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WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, but there is also another “WWE” in WWE, namely Walk With Elias. Elias, actual name Jeffrey Sciullo, is an American professional wrestler and singer who competes for the SmackDown brand of WWE. He frequently performed music within the WWE Squared Circle to mock his rivals. Since joining the WWE main roster, Elias has engaged in battles with several superstars, including Jason Jordan, Kurt Angle’s son Kurt Angle, and Braun Strowman. During his musical concerts, he somehow turned into the justification for The Undertaker and John Cena’s comeback.

He has delighted the WWE Universe ever since he first stepped foot inside the squared circle with his musical performances and his spectacular battles against superstars like Cena and Strowman. Elias won the WWE 24/7 Championship four times, the IWC Super Indy Championship once, and the IWC World Heavyweight Championship once. In 2018, he received the WWE Year-End Award for Breakout Star of the Year. In this article, we are talking about this wrestler. So, keep reading to know more about him.

Elias WWE Bio


Name Elias
Real Name Jeffrey Sciullo
Gender Male
Profession Professional Wrestler
Date of Birth 22 November 1987
Age 33 years old
Birthplace Pittsburgh, P.A, USA
Height 1.83 m
Weight 103 Kg
Nationality American
Net Worth 2022 $3 million

Elias WWE Net Worth

Elias’s net worth in 2022 is $3 million. He receives a $300,000 base pay from WWE. He also receives compensation for merchandising royalties and PPV appearances.

Elias WWE Wife

Elias Samson maintains his love life and personal affairs discreet. We will be adding fresh connection information to this page, so be sure to check back frequently. Let’s look at Elias Samson’s prior hookups, relationships, and ex-girlfriends. Elias Samson chooses to withhold information about his marital status and divorce. When someone is actively pursuing romantic connections with several individuals, that person is said to be “dating.” When two single celebrities are spotted out together, they are sometimes referred to as “dating,” even when it is unclear whether they are just friends, trying out a more personal connection, or are romantically connected.

Early Career

So, Elias started his career in professional wrestling with the International Wrestling Cartel (IWC). Then, he won the Super Indy Championship and the IWC World Heavyweight Championship. Then, he joined WWE in 2014 using the ring name Elias. He also made his NXT debut that year and shared a loss with Buddy Murphy against The Ascension. Then, he changed his wrestling persona in 2015 by adopting the persona of a singer. He also competed in many NXT shows, such as NXT TakeOver: London and Dallas. Elias also engaged in combat with a number of opponents, including Finn Bálor and Shinsuke Nakamura. He also competed in his last NXT match as the disguised “El Vagabundo,” losing to Oney Lorcan.


He formerly performed as a wrestler on the independent circuit for several independent wrestling promotions in the USA before joining NXT. As the WWE Universe responded well to his musician persona, he rapidly made his main roster debut in 2017. Then, he immediately began a rivalry with Finn Balor, which was subsequently followed by Jason Jordan, Roman Reigns, and Braun Strowman. Elias also won the 24/7 Championship four times. He also formed a partnership with Shane Mc Mahon and Drew McIntyre that helped them win games.

Elias WWE Brother

Following WrestleMania 38, Ezekiel made his RAW debut as a babyface with a clean shave who claimed to be Elias’ younger brother. But immediately away, something wasn’t right because he remarkably resembled The Drifter. Zeke doesn’t have a beard, a guitar, or the magical ability to keep reminding the crowd to put their phones down, hold their applause, and keep their mouths shut. The idea that the brothers could actually be the same person has only been raised by Kevin Owens (and to a lesser extent, Becky Lynch). Everyone else has contentedly accepted that the visitor is not The Drifter in any manner. Owens has been tenacious in his quest for the truth ever since Zeke joined RAW.

Zeke was defeated by KO at Hell in a Cell, but he was unable to provide the necessary response. We don’t blame you for wondering if Ezekiel is really Elias as Kevin Owens says, given that he keeps denying that he is Elias and even invited his brother to RAW the next week. We have the solution for you if you’re seeking for the response to that query. Even though in kayfabe Ezekiel isn’t Elias (yet), in actuality they are one and the same. Jeffrey Daniel Sciullo, a well-known wrestler and singer, plays both of their roles. He’s been wrestling for about fifteen years.

Elias WWE Age

On November 22, 1987, Elias Samson was born in Pittsburgh, P.A. He is known for his drifter musician image while working for WWE’s developmental brand NXT. In December 2015, he made his formal debut in the role. Later, he started giving shows under the RAW moniker. He has engaged in combat with Shinsuke Nakamura in the NXT division of the WWE. Beginning in 2008, he wrestled frequently for indie promoters. His biggest achievements were with the International Wrestling Cartel (IWC), when he won the global heavyweight title for the organization.


He is a famous wrestler. Elias has earned a place in the list of famous people born on November 22, 1987. He is one of the richest wrestlers in P.A. People also listed him as one of the most popular wrestlers. Elias Samson, who is 31 years old, is a well-known person in the WWE database.

Elias WWE 2022

He returned to WWE TV as a face on the April 4, 2022 episode of Raw, going by the new ring name “Ezekiel,” unveiling a look that included a clean-shaven face, shorter hair, and trunks, and claiming to be Elias’ younger brother. He got into a rivalry with Kevin Owens on Raw in the next weeks because Owens didn’t think Ezekiel was truly Elias’s brother and assumed he was Elias himself. Owens defeated Ezekiel in Hell in a Cell. The two brothers “reunited” in a staged backstage segment on the June 20 broadcast of Raw. Later that evening, Owens stopped Elias while he was apparently giving a concert.


Ezekiel, Elias, or their “even younger brother Elrod” were each given a match-up by Owens, who was still certain that the siblings were distinct individuals. Their feud came to an end on the August 8 edition of Raw when Owens stretchered Ezekiel out of the arena after hitting him with an Apron Powerbomb. On September 16, it was said that he will switch back to the Elias gimmick after dropping the Ezekiel one. On the Raw programme on October 17, he made a comeback as Elias.


  • When John Cena returned as Doctor Thuganomics and delivered Samson AA at WrestleMania 35, he was ambushed in the middle of his musical performance.
  • The Undertaker also assaulted him during a different live music performance. When Rated R Superstar Edge threw his renowned spear on him to open the Summerslam event, he recently attacked him.
  • In 2018, he released his album WWE: Walk With Elias. The WWE Music Group published the album with Elias on it.
  • He won the International Wrestling Cartel Super Indy Championship once.
  • Then, he won the IWC World Heavyweight Championship once.
  • He was ranked #69 among top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2018.
  • He also won the WWE 24/7 Championship four times.
  • Then, he won the WWE Year-End Award for Breakout Superstar of the Year award in 2018.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ezekiel really WWE’s Elias?

After WrestleMania 38, WWE changed Elias’ name to Ezekiel and described him as Elias’ younger brother in their description. Ezekiel would then feud with Kevin Owens, and Triple H would attempt to get rid of Ezekiel by defeating Owens.

Is Elijah and Elias the same person in WWE?

Elias, the younger brother of WWE newcomer Ezekiel, is both played by the same actor, despite their obvious differences. In 2008, Elias, who was born in Pittsburgh in November 1987, began competing in professional wrestling.

Why is Elias not in the WWE?

Among our explanations for Elias’ absence from WWE TV is that his organization is rebranding him. Let’s start with the response that seems most obvious. Elias’ ending of his previous gimmick by WWE indicates that they will be repositioning him in a different position.

Is WWE Elias injured?

Following a hit-and-run storyline on SmackDown, WWE took Elias off TV, putting him out of commission for a while. According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, Elias has a truly torn pectoral muscle and the Smackdown plot was designed to kill his career in professional wrestling.

Which WWE belt is the most valuable?

So, the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships are WWE’s two most popular titles. They have been held by dozens of Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers and have always been WWE’s most coveted championships.

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