her life and experiences with over 200k followers.

What is the net worth of Delfina Suarez?

While Delfina does not have a personal net worth, she is part of her father Luis Suarez’s net worth, estimated at about $70 million as of 2023.

Is Delfina Suarez in a relationship?

Currently, there is no information about Delfina being in a relationship. She is focused on her studies and personal interests.

What was the controversy involving Delfina Suarez and Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.?

In 2018, Delfina shared a kiss with Cristiano Ronaldo Jr. at the Ballon d’Or ceremony. The incident, seen as an innocent display of friendship by some and controversial by others, received significant media attention.

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