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Kemba Walker was born in 1990 in New York. He is a professional basketball player. Thus, he has played for a lot of famous teams. Walker plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association or NBA. Most recently, Kemba Walker also played for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association or NBA. The Charlotte Bobcats chose Kemba Walker as 9th overall. This happened in the year 2011.

Walker was born and grew up in the Bronx in America. He also completed his schooling at Rice high school in the year 2008. After that in college, he played for the basketball team called the Connecticut Huskies. In the season 2010-2011, Kemba Walker was very successful. He also became the second-highest scorer of America. He also became the consensus first-team All-American. In the year 2011, he also helped the Huskies win the NCAA championship. He also thus received the most outstanding player award. Kemba Walker is a four-time All-star of the National Basketball Association. Keep reading to know more about his career, stats, brand endorsements, salary, and much more.

Kemba Walker Biography/Wiki

Full Name Kemba Hudley Walker
Birth Date May 8, 1990
Birth Place Bronx, New York, U.S.
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Nick Name Kemba
Religion Unknown
Nationality American
Ethnicity African American
Father’s Name Paul Walker
Mother’s Name Andrea Walker
Siblings 3; Akil Walker (Brother), Keya Walker (Brother), Sharifa Walker (Sister)
Education Rice High School, University of Connecticut
Age 32 Years Old
Height Six ft. 0 in. (or 183 cm)
Weight 184 pounds (or 83 kg)
Body Build Athletic
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Brown
Married No
Partner Ashtyn Montgomery
Children None
Profession Basketball Player
Position in team Point Guard
Shoots Right
Jersey Number 8
Affiliations Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets (Former), Boston Celtics (Current)
Salary $3.44 million
Net Worth $20 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram
Last Update January, 2023

Some Facts about Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker Birthday

The American basketball player was born in the year 1990, on the 8th of May. Thus his sun sign is Taurus.

Kemba Walker Age

Kemba Walker was born in the year 1990. Thus, as of now, he is 32 years old.

Kemba Walker Height

As of now, Kemba Walker stands at 1.83 m or 6 ft tall.

Kemba Walker Weight

The 32-year-old currently weighs 83 kg or 184 pounds.

Kemba Walker Parents

The basketball star Kemba Walker was born in the Bronx, in New York, America to parents Paul Walker and Andrea Walker.

Kemba Walker Family

The 32-year-old, Kemba Walker grew up in Soundview, Bronx in New York. His parents are Paul Walker and Andrea Walker. Kemba Walker has three siblings. They are Sharifa Nesbitt, Akil Nesbitt, and Keya Edwards.

Kemba Walker Nationality

The famous NBA Basketball player was born in Soundview, Bronx in New York, America. Hence, his nationality is American.

Kemba Walker Wife

The 32-year-old is not married or dating anyone. Kemba Walker said in an interview that he does not have time to date. He said that thus he would like to focus on his career. Sources have reported that he had at least one relationship before.

Kemba Walker Salary

Kemba Walker earns 3.44 million US dollars per year. He earns more now than he earned in 2020. The amount is about 1.71 percent more. In the year 2021, he is also 17th on the best played NBA player list. According to sources, he is also going to be the 19th best-paid NBA player in 2022. Kemba Walker thus is the ninth highest-paid player in the guard position. Sources say that he also might be the 10th highest-paid guard next year. Hence, Kemba Walker is the sixth highest-earning player of the New York Knicks in the year 2021. Nonetheless, according to various reports, he will be the seventh highest-paid player of the New York Knicks in the year 2022.

Kemba Walker Net Worth

As of now, Kemba Walker has an estimated net worth of about $20 million. Various sources including The Celebrity Net Worth have reported this. Kemba Walkers has accumulated this lofty sum by playing Basketball professionally. He also has a lot of other endorsements which add to his net worth. Forbes has also reported that each year he earns about 3 million dollars from non-basketball-related deals.

Kemba Walker is a basketball star who has played for the NBA. His net worth is $20 million dollars. Kemba Walker was born on the 8th of May in 1990. The NBA star was born in the Bronx, New York. He is 6 ft tall and plays in the point guard position. Walker was also McDonald’s All American and a Second Team Parade All American at his high school. His high school was Rice High School.

Kemba Walker Agent

The famous NBA basketball player has two agents. They are Jeff Schwartz and Javon Philips.

Basketball Career

Walker Career with the Charlotte Bobcats

Kemba Walker studied at the University of Connecticut for three years. After that, he participated in the National Basketball Association draft. He entered the NBA drafts in the year 2011. The Charlotte Bobcats selected him as ninth overall. In the same year, Walker signed a multi-year shoe deal. This deal was also signed with Under Armour. Thus, Kemba was the first rookie from the draft class of 2011 to sign this deal.

In the year 2011 on the 11th of December, Kemba Walker signed a deal with the Charlotte Bobcats. He signed the rookie scale contract. After that the then point guard D. J. Austin was injured. Thus Walker became the starting point guard. He became the point guard for the lockout-shortened season. On the 28th of January in the year 2012, Walker got his first triple-double. He got this in a match against the Washington Wizards. Walker became the third person, after Boris Diaw and Stephen Jackson to record a triple-double. He also participated in the Rising stars challenge in the year 2012. This was held during the All-star weekend.

Walker Career with the Boston Celtics

Kemba Walker

Kemba Walker debuted with the team the Boston Celtics in the year 2019 on the 23rd of October. He made his debut in a match against the Philadelphia 76ers. Walker attempted 18 shots from the field. He was able to achieve 12 points in 34 minutes. The Boston Celtics finally lost the match. They lost it 107-93. On the 27th of November in 2019, Kemba Walker scored 39 points for the Boston Celtics. It was a very high score for that season. The match was against the Brooklyn Nets. The Boston Celtics won that match.

On the 11th of December in the same year, Walker broke his own season high score. He scored 44 points. The match was against the Indiana Pacers. But the Boston Celtics lost that match. On the 16th of January next year, Walker scored 40 points. They lost the match to the Milwaukee Bucks.

On January 20, Walker was able to achieve his first direct win against LeBron James. This was after he began his career 0–28 against Lebron James. After recording 20 points, seven assists, and four rebounds, he helped the Celtics win. It was a 139–107 victory. The Boston Celtics had won against the Los Angeles Lakers. After three days Walker became an Eastern Conference starter. Thus, they also named his fourth back to back All-star victory.

In the month of December this year, Walker was seriously injured. The Boston Celtics announced that Walker got a stem cell injection. He got this injection in his left knee. Walker started doing a 12 week recovery to make his legs strong again. Thus Walker was not able to participate at the beginning of the 2020-21 NBA season.

Walker Career with the New York City Knicks

On the 18th of June in the year 2021, the New York City Knicks traded Kemba Walker. The Oklahoma City Thunder team took him. Walker along with rookie draft players from the 2016 draft selection moved to the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Boston Celtics received players like Al Horford, Moses Brown, and a 2023 second round draft pick rookie. On the 6th of August in the year 2021, the Oklahoma City Thunder waived Kemba Walker. On the 11th of August in the same year, Walker signed with the New York City Knicks.

Kemba Walker Injury

According to various sources including a leading sports orthopedic surgeon spoke about Kemba Walker’s injury. Kemba Walker had taken stem cell injections in his left knee. He had taken them before the start of the 2020 season. Doctors have said that these injections could mean that he is suffering from arthritis. This could cause a lot of problems in the coming season.

The contract that Kemba Walker signed was also not made official on the first day of formal signings. Kemba Walker had to wrap up a lot of other deals. He had to manage the $76 million dollars that were left on his contract.

Kemba Walkers took a lot of medical tests before confirming his official signing. These examinations were done by Dr. Wellington Hsu. Dr. Wellington Hsu is a teacher of Orthopaedic Surgery at Northwestern University.

The 32 year old played 43 matches for the Celtics in this season. Total matches were also 72. Nevertheless, he sat out the final two games of Boston’s first-round loss to the Nets. This happened as a result of his left knee injury. The injections could not solve his problem. Brad Stevens is the new president of the Celtics. He sold Kemba Walkers to the Thunder in June.

Dr. Wellington Hsu said that Kemba walkers would continue to have problems for the rest of his career. He said that this issue would never be completely solved. Hsu also said that his condition would never get better. Thus the NBA guard should not return to All star form. Kemba was an All Star for four seasons back to back. He even won an NCAA title after playing for the Huskies in the year 2011.

Kemba Walker Contract

The famous point guard signed a 2 year contract with the New York Knicks. This contract was signed in 2019. His salary would be about $17 million dollars in total. This sum in the contract is guaranteed. Kemba Walker also had an average annual salary of around 8 million dollars.

Kemba Walker also lost 20 million dollars. He lost it in a buyout. The buyout was with Oklahoma City Thunder. As a result of this Walker must get back the money in New York. According to multiple sources, this was also good for Kemba Walker. Thus, his contract with the New York Knicks is profitable.

Kemba Walker & Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to make a large move. They will make it this off-season. The Lakers played very badly in the last season. They lost in the first round to the Phoenix Suns. Thus the Los Angeles Lakers want to win. As a result of this, they will probably buy some good players. They want to become NBA champions again. Thus there will be a big trade this offseason. The Lakers will make this big trade. There are also rumors about who the lakers will buy. Many people are talking about how they want The Lakers to buy Kemba Walkers. He was a former UCONN player who played in the point guard position.

In the recent past, Kemba changed teams. The Oklahoma City Thunder bought him from the Boston Celtics. Nonetheless, the Celtics sent him and two other players to Oklahoma in exchange for Al Horford, Moses Brown, and another player. According to various reports, Kemba Walker was very sad after his trade to Oklahoma City Thunder. Thus he will give his best to show the Celtics what they lost. The Lakers should buy Kemba Walker because he is a very good three point shooter. He also has good stamina. He can also spread the floor. Finally, he can also take some stress and responsibilities from LeBron James.

Kemba Walker Shoe Size

In the year 2011 Under Armour drafted itself. Thus Kemba Walker signed under them. Then in the year 2015, he joined Jordan Brand. Hence Kemba Walker became a member of the Micheal Jordan owned Hornets. He also became very successful in that brand. He even became one of the most high profile celebrities under that brand. Thus he wears a lot of Jordan brand shoes. Fans and audiences have seen him wearing Air Jordan 32 shoes. They have also seen him wear retro Air Jordan 10 shoes. He is one of the very few players who wear Air Jordan retro shoes regularly.

The famous NBA three point shooter has a shoe size of 11.5 inches. As of now as a player of the New York Knicks, he will keep wearing new models of Air Jordans. He will also keep wearing retro models of Air Jordans.

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