FIFA World Cup Winners: All Details You Need

In football (soccer), the World Cup is a four – year competition of men’s national teams. And, it selects the sport’s champion. Of course, every game draws billions of millions of viewers, making it a popular sporting activity in the world. Similarly, the Women’s World Cup is the same event for women’s national soccer teams.

The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) conducted the first contest for the trophy in 1930, which Uruguay won. And, except during World War II, the event has happened every four years ever since. Also, it consists of global regional games up to a final knockout event with 32 national sides. But, unlike Olympic soccer, World Cup teams have no age limits for the participating athletes. So, the game is more like a clash between the top players in the world. In fact, the board chooses referees from lists given by all governing bodies.

Here, this article consists of all info regarding the FIFA world cup winners.

FIFA World Cup Winners

17 multiple nations have staged the World cup till date. Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, and Mexico have hosted twice each. But, Uruguay, Sweden, Chile, Argentina, Switzerland, Spain, the United States, Russia, England, South Africa, and Japan and South Korea (jointly), have held it once each. Now, Qatar will stage the 2022 game. The Canadians, the U.S., and Mexico will co-host the 2026 game. Thus, it will enable Mexico to become the first nation to host events in three Cup Finals.

And, to date, the only league matches played by the same sides (Brazil-Italy and Argentina-Germany) have been in 1970 and 1994, as well as 1986, 1990, and 2014. But, as of 2018, the 1934 final is by far the most recent finals with two competing teams in their debut final. However, the final game of the most previous game in Russia was held at the country’s largest sports venue, Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium. In fact, as of 2018, only European and South American teams had met in a World Cup finale. In fact, Uruguay, Italy, Germany, England, Argentina, and France won the event as hosts. But, Brazil and Sweden both failed their matches in the final game.

FIFA World Cup Winners All Time

79 countries have taken part in at least one of the 21 events. 13 of them have reached the final game, and eight have prevailed. But, Brazil is the most successful World Cup squad, with five wins, and the only country to have played in every World Cup finals game. However, Italy and Germany each have four national titles. In fact, title holder France, as well as prior winners Uruguay and Argentina, both have two titles, while England and Spain both have one. And, the team that wins receives the FIFA World Cup Trophy, with their name carved on the bottom side of the cup that they win.

In fact, in 1906, FIFA tried to form an international football event between teams outside the Olympics system in Switzerland. But, this was very young in the context of foreign football. And the competition is described as a flop in FIFA’s official version.

In fact, Football turned out to become an official sport at the 1908 Olympic Games in London. Then, the Football Federation (FA), England’s soccer governing body, staged the event. So, it was seen cynically as a display rather than a contest. And, the gold medals were won by Great Britain. Then, they matched the record at the Stockholm Summer Games in 1912 once again.

FIFA World Cup Winners All Time From 1930 to 2018

Russia staged the most recent FIFA World Cup in 2018. And, this was the 21st FIFA World Cup, or the twenty-first FIFA World Cup. Of course, France was the 2018 World Cup title holder. However, France beat Croatia in the final game. Here, you will find the list of all the world cup winners till date:

  • In the Year 2018, France was the winner.
  • Further, In the Year 2014, Germany was the winner.
  • And, In the Year 2010, the Winner was Spain was the winner
  • In the Year 2006, Italy was the winner.
  • Also, In the Year 2002, Brazil was the winner.
  • and, In the Year 1998, France was the winner.
  • Further, In the Year 1994, Brazil was the winner.
  • In the Year 1990, West Germany was the winner.
  • Also, In the Year 1986, Argentina was the winner.
  • And, In the Year 1982, Italy was the winner.
  • Further, In the Year 1978, Argentina was the winner.
  • Also, In the Year 1974, West Germany was the winner.
  • Further, In the Year 1970, Brazil was the winner.
  • And, In the Year 1966, England was the winner.
  • In 1962, Brazil was the winner.
  • Furthermore, In 1958, Brazil was the winner.
  • And, In the Year 1954, West Germany was the winner.
  • Also, In the Year 1950, Uruguay was the winner.
  • And, In the Year 1938, Italy was the winner.
  • Further, In the Year 1934, Italy was the winner.
  • Finally, In the Year 1930, Uruguay was the winner.

FIFA World Cup Winners Argentina

Argentina’s official men’s sports team plays in international football games. Further, Argentina’s soccer squad, known as La Albiceleste, has played in five Cup Finals, scoring two wins in 1978 and 1986. Also, it is one of just eight teams that has won a world championship at least once. The nation has also The affiliates of the South American football club get these awards. It has also lifted the FIFA Confed Cup as well as the Artemio Franchi Award.

FIFA World cup winners

Of course, the nation has created some of the best footballers in the world. Further, names on the list are Maradona, Messi, Fernando Redondo, Mario Kempes, and Gabriel Batistuta, amongst many others.

FIFA World Cup Winners 2014

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was the 20th season of FIFA’s quadrennial world cup for men’s country sports teams. Of course, it was staged in Brazil from June 12 to July 13, 2014, after the nation was given host powers in 2007. In fact, the viewers and experts both believe this iteration of the Tournament to become one of the best ever seen.

However, Germany won the event and its fourth global crown after edging Argentina 1-0 in added time in the final match.

FIFA World Cup Winners 2018

France won the World Cup Title for the 2nd point in history. And it was the first time since 1998, beating Croatia 4-2 for what will be hailed as among the most dramatic Cup Finals ever. Further, Kylian Mbappe, 19, has become the second youngster in memory to strike in a World Cup Game, taking on the role of Pele. In fact, Pele had done so when he was 17 in 1958. Moreover, Shots and displays from midfield player Paul Pogba and the forward player Griezmann were also critical to helping Les Bleus win the Cup for the 2nd attempt.

FIFA World Cup Winners 2022

FIFA World cup winners

Due to Qatar’s high heat of the summer, this Tournament will be conducted from late November to early December. So, it will be the first event not to be staged in the months of May to July; it will be held over a 28-day period. In fact, the first game of the event will be held at Al Thumama Stadium in Doha among Senegal and the Netherlands. The finals are set for December 18, 2022. And, this is also Qatar National Day. Of course, France was the previous edition’s World Cup champion.

FIFA World Cup Winners FAQs

Who wins the FIFA World Cup most?

Ans: The Brazilian team is the most famous World Cup squad, with 5 titles. Further, Italy and Germany each have four titles. And, the reigning champion France, as well as prior winners Uruguay and Argentina, both have two titles. Further, the Spain and English football teams each hold one title.

How many teams have won the World Cup?

Only eight countries have earned the FIFA World Cup in 20 tournaments. Thus, it is the most sought prize in football.

Has any player won 2 World Cups?

Ans: No player has ever lifted 2 World Cups as captain. Italy’s Meazza (1938), Brazil’s Bellini (1958), and Cafu (2002), Mauro (1962). And, even Argentina’s Passarella (1978) all won a title as captain one time, but not the other.

Which country has never won the FIFA World Cup?

Amazingly, the Soviet Union never won a World Cup or even got to the final. The nation did, nevertheless, dominate the Olympic Games in 1956 and 1988, and also the EU games in 1960.

Which team won the first World Cup football?

On July 30, 1930, a startling number of people watched Uruguay beat Argentina 4-2. In fact, it was a repeat of the 1928 Olympic medal game in the first World Cup game. And, Uruguay earned its 2nd World Cup in 1950, eliminating Brazil 2-1 in Rio.

Which team has never missed a World Cup?

Brazil is now the only side that has played in all 21 games. And, Germany has been in 19, the Italian team in 18, Argentine in 17, and the Mexican team in 16. The game has thus far been won by eight countries. Uruguay won the first match in 1930, and France is the present title holder.

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