Three Top Draft Strategies for Fantasy Football

Winning a fantasy football league championship is one of the sweetest things for fantasy football fanatics. But the league’s title doesn’t come by sheer luck. Your drafting strategy must be superb.

Draft strategies give you a massive advantage over competitors. These strategies require skills and sound decision-making on draft day and throughout the season.  Listening to a great football podcast can also give you better ideas and strategies to draft your team.

Below are three leading draft strategies for fantasy football. Read on to learn more.

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Draft Wide Receivers

Drafting the right wide receivers (WRs) can lead your team to success. The top 15 WRs are usually the highest scorers, and it’s a good idea to have many of them on your team. Consider choosing wide receivers with high catch rates. A player who catches more passes will likely get you more points. Look for younger players, who are less likely to retire, and players who have proven themselves at the NFL level. Rookie wide receivers aren’t sufficiently reliable, since there is no guarantee they will develop into star performers.

In addition, look for players who are coming off an injury or have had a relatively quiet season: these players tend to perform better the following season (and you know that they’ll be undervalued during your draft).

Tight ends are crucial in fantasy football championships, but you should acquire them later in the draft. Updating yourself on the latest news and rankings will help you choose the best WRs and stay ahead of your competitors.

Draft Quarterbacks

When drafting quarterbacks, you have a couple of options. The first option is to prepare the players early in the draft. While this strategy helps you get a top quarterback, it also hurts your chances of getting solid fantasy players at other positions.

Alternatively, you can wait until the late rounds to draft your quarterback. In most leagues, quarterbacks are easy to find in mid-draft or free agency because they don’t take up too much of your salary cap or budget. You’ll probably be able to find someone like Tom Brady in later rounds because most people will be focused on skill positions instead of quarterbacks.

Prioritize young, dynamic, and proven players

If you want to be competitive, it’s essential to prioritize young players with a proven record. Young players are more likely to be active and have the push to prove themselves. Passionate players are likely to have the ball in their hands more often. In addition, established players (veterans) will routinely put up good numbers throughout their careers.


Whether you’re an experienced or a beginner fantasy football player, drafting strategy enables you to come up with the team to beat. It also gives you an opportunity to learn more about the game. The more you play fantasy football, the better you will get at it. But the key is to find which strategy works best for you. If you get the strategy right, you will be well prepared to beat your competitors hands-down on your way to winning the league.

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