Emiliano Vargas: Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight & Much More

Emiliano Vargas, the youngest son of Fernando Vargas, is forging his own path. In the lightweight division, he’s making waves with stunning knockouts. This rising star had an early start in front of cameras as a reality TV personality. Now, he excels in media interviews, displaying natural charisma.

In the ring, “El General,” as he’s known, dazzles fans. His knockout power is both unique and captivating. Top Rank has taken notice, awarding him a multi-fight contract.

At 5’9″, Emiliano competes in the lightweight class. Since debuting on May 14, 2022, he boasts an 8-0 record. Impressively, 7 of these wins are by knockout.

Stepping out from his father’s shadow is no small feat. Fernando Vargas, a boxing legend, set high standards. Yet, Emiliano is not just following in these footsteps. He’s crafting his own legacy, shining as a distinct, formidable fighter in the sport.

Emiliano Vargas Early Life

At just 19, Emiliano Vargas boasts an impressive 8-0 (7 KO) record. The world has been watching him since his youth. For Vargas, handling scrutiny feels familiar. He first gained fame as a reality star before boxing.

In 2014, “Welcome to Los Vargas” featured his family on the mun2 channel. The show focused on Fernando Vargas, his wife, and their children, including Emiliano. It depicted Fernando’s transition from boxer to trainer and gym owner. The series, lasting one season, gave Emiliano crucial camera experience.

Now, as a pro, he uses this experience in media interviews. His skill in front of the camera has caught Top Rank’s attention. They see his potential not just in the ring, but also in his media presence.

Emiliano Vargas Career

Emiliano Vargas stands out with only eight fights, matching his brother Fernando Jr.’s 88% knockout rate. He’s quickly gaining fame for his unique knockouts. In May 2022, Emiliano turned pro against Mark Salgado, also new to the pro ranks. Unlike many, Emiliano skipped the awkward transition to pro style. His debut fight began his highlight reel.

Bob Arum, impressed, signed him to Top Rank at 18. Interestingly, his brothers, Fernando Jr. and Amado, are with MarvNation Promotions. Emiliano is the only one with a Top Rank contract.

Except for Francisco Duque in February 2023, Emiliano has consistently delivered stoppages. He won that fight by unanimous decision. His most recent victory was against Brandon Mendoza. He knocked Mendoza down twice, leading to a second-round stoppage by referee Harvey Dock.

Emiliano Vargas Future Prospect

Emiliano Vargas, standing at 5’9″, is becoming boxing’s next big sensation. Top Rank recently highlighted him alongside Xander Zayas, a rising Puerto Rican welterweight. Vargas not only delivers knockout potential, but also charms with his eloquence. This sets him apart from his father, who had a more streetwise persona.

Vargas stays grounded despite the growing spotlight. His Instagram features mostly gym and ring photos, with some stylish shots. Family is his anchor, evident in his posts. He showcases Mercedes cars but avoids flashy spending.

Calculating Vargas’s net worth is tricky after only eight fights. His income includes “Welcome to Los Vargas” earnings, possible trust funds, and fight purses. Estimates vary between $100,000 and a million. His last fight alone reportedly earned him seven figures before team payouts.

Family is central to Emiliano, but he’s carving his own path in boxing. He’s not just Fernando Vargas’s son anymore; he’s a force in his own right. While he doesn’t have a fight lined up yet, keep an eye on the betting odds. Betting the under might be smart for fans.


Who is Emiliano Vargas?

Emiliano Vargas is the youngest son of boxing legend Fernando Vargas. He’s emerging as a talented fighter in the lightweight division.

What is Emiliano Vargas’ record in professional boxing?

As of now, Emiliano Vargas holds an impressive 8-0 record, with 7 of those wins coming by knockout.

When did Emiliano Vargas make his professional debut?

Emiliano made his professional boxing debut on May 14, 2022.

What is Emiliano Vargas’ height and weight class?

Emiliano stands at 5’9″ and competes in the lightweight class.

Did Emiliano Vargas have a career in reality TV?

Yes, Emiliano first gained fame as a reality TV star before starting his boxing career, appearing in “Welcome to Los Vargas” in 2014.

How has Emiliano’s early exposure to media helped his career?

Emiliano’s early experience in front of cameras on a reality show has helped him excel in media interviews and build a strong media presence.

What distinguishes Emiliano Vargas from other boxers?

Apart from his impressive knockout power, Emiliano is known for his eloquence and charisma, which sets him apart from other boxers, including his father.

Who signed Emiliano Vargas to a multi-fight contract and why?

Top Rank signed Emiliano to a multi-fight contract, impressed by his knockout ability and media skills.

How does Emiliano Vargas’s net worth compare to other boxers with similar experience?

Estimating Emiliano’s net worth is difficult with only eight fights, but it ranges from $100,000 to a million, including earnings from boxing and his reality TV stint.

What role does family play in Emiliano Vargas’s life and career?

Family is a central part of Emiliano’s life, and he maintains a close bond with them. He’s also stepping out of his father’s shadow to create his own legacy in boxing.

How Old Is Emiliano Vargas?

As of the last update in 2024, Emiliano is 19 years old.

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