7 Key Considerations When Buying AFL Tickets In 2022

If you love sports and games, you know how important it is to buy a game ticket. The thrill you experienced while watching your team play on TV can’t compare to the excitement on the field watching the game behind the screen. And if you love the Australian Football League (AFL), you should buy your tickets early to avoid the last-minute rush. It guarantees you several benefits, including enjoying discounts and getting access to the most coveted seats in the arena. So, here are critical factors to consider when buying your AFL tickets:

1. Where To buy

There are several avenues for buying AFL tickets, and you must use the most convenient one. It helps you avoid scammers and disappointment on the game day when you’re denied access to the game.

First, ensure you buy your ticket from official authorized sellers. If you’re unsure about a seller, you’d rather buy your ticket at the gate. It’s better getting the last seat but making it to the game than losing your money and not attending it.

Secondly, if you choose to buy your ticket online, you should make sure your seller is verified, such as ticket blaster, or other credible online ticket sellers. Working with such reliable sites guarantees you a valid ticket. Remember, the internet is full of imposters and fake sellers. So, before you buy your AFL tickets online, ensure you’re buying from a trusted site. Otherwise, you may lose your precious money to scammers. The details on the ticket should be precise and well elaborated. If you notice any loopholes or unclear statements on how to get your ticket, proceed with extreme caution.

2. Know The Participating Teams

To make your ticket purchase worthwhile, ensure you have a favorite team. Eighteen teams are playing in the AFL 2022 season and some of them include:

  • Adelaide crows
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Collingwood
  • Geelong Cats
  • Gold coast suns
  • Melbourne, among others.

After selecting your best team, you must know when they’re playing. This way, you can be sure not to miss a game when they play. And you can buy your tickets before the game day and prepare for the match with that information. Since the teams will play home and away matches, you can decide which one to attend. Alternatively, you can buy both tickets to get the thrill of both games.

3. Cost Of The Ticket

Depending on where you buy your ticket, the cost may vary. Different sellers have specific prices for the AFL tickets. The average prices for most tickets are AUD$27 for adults, AUD$5 for juniors, and AUD$18 for concessions.

However, the AFL has announced a freeze on ticket prices. It has also reduced the family ticket to AUD$50, which includes two adults and two children. Following the outbreak of COVID, most fans have been affected. The turn-up for the games has also gone down.

However, things are now in control, and you can go back to cheering your team from the field. You can take advantage of the cost reduction and bring the whole family to the pitch. After all, the more, the merrier.

4. Seat Options

Seat Options for AFL Tickets

One of the best ways to enjoy watching football is going to a live match and a ticket is all you need. With the shift to digital tickets and booking, getting the best seat for a game is becoming hard. You can use a ticket broker if you must sit in a specific chair. They’re a sure way to secure a last-minute ticket purchase. The advantage is that they have better seats than the gate option. On the flip side, they might be more expensive, going up by thirty percent more than the face value. It also depends on the demand for the seats. The higher the demand, the more you’ll pay for the ticket.

5. Club Memberships

Club memberships are the real deal if you plan to attend multiple games. With club memberships, you get huge discounts along with several other advantages. You also don’t get affected by the price change compared to a one-time buyer. However, club membership rules vary. Ensure you understand club policies and details before enrolling. Evaluate what each club has to offer to make your ticket purchase count.

6. Know When To Start The Search

Championship games can be tricky if you want to buy AFL tickets. That’s why it’s best to start the ticket search early. Remember, most AFL games have a large fan base. The earlier you get the ticket, the better your game experience.

However, it’s not very necessary to apply the same ticket rules to every season game. If the game is essential to you, you can’t afford to wait until the last minute. Knowing when to start the search is the first step to getting the ticket. You may save on the early bird discounts if you get the early ticket. You must also consider the game’s popularity to determine when to start the search.

7. Ticket Queue

Due to the high demand for AFL tickets, you might have to experience queuing for your ticket. It helps in regulating the prices and makes them fair for everyone. To do that, you should log into online websites at least ten minutes before ticket sales go up. It will book you a spot in the pre-queue waiting room. The earlier you do your ticket search, the better. Since most people might be targeting the sale, you’ll not be the only one waiting. Once you log onto the site, don’t refresh your browser as you could lose your spot, reducing your chances of getting the best seats and a discount.


For a sports fan, a ticket for a live game at the stadium guarantees enjoyment. So, know when your team is playing and plan how you’ll purchase a ticket some days before. Purchasing from licensed sellers ensures you don’t lose money to online scammers. Thus, thoroughly researching a seller before carrying out a transaction is essential. You can read reviews from previous customers and experts to determine if a site is genuine or not. All in all, get your gate pass on time and enjoy the game to your fullest.

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