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Nicola Glencross or NIKKI A.S.H. is a Scottish pro wrestler now under deal with WWE. She was born on April 21, 1989. Also, she fights on the Raw line under the ring alias Nikki Cross. In fact, she has held the titles of WWE 24/7 Champion 11 times. In fact, she has also won WWE Women’s Tag Team Title three times, and WWE Raw Women’s Title once.

Under the ring name Nikki Storm, Glencross began her fighting career on the independent circuit. It was mostly for Insane Title Wrestling, Pro-Wrestling: EVE, and Shimmer Women Sports. Glencross altered her alias to Nikki Cross after entering into a deal with WWE in 2016. She fought on the NXT label as a person of the stable Sanity during her early days with WWE. Her initial image was that of an unstable, psychotic woman. In fact, she would have changes in mood. Sanity was picked for SmackDown in the middle of 2018 while Cross stayed in NXT.

Nikki Cross Biography

Birthday 21st April, 1989
Spouse Killian Dain
Weight 117 lbs
Debut 20th Sep, 2008
Birthplace Glasgow, United Kingdom
Full name Nicola Glencross

Nikki Cross Age

She was born on April 21, 1989. Hence, she is currently 33 years old.

Nikki Cross Height

She is 5 ft 2 in inches tall which is roughly 157 cm.

Nikki Cross WWE

Glencross attended a WWE audition in London in the fall of 2015. And, by April of the next year, she was one among the ten new signees who had begun their practice in the Orlando, Florida-based WWE Training Facility. On April 22, she got her NXT debut at a live match. In August, she went on camera to reveal herself as Nikki Cross.

Nikki Cross

On the 17th edition of NXT, she fought as Nikki Glencross and made her on-screen debut. Here, she won over Daria Berenato, Rose, and Alexa Bliss as part of a 6-woman tag team bout with Carmella and Liv Morgan. Also with Wolfe, Eric Young, and Sawyer Fulton, Nikki Cross made a return on the NXT show of October 12. And, she came back as a part of the formation of a new heel stable, Sanity. Fulton and Wolfe were aided by Nikki Cross and Young as they beat Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger. Also, this took place in the season opener of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Cup.

After a week Nikki Cross beat Danielle Kamela in her first televised singles match. But. they changed the result because Cross resumed her verbal abuse of Kamela post the bout. On the NXT show airing on January 11, 2017, Nikki Cross first saved the NXT Women’s title Asuka against The Iconic Duo. She did that before flipping on Asuka and hitting her.   At the TakeOver: San Antonio show on January 28, Cross, Royce, and Kay were thus pitted in a four-way bout, which Cross lost.

Nikki Cross and Doudrop

During tonight’s WWE RAW show, the former women’s title holder Nikki Cross flung her mask backstage.

In the RAW event from last Monday, Rodriguez and Aliyah claimed the Women’s Tag Event Title. They won over Dakota Kai and Sky in the game’s big finale. On the most recent RAW show, the Female’s Tag Team Leaders met Nikki Cross and Doudrop. The victors had the upper hand until Rodriguez hit Doudrop with such a Tejana Bomb for the win.

People saw Backstage, Bayley telling Kai and Sky while the winners were having a party. She does have her eyes set on the team titles, as the team said a few days back.

The audience then saw the trio Impact CTRL (Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai) moving on the ring while going through the backstage area. One could see Nikki Cross in the distance removing her heroic mask and tossing it at Doudrop. It is not yet known if the two women fought.

One cannot yet be sure if Nikki and Doudrop will part. It will be fun to see if the past RAW Women’s victor would give up her “Almost Superhero” image.

The fight between Doudrop and Nikki A.S.H was taking place behind the scenes during a chat with Natalya and Sonya Deville. In fact, it was more vital to the tale than the match itself. People recognised after watching the background chaos.

Since it initially took place, WWE has really not done a lot with that gimmick. Also, their tag team has had little luck. The creative team thought that the two can add greatly more as solos than as a pair.

Nikki Cross Injury

The current Women’s Tag Team Title Series featured a “last shot” fatal-four-way tag group battle. And, this happened on the most recent issue of “WWE SmackDown” on FOX. While the bulk of the match went without issue, Nikki Cross’s knee concerns emerged at the end. Dana Brooke shot A.S.H. onto the other rivals just outside of the ring. This caused A.S.H. to grip her knee and she found it hard to enter the ring. Sonya Deville threw Nikki inside the ring very easily. Then, she quickly put her to win the bout for both herself and Natalya.

It does, however, occur at a very unfavorable time for A.S.H. as well as the female’s tag team category as a whole.  The Women’s Tag Team Title Match has gone through a series of changes. And, this happened due to an injury sustained by Zoey Stark and Gigi Dolan in recent weeks. In fact, they announced its two winners on Friday’s show of “WWE SmackDown”.

It is not clear if the fight between A.S.H. and Doudrop in the scene of a backstage piece with Sonya Deville and Natalya after the injury was any sign of A.S.H.’s injury state at that time. Many folks assume Doudrop and also the “Almost Super Hero” would end things as a tag team soon. However, this will happen if she is able to compete.

NIKKI A.S.H. Meaning

Past Women’s Money in the Bank champion Nikki Cross won the WWE Raw Women’s Championship. This happened after safely cashing in her briefcase. But just before taking the moniker Nikki A.S.H., people knew her as Nikki Cross.

The A.S.H. in her name stands for “Almost a Superhero,” to those who are unaware. Following her first bout in this role, Nikki stated this. The Hurricane and Mighty Molly are two great examples of this type of persona. And, they have always been a huge part of WWE.

Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross had a solid career in the WWE before she altered her name to Nikki A.S.H. She was  a part of SAnitY, one of the most powerful groups in the past of NXT. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss won the Women’s Tag Team Title upon earning their main roster debut.

Nikki Cross came on the RAW show airing on June 21st, 2021. Here, she was dressed in blue and gold. She and Alexa Bliss joined forces that evening to win over Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax.

Nikki Cross FAQs

Nikki Cross

What does ash stand for Nikki Cross?

As her ring name changed to Nikki A. S. H., Cross made her on-screen debut as a creative faux-superhero. However, this took place on the June 21, 2021, episode of Raw. Also, for the ones who do not know,  A.S.H. stands for “Almost a Super Hero”.

Who is Nikki A.S.H’s husband?

Damian Mackle, who is Cross’s husband, is a pro wrestler from Ireland. His stint in the WWE made him quite famous. And, this was when he competed under the ring name Killian Dain. Since leaving the company, he has gone back to using his old ring alias on the independent circuit, Big Damo.

Is Nikki Cross British?

Nicola Glencross is a Scottish professional wrestler now under deal with WWE. Further, she was born on April 21, 1989. She fights on the Raw line under the new moniker Nikki Cross. She has claimed the WWE Raw Women’s title once, the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title three times. Also, what is more is that she has won the WWE 24/7 Championship 10 times.

Does Nikki Cross have a child?

Nikki Cross married Damian Mackle. The pair wed on Jan 17, 2019.  But, they did not have children yet. Nikki Cross learned at Scottish Wrestling Alliance prior to starting her pro wrestling career in 2008.

Is Nikki Cross still in WWE?

The young NXT star is one among the people on the list. On the RAW show from October 24, 2022, the unstable figure made a long-awaited reappearance, However, this took place after months of tease. During Bayley and Bianca Belair’s bout, Damage CTRL and both superstars were hit by Nikki Cross, who also was on hand.

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