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Kevin Yanick Steen, born May 7, 1984, is a celebrated Canadian wrestler. Currently, he dazzles fans on WWE’s SmackDown as Kevin Owens. His wrestling journey began at 16, and before WWE, he shone in Ring of Honor (ROH). There, he captured the ROH World Championship and Tag Team Championship.

On the independent scene for 14 years, Steen left a mark, especially in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). He became a three-time PWG World Champion and won the Tag Team Championship three times. Steen also triumphed in International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS), All American Wrestling (AAW), and Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW), collecting titles in each.

In August 2014, WWE welcomed Steen, assigning him first to NXT. By May 2015, he had hit the main roster. In WWE, Steen boasts nine titles, including the NXT, Universal, Intercontinental (twice), and United States Championships (three times). He also snagged the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship with Sami Zayn, achieving Grand Slam Champion status. Notably, Steen headlined WrestleMania twice, battling “Stone Cold” Steve Austin at WrestleMania 38 and joining Zayn against The Usos at WrestleMania 39.

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Kevin Owens Bio/Wiki Table

Name Kevin Owens
Real Name Kevin Yanick Steen
Birth Date May 7, 1984
Age 39 years (as of 2023)
Nationality Canadian
Ethnicity French-Canadian, Irish
Height 183 cm
Weight 266 lbs
Parents Terry Steen (Father), Suzanne Steen (Mother)
Siblings Edward Lower
Spouse Karina Steen
Children 2 (including Owen Steen)

Kevin Owens Early Life

Кеvіn Owens іѕ а vеrу рорulаr wrеѕtlеr іn Саnаdа, аnd hе dоеѕ wrеѕtlе аt а vеrу muсh рорulаr рlасе іn еvеrу соrnеr оf thе wоrld. Не іѕ knоwn fоr hіѕ ѕkіllѕ аnd ѕоmе оf thе grеаt mаtсhеѕ fоr whісh hе іѕ fаmоuѕ. Нowever, hе hаd ѕtаrtеd hіѕ саrееr аt а уоung аgе whісh wаѕ оnlу 16. Аftеr lеаrnіng ѕоmе оf thе ѕkіllѕ, hе hаd lеft аll hіѕ ѕtudіеѕ аnd еvеrуthіng, thеn јоіn WWЕ іn thе уеаr 2014. Then, hе hаd ѕіgnеd thе соntrасt оf WWЕ іn thе уеаr 2014, аnd thеn hе hаd јоіnеd thе nехt dеvеlорmеntаl branch.

Kevin Owens Parents, Family & Siblings

Kevin Owens hails from a well-known Canadian family of Quebec. He was born on May 7, 1984, in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, and raised in Marieville, Quebec, 18 miles east of Montreal.  He is the beloved son of Mr. Terry Steen and his wife Suzanne Steen. They were very much happy about having a cute child like him.  

Аftеr ѕоmе уеаr, he had got аnоthеr ѕіblіng оthеr than him. Не wаѕ vеrу much hарру fоr thе nеwbоrn bаbу named Edward Lower. Ніѕ раrеntѕ hаd kерt both оf thеm іn thеіr lоvе аnd аffесtіоn. Іn hіѕ tееnаgе, hе hаd ѕtаrtеd lеаrnіng рrоfеѕѕіоnаl Еnglіѕh. In childhood, hе mоѕt оf thе tіmе ѕаt іn frоnt оf thе tеlеvіѕіоn аnd рluggеd оn tо thе WWЕ ѕhоw. 

He is of French-Canadian and Irish descent and speaks French as his first language. He learned to speak English by mimicking everything he heard while watching WWF Monday Night Raw. This versatile wrestler doesn’t like to talk about his family that is why we have limited info about his family. 

Kevin Owens Nationality & Ethnicity

Kevin Owens, a proud Canadian, hails from Quebec. His ethnic background is a mix of French-Canadian and Irish, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of his family.

Kevin Owens Real Name

While he’s known worldwide as Kevin Owens, his real name is Kevin Yanick Steen. The name Owens is a tribute to his son, Owen.

Kevin Owens Age: How Old Is Kevin Owens?

Born on May 7, 1984, Kevin Owens is 39 years old as of 2023. His career in professional wrestling spans over two decades, and he continues to be a dominant force in the ring.

Kevin Owens Height: How Tall Is Kevin Owens?

Standing tall at 183 cm, Kevin Owens is a formidable presence in the wrestling ring. His height, combined with his skill and intensity, makes him a tough competitor for any opponent.

Kevin Owens Weight: How Much Does Kevin Owens Weigh?

Kevin Owens’ weight has seen some fluctuations over the years. He once weighed as much as 291 lbs but has since slimmed down to a leaner 266 lbs. His transformation is a testament to his dedication and commitment to maintaining peak physical condition.

Professional Wrestling Career

Early Career (2000-2004)

Kevin Steen, only 14, commenced his training with Serge Jodoin in Quebec. By the age of 15, he was training with Jacques Rougeau and Terry Taylor, whom he regards as his principal trainer. His professional debut arrived on his 16th birthday, May 7, 2000, in L’Assomption, Quebec. For the next four years, he honed his skills in Rougeau’s promotion and other Canadian ventures.

International Wrestling Syndicate (2003-2009)

Steen’s International Wrestling Syndicate (IWS) career started on August 16, 2003. His IWS tenure included epic battles with El Generico and Pierre Carl Ouellet, and his first IWS World Heavyweight Championship in 2004. His title defense against Roderick Strong made him the first champion to defend the title internationally.

Combat Zone Wrestling (2004-2006, 2008, 2014)

Steen’s Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW) debut happened in September 2004. A remarkable tenure saw him take part in the “CZW Best of the Best tournament” and win the CZW Iron Man Championship, defended against notable opponents. Despite losing the championship in a steel cage match, Steen made sporadic returns in 2008 and 2014.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (2005-2008)

While in CZW, Steen simultaneously wrestled for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG). After igniting a feud with Super Dragon in 2005, he went on to capture the PWG Championship by defeating A.J. Styles. Steen teamed up with El Generico for the PWG World Tag Team Championship, making history as the first team to defend the titles in the annual Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament. Steen ultimately chose to depart PWG due to increasing interest from ROH.

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor (ROH) is a prominent professional wrestling promotion based in the United States. It’s known for showcasing world-class talent and for its unique storytelling and captivating feuds. One such memorable storyline occurred between 2007 and 2010 involving Kevin Steen and El Generico.

Storyline with El Generico (2007–2010)

This rivalry began in 2007 when Kevin Steen and El Generico returned to Ring of Honor, losing against the Briscoe Brothers. Their rivalry continued, involving a sequence of gripping matches and intense brawls. They experienced victories and defeats in their bouts, but their most significant victory came in 2008 when they won the ROH World Tag Team Championship.

In December 2009, the storyline took a dramatic twist. Following a loss to The Young Bucks, Steen turned on El Generico, becoming a villainous character. The tension between the two culminated in an unsanctioned Fight Without Honor match at Final Battle in 2010, which ended with Steen being forced out of ROH.

Kevin Steen and Contract Issues

Kevin Steen’s contract with ROH ended in November 2010 due to budget concerns. This financial issue was written into the storyline, leading to the stipulation of the Final Battle match. Steen was instrumental in scripting this narrative but had a strained relationship with the new booker, Jim Cornette, leading to frustrations on his part.

ROH World Champion (2011–2013)

Steen made his triumphant return to ROH in 2011. Despite initial setbacks and conflicts, he went on to win the ROH World Championship at Border Wars in May 2012, becoming the first Canadian to hold the title. He formed a stable named S.C.U.M. and successfully defended his championship multiple times. However, his reign ended in April 2013 when he lost to Jay Briscoe at Supercard of Honor VII.

Final Feuds (2013–2014)

Steen’s final years in ROH were marked by dramatic rivalries. After losing the championship, his stable turned on him. Despite this, he returned to ROH, now playing a heroic character and battling the remnants of S.C.U.M. He also feuded with Michael Bennett and later earned a shot at the ROH World Championship again but was defeated by Adam Cole.

Steen announced his departure from ROH in May 2014, leading to a feud with Silas Young. His last match in ROH was against Steve Corino in July 2014, marking the end of a memorable era in his professional wrestling career.

Return to PWG (2010–2014)

In 2010, professional wrestler Steen returned to PWG upon invitation by Super Dragon, securing his first win in two years against Akira Tozawa. He maintained a higher-profile presence, contrasting his scant five appearances between 2009 and 2010. Despite a loss to Chris Hero in 2011, Steen remained ambitious, declaring his intention to win the DDT4 tournament. Partnering with Tozawa, the duo—termed the Nightmare Violence Connection—secured surprising victories over the Briscoe Brothers and the Kings of Wrestling. Nevertheless, they were eventually defeated in the finals by The Young Bucks.

On the eighth anniversary of PWG, Steen had a victorious evening, winning a singles match, a non-title match alongside CIMA against The Young Bucks, and defeating PWG World Champion Claudio Castagnoli. Steen lost his title to El Generico in a ladder match influenced by The Young Bucks, leading to the reemergence of Super Dragon, who, alongside Steen, accepted a Guerrilla Warfare match challenge.

Steen’s wrestling partnership with Dragon, known as Appetite for Destruction, resulted in a win against The Young Bucks. Subsequently, Steen recaptured the PWG World Championship and successfully defended it multiple times until he lost it to Adam Cole in a Guerrilla Warfare match.

After Generico struck a deal with WWE, he and Steen teamed up once more, triumphing over several teams but eventually losing the Dynamite Duumvirate Tag Team Title Tournament to The Young Bucks. Steen, transitioning into a villainous character, formed The Mount Rushmore of Wrestling with Adam Cole and The Young Bucks. Steen’s tenure with PWG concluded in 2014, with a loss to Trevor Lee marking his farewell.

Kevin Owens WWE Career

The Journey Begins in NXT (2014–2015)

Kevin Steen, now known as Kevin Owens, inked a deal with WWE on August 12, 2014, making the announcement that he was scheduled to join their developmental system, NXT. A powerful tribute to his son Owen, he adopted the new ring name, Owens. His arrival was awaited with baited breath as WWE aired promotional videos to build anticipation.

Owens quickly made an impact in NXT, winning the NXT Championship just two months following his debut. This was after he defeated CJ Parker at NXT TakeOver: R Evolution. Later that night, Owens attacked Sami Zayn, marking himself as a heel in the process.

His reign saw him successfully defending the title against top NXT competitors, including Finn Bálor and Zack Ryder. However, his reign came to an end at the hands of Bálor during The Beast in the East event in Tokyo, 143 days into his reign.

Dominating as Intercontinental Champion (2015–2016)

Owens’ unannounced main roster debut came as a shock when he responded to John Cena’s United States Championship open challenge on May 18, 2015. He attacked Cena and showed disdain for the United States title, thus establishing a feud between the two.

After several heated encounters with Cena, Owens moved on to face Cesaro, defeating him twice. His winning streak continued as he triumphed over Ryback at Night of Champions to claim his first singles title on the main roster, the Intercontinental Championship.

Owens’ first reign as Intercontinental Champion lasted for 84 days. Despite losing the championship to Dean Ambrose at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, he managed to regain the title in a fatal five-way match, kicking off his second reign as the champion.

Rise to the Top as Universal Champion (2016–2017)

Following the 2016 WWE draft, Owens was drafted to Raw and in a shocking turn of events, he won the Universal Championship, his first world title in WWE. Owens’ reign as Universal Champion was marked by several successful title defenses against Seth Rollins and others.

During this time, Owens formed an alliance with Chris Jericho, with the duo working as co-captains of Team Raw for the traditional Survivor Series match against Team SmackDown. Despite the team’s loss, Owens managed to retain his championship after a series of successful defenses.

However, his reign was not without its complications. WWE United States Champion Reigns posed a significant challenge to Owens, leading to several confrontations between the two. Despite these challenges, Owens managed to hold onto the Universal Championship until he faced Goldberg at Fastlane, where he lost the title in just 22 seconds.

United States Champion and Teaming with Sami Zayn (2017–2019)

The phase of Kevin Owens’ career as the United States Champion and partnering with Sami Zayn was marked with exciting twists and thrilling events. Owens claimed his first United States Championship on April 2, 2017, after accepting Jericho’s challenge at WrestleMania 33. Subsequently, Owens was traded to the SmackDown brand as part of the 2017 WWE Superstar Shake-up, where he continued his reign as the US Champion.

Starting to refer to himself as the “Face of America,” Owens underwent a makeover, trimming down his beard and hair while adopting a more formal attire. However, his reign was short-lived, losing the title back to Jericho at Payback, only to regain it on the May 2 episode of SmackDown Live.

Owens’ association with Sami Zayn began at the Money in the Bank ladder match on June 18, 2017. However, his second reign as the US Champion ended on July 7, at a house show at Madison Square Garden. After several dramatic encounters and title exchanges with Styles and Jericho, Owens’ pursuit of the United States Championship concluded with a defeat by Styles at SummerSlam.

In October 2017, Zayn interfered in Owens’ Hell in a Cell match against Shane, aligning himself with Owens. This marked the beginning of their official alliance. They continued to wreak havoc throughout the following year, with matches against the likes of Randy Orton, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Daniel Bryan. Despite several high-stake matches, Owens and Zayn remained unsuccessful in their quest for AJ Styles’s WWE Championship. By the end of this phase in 2019, both Owens and Zayn had transitioned back to Raw after a brief stint as free agents.

Various Feuds (2019–2022)

Post teaming with Zayn, Owens was involved in multiple feuds, starting with a distaste for Shane McMahon’s constant dominance on television. This led to Owens defeating McMahon at the 20th Anniversary of SmackDown in October 2019. He was then drafted back to the Raw brand, where he had a feud with Seth Rollins and his allies. Owens would go on to win a match against Rollins at WrestleMania 36, putting an end to their long-standing rivalry.

Owens’ journey continued with a move to the SmackDown brand as part of the 2020 Draft, and he qualified for Team SmackDown at Survivor Series. However, despite several attempts, he remained unsuccessful in his quest for the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns due to interference from Jey Uso and Paul Heyman.

In a thrilling match at WrestleMania 37 in April 2021, Owens defeated Sami Zayn and later challenged him for the Money in the Bank ladder match, only to be defeated by Big E. After a brief hiatus, Owens returned as a heel, attacking Big E and Finn Bálor, confirming his heel turn.

Throughout 2022, Owens was involved in numerous high-profile matches, including a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at Day 1, which was ultimately won by Brock Lesnar. Despite failing to capture the Raw Tag Team Championship alongside Seth Rollins, Owens continued to be a key player in WWE storylines.

Reunion with Sami Zayn (2022–present)

At the Royal Rumble on January 28, 2023, Owens faced defeat against Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Post-match, Reigns and The Bloodline attacked Owens. Zayn refused to join the assault and instead attacked Reigns with a chair, sparking a group attack on Zayn. After the Elimination Chamber, Owens rescued Zayn from Reigns and Jimmy Uso’s attack. On the next Raw, Zayn reached out to Owens to team up against The Bloodline. Owens declined.

On March 17, 2023, Cody Rhodes urged Owens and Zayn on SmackDown to reconcile. Owens hesitated to team up. Later, Owens saved Zayn from The Usos, reuniting their tag team. At WrestleMania 39, they beat The Usos, winning the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships and marking Owens as a Grand Slam champion. This victory, earning five stars from Dave Meltzer, was Owens’ first in his career.

The 2023 WWE Draft moved Owens and Zayn to Raw. They defended their titles successfully at Night of Champions against The Bloodline, and against several teams on Raw and SmackDown. However, they lost to The Judgment Day at Payback, ending their reign at 154 days. They failed to regain the titles on the September 25 Raw episode. Cody Rhodes then facilitated Jey Uso’s Raw return, revealing Owens’ trade to SmackDown, which split the Owens-Zayn team.

Recent Matches

Owens, after a break, returned to SmackDown on November 10, 2023, substituting for Corey Graves in commentary. Nick Aldis warned Owens against fighting. Provoked by Grayson Waller and Austin Theory, Owens fought back, leading to a storyline suspension. He came back on November 24. On December 15, Owens beat Theory in the United States Championship #1 Contender Tournament. The next week, he defeated Carmelo Hayes, moving to the finals at New Year’s Revolution. There, he won against Santos Escobar, securing a title match against Logan Paul at the Royal Rumble.

Kevin Owens Debut

kevin owens

The world of professional wrestling was forever changed on May 18, 2015, when Kevin Owens made his debut on an episode of Raw. Owens, a Canadian professional wrestler, had been making waves in the NXT, WWE’s developmental territory, but his arrival on the main roster was a surprise to many.

Responding to John Cena’s United States Championship open challenge, Owens made an immediate impact. Rather than a traditional debut match, Owens opted for a statement of intent, attacking Cena and setting the stage for a feud that would captivate audiences. This marked the beginning of Owens’ journey in the WWE, a journey characterized by his relentless aggression, technical prowess, and a knack for creating memorable moments.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

kevin owens

The tag team of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn is a testament to the chemistry and camaraderie that can exist between two wrestlers. Both hailing from Canada, Owens and Zayn have a long history together, dating back to their early days on the independent circuit.

Their transition to the WWE saw them bring their unique blend of high-flying acrobatics and hard-hitting power moves to a larger audience. Their most notable victory came at Night of Champions, where they successfully defended their titles against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa. This victory cemented their status as one of the top tag teams in the WWE, a testament to their skill, determination, and unbreakable bond.

Kevin Owens and Stone Cold

Few rivalries in the WWE have been as electrifying as the one between Kevin Owens and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Owens, known for his brash personality and ruthless in-ring style, managed to do what many thought was impossible – lure the legendary “Stone Cold” Steve Austin out of retirement. Their feud reached its climax at WrestleMania 38, where they faced off in a match that had fans on the edge of their seats.

The match was a testament to both superstars’ abilities, with Owens’ audacious style perfectly complementing Austin’s no-nonsense approach. The match, which was a highlight of WrestleMania 38, served as a reminder of the magic that can happen when two of the industry’s best square off.

Kevin Owens and Ezekiel

kevin owens

The relationship between Kevin Owens and Ezekiel in the WWE has been marked by tension and conflict. Owens, never one to back down from a challenge, has often found himself at odds with Ezekiel. One of their most notable encounters came before a scheduled match, when Owens blindsided Ezekiel, sending him to the medical team.

This incident, which showcased Owens’ aggressive style and disregard for his opponents, marked a significant moment in their rivalry. It served as a reminder of the lengths Owens is willing to go to secure a victory, and set the stage for future confrontations between the two superstars.

Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins

The rivalry between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins has been one of the most intense in recent WWE history. Both superstars are known for their technical prowess and high-risk style, making their matches a must-watch for fans. They have traded haymakers in wild melees, with each superstar looking to assert their dominance.

Their encounters have been marked by high stakes and high drama, with each match adding a new chapter to their ongoing feud. Whether it’s a title on the line or simply bragging rights, when Owens and Rollins step into the ring, fans know they’re in for a treat.

Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho

The partnership of Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho, known as Jeri-KO, was one of the most entertaining duos in recent WWE history. Their chemistry was evident from the start, with their charismatic personalities and in-ring abilities making them a fan favorite. However, their relationship was not without its ups and downs.

Their breakup segment on Raw was a significant moment in WWE history, showcasing the depth of their on-screen relationship and the emotional impact of their split. The segment, which saw Owens turn on Jericho, was a masterclass in storytelling, and served as a reminder of the compelling narratives that can be woven in the world of professional wrestling.

Kevin Owens and Elias

The relationship between Kevin Owens and Elias in the WWE has been an intriguing one. Owens, known for his confrontational style, has often found himself at odds with Elias. Their interactions have ranged from surprise attacks to miscommunications, adding an intriguing layer to their relationship. Whether it’s a misunderstanding over identities or a surprise attack before a match, the interactions between Owens and Elias have been a source of entertainment for WWE fans.

Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch

Kevin Owens and Becky Lynch have shared several moments in the WWE, both in and out of the ring. From training sessions for Money in the Bank to getting to the bottom of the Ezekiel situation, their interactions have been a source of entertainment for WWE fans. Lynch, known as “The Man”, has often found herself in the middle of Owens’ antics, leading to some memorable moments. Whether it’s a kick to the face during a training session or a shared laugh on Raw Talk, the interactions between Owens and Lynch have added a unique dynamic to their characters.

Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman

The rivalry between Kevin Owens and Braun Strowman has been one of the most intense in WWE history. Known for his monstrous size and strength, Strowman has often used his physical advantages to dominate his opponents. However, Owens, with his cunning and resilience, has proven to be a formidable opponent.

One of the most memorable moments in their rivalry came when Strowman sent Owens for a ride in a portable toilet, a moment that showcased the extreme lengths these superstars would go to in their quest for victory. Their matches have been marked by high stakes and high drama, with each encounter adding a new chapter to their ongoing feud.

Kevin Owens and AEW: A New Chapter

kevin owens

Kevin Owens, a name that resonates with wrestling fans worldwide, is a former WWE Universal Champion. Known for his charisma and in-ring prowess, Owens has made a significant impact on the wrestling industry. Recently, he has been linked with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), a rising competitor to WWE.

Owens’ connection with AEW began following the termination of his friends at WWE. He reached out to a prominent star in AEW, Chris Jericho, introducing him to the tag team 2point0, composed of “Cool Hand Ang” Angelo Parker and “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard. This introduction led to a significant development for the duo, who had been let go by WWE in June 2021.

In March 2022, Parker and Menard became part of the Jericho Appreciation Society on AEW Dynamite. This was a significant development for the duo, marking their official entry into AEW. Owens played a crucial role in this transition, bridging the gap between his friends and the AEW star, Chris Jericho.

One of the most intense matches in AEW Dynamite history involved the Jericho Appreciation Society and the Blackpool Combat Club. This match, known as the Blood and Guts match, was a spectacle that pushed the wrestlers to their limits. Angelo Parker, a member of 2point0, revealed that he came close to passing away during the match due to excessive bleeding. This event underscores the intensity and risks involved in professional wrestling.

Kevin Owens Wife & Children

Karina Elias, the wife of Kevin Owens, was born on May 31, 1989. Karina mostly spent her early years in California. She enrolled at Moreno Valley College, where she graduated with an Associate of Science and Mathematics. Later, in 2013, she earned a biology bachelor’s degree from California Baptist University.

In 2006, Owens and Karina Elias first met online while exchanging messages on MySpace. Before even meeting in person, they dated for a month. A month after they first met, the couple got matching “K” tattoos, and a year after that, they married each other. According to their Instagram posts, the couple is still incredibly in love. They despise being apart because Owens spends most of his time travelling.

Karina Elias worked from January 2014 to March 2015 at Jason’s Deli Salad Bar. She started working for Skechers as a retailer in June 2015 and has remained an employee to this day. Since 2018, she has also worked as an Associated Project Coordinator. It was for Intertek and as a Supplemental Instructor at Moreno Valley College.

Kevin Owens Children

Kevin Owens is married to Karina Elias, and their relationship is a testament to their enduring love and mutual respect. Despite the demanding nature of his career, Owens always makes time for his family, often sharing glimpses of his personal life on social media. His posts often feature his wife, Karina, showcasing their strong bond and shared moments of joy.

Firstborn: Owen Steen

Owen Steen, born in December 2007, is the first child of Kevin Owens and Karina. Now 15 years old, Owen has developed an interest in karate and is a member of the Black Belt Club. The name “Owen” holds special significance for Kevin Owens as it pays homage to the legendary Canadian wrestler Owen Hart. Despite his father’s busy WWE schedule, Owen often appears in pictures with him, reflecting the close bond they share.

The Youngest Member: Elodie Leila

Born in April 2014, Elodie Leila is the youngest member of the Owens family. Growing up alongside her elder brother, Elodie has been capturing hearts with her charm and vivacity. She loves posing for pictures and often features on her mother’s Instagram feed. Kevin Owens shares a special bond with his daughter, frequently posting pictures of her and expressing his deep affection. The name “Elodie” is derived from an ancient German phrase meaning “foreign riches,” while “Leila” is an Arabic word meaning “dark-haired.”

Kevin Owens: A Look into His Net Worth and Salary

Kevin Owens

Kevin Yanick Steen, known to wrestling fans as Kevin Owens, is a prominent figure in the world of professional wrestling. His journey from the independent circuit to WWE has been marked by significant achievements, including winning the NXT Title, the Universal Title, the Intercontinental Title, and the US Title. His success in the ring has also translated into financial prosperity.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Kevin Owens’ net worth is estimated to be around $3 million. This wealth has been accumulated primarily through his professional wrestling career. His earnings are not limited to his salary from WWE. It also include income from merchandise sales, pay-per-view appearances, and his personal business ventures.


Kevin Owens’ salary from WWE is reported to be around $500,000. This figure, however, does not include bonuses and additional earnings from pay-per-view events and merchandise sales. These additional sources of income make him one of the highest-paid wrestlers in WWE.


Kevin Owens’ brand is strongly endorsed by WWE, particularly in merchandise sales and pay-per-view events. T-shirts and other products bearing his name are sold, contributing to his earnings. In addition to his wrestling career, Owens also runs his own business, as indicated by his Instagram profile.

Charity Work

Despite his success, Owens has not forgotten the importance of giving back to the community. He has been moved by fan reactions to his “just keep fighting” line and has decided to donate the profits from his new shirt to charity organizations focusing on mental health. In Canada, the money goes to the Canadian Mental Health Association, while in America, it goes to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Kevin Owens: A Glance at His Championships and Accomplishments

Kevin Owens, born Kevin Yanick Steen, is a renowned figure in the world of professional wrestling. Known for his charisma, in-ring prowess, and intense character, Owens has achieved significant success in his career. His accomplishments span multiple wrestling promotions, including WWE, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), and Ring of Honor (ROH).

WWE Accomplishments

In WWE, Kevin Owens has had an illustrious career, winning several championships. He has held the Universal Championship once, a testament to his status as a top-tier performer. Owens has also won the Intercontinental Championship twice, showcasing his consistent performance and popularity among fans. In addition, he has secured the United States Championship three times, further solidifying his place in WWE history.

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla Achievements

Before his time in WWE, Owens had a successful stint in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He won the PWG World Championship three times, demonstrating his dominance in the promotion. Additionally, he secured the PWG World Tag Team Championship three times, highlighting his skills as a team player.

Ring of Honor Titles

In Ring of Honor, Owens continued to impress with his performances. He won the ROH World Championship once, marking a significant milestone in his career. He also won the ROH World Tag Team Championship once, proving his versatility as both a singles competitor and a tag team wrestler.

Kevin Owens Tattoo

Kevin is also known for the various tattoos that his body adorns. He has 12 tattoos on his body.

Right Arm Tattoos

Bull and Snake Tattoo

There is a tattoo of the head of a bull on right shoulder. There is also a tattoo of a snake on his right arm. The snake’s head is on the back of his upper arm and its tail is wrapped around a tree tattoo on his forearm. The tattoo of the bull on his shoulder represents his sun sign, Taurus. Kevin Owens was born on 7 May 1984. He also shared that his wife also says that his personality matches that of a bull.

Vulture Tattoo

There is a large vulture tattoo on his right arm with its wings spread. The vulture is sitting on top of the tree on his forearm. The tattoo of a vulture on one’s body represents one’s ability to attain life’s mission.

Panda and Gorilla Tattoo

The right bicep of Kevin Owens, he has a tattoo of a panda on it and the inside of his forearm has a tattoo of the face of a gorilla on it. Kevin got this tattoo and a fan asked him the meaning behind it on Twitter. He replied, “Because of animals.”

Tree Tattoo

There is a tree tattooed on the upper part of his right forearm. The tattoo also has a cloudy background and the snake on the backside of Owens’s upper arm has its tails wrapped around the bark of the tree.

Beast Tattoo

Kevin Owens has tattooed the word, “BEAST” on right hand near his thumb.

Karina Tattoo

The name, “KARINA” is also tattooed on the inside of his right wrist. The tattoo of the name on his wrist represents his love for his spouse, Karina Leilas. 

Left Arm Tattoos

Live and Name Tattoo

Kevin Owens has a tattoo of the word, “LIVE” on left forearm. The letter “E” is mirrored in the word that makes another word too. The names, “OWEN” and “ELODIE” are also tattooed on the inside of his left wrist. The tattoo on his arm reads “LIVE” as well as “EVIL” if you read it backward. This is a matching tattoo that he got with his friend and mentor, wrestler Steve Corin. The tattoo of the names on his wrist represents the name of his beloved children, Owen and Elodie.

Skull Tattoo

There is a skull tattoo on Kevin’s left hand. He also has a pair of golf clubs tattooed below it in the shape of a cross.

Letters Tattoo

The letters “MSPB” are tattooed on the fingers of his left hand. The letters represent the initials of his grandfathers, Melvin Steen and Pierre Benoit. 

Dinosaur Tattoo

There is a tattoo of a dinosaur on his left arm. The dinosaur is not alive and is in the form of a skeleton.

Skeleton Tattoo

There is one more skeleton of a dinosaur tattooed on his left forearm.

Leg Tattoo

K Tattoo

The letter, “K” is tattooed on his right calf, a little above his ankle.

The tattoo of the letter is a matching tattoo that he got with his spouse. The letter represents her name, Karina. It also represents Kevin’s name.


Is Kevin Owens French?

Yes, Kevin Owens, whose real name is Kevin Yanick Steen, is French. He was born in the French-speaking town of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in Quebec, Canada. French is his first language, and he learned English by watching wrestling and mimicking the commentators.

Is Kevin Owens a Heel?

Kevin Owens has played both heel and face roles throughout his wrestling career. However, he is often recognized for his work as a heel. Despite this, he has also shown that he can successfully play a face role, proving his versatility as a performer.

Is Kevin Owens a Grand Slam Champion?

Yes, Kevin Owens is a Grand Slam Champion. He has won the NXT Title, Universal Title, Intercontinental Title, and the US Title, making him the 23rd WWE Grand Slam champion.

Is Kevin Owens Leaving WWE?

As of 2023, Kevin Owens has no plans to leave WWE. Despite rumors and speculation about his potential departure, Owens has confirmed that he sees no reason why he wouldn’t re-sign with the company.

How Much Does Kevin Owens Make?

Kevin Owens is one of the highest-paid stars in WWE. His new contract with the company is reported to be worth over $3 million US dollars per year. This figure does not include bonuses and additional earnings from pay-per-view events and merchandise sales.

Who is the Father of Kevin Owens?

The father of Kevin Owens is Terry Steen. He and his wife, Suzanne Steen, raised Kevin in Quebec, Canada.

Is Owen Hart Related to Kevin Owens?

Despite both being Canadian wrestling legends, Kevin Owens is not related to Owen Hart. However, Owens has expressed his admiration for Hart and even named his son after him as a tribute.

What is the Net Worth of WWE Superstar Kevin Owens?

As of 2023, the estimated net worth of WWE Superstar Kevin Owens is around $3 million. His wealth comes from his successful wrestling career, including his salary from WWE, income from merchandise sales, pay-per-view appearances, and personal business ventures.

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