The Judgment Day WWE: A Comprehensive Overview

The Judgment Day is a notable professional wrestling faction in WWE, currently featured on the Raw brand. This stable boasts a dynamic roster including Damian Priest, Rhea Ripley, Finn Bálor, “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh. Each member holds prestigious titles: Ripley is the reigning Women’s World Champion, Mysterio holds the NXT North American Championship, and the duo of Bálor and Priest are the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions. Additionally, Priest has the coveted Men’s Money in the Bank briefcase.

Originally formed in 2022 by Edge, The Judgment Day began with a dark, gothic, and somewhat supernatural vibe. Damian Priest was the first to align with Edge, followed by Rhea Ripley. However, the group’s dynamics shifted with Finn Bálor’s entry and Edge’s subsequent expulsion. This transition marked a change from the supernatural to a more streetwise, gothic, and bullying demeanor. The stable expanded later with the inclusion of “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio.

In a significant development in August 2023, Bálor started integrating his real-life student, JD McDonagh, into the group. Initially serving as an associate, McDonagh actively participated in matches to assist the group, eventually earning full membership status in November 2023.

The Judgment Day Members

The Judgment Day WWE

The Judgment Day, active from 2022 to the present, consists of several notable WWE performers:

  1. Finn Bálor
  2. Damian Priest
  3. Rhea Ripley
  4. Dominik Mysterio
  5. JD McDonagh

Formerly, the group was led by Edge, a WWE veteran and legend. However, Edge was ousted from the stable following Bálor’s addition.

The Evolution of WWE’s “Judgment Day”

“Judgment Day” – The Background

“Judgment Day,” a name with a significant history in the world of wrestling, was originally associated with a series of WWE Pay Per View (PPV) events that occurred from 1998 to 2009. Initially part of the “In Your House” series, it transitioned into an independent event in 2000 following the tragic death of Owen Hart and the consequent termination of the “Over the Edge” event in 1999.

Formation and Edge’s leadership (2022)

“The Judgment Day,” a dominant force in WWE, was established in 2022 under the leadership of the legendary wrestler Edge. The stable’s formation was marked by a series of pivotal events that unfolded on WWE’s Raw and at major pay-per-view events.

Initial Formation and WrestleMania 38:

Edge, reflecting on his illustrious WrestleMania career, issued an open challenge on the February 21, 2022 episode of Raw, targeting WrestleMania 38. AJ Styles accepted this challenge, leading to a dramatic turn of events where Edge, in a shocking heel turn, assaulted Styles with a low blow and a con-chair-to. This marked Edge’s first heel persona since 2010. At WrestleMania 38 on April 3, Edge secured a victory over Styles, aided by a distraction from Damian Priest, hinting at the formation of a new alliance.

The Birth of The Judgment Day:

Post-WrestleMania, Edge and Priest formally introduced their team as “The Judgment Day.” This new stable quickly made its mark at WrestleMania Backlash, where Edge triumphed over Styles once more, this time with the interference of Rhea Ripley, who then joined as the newest member of the stable. The trio showcased their dominance at Hell in a Cell on June 5, winning a six-person mixed tag team match against Styles, Finn Bálor, and Liv Morgan.

A Surprising Twist and Evolution:

The stable’s narrative took an unexpected turn the following night on Raw. Edge announced Finn Bálor as the latest addition to The Judgment Day. However, in a stunning betrayal, Bálor, Priest, and Ripley turned against Edge, attacking him with his signature con-chair-to move and expelling him from the group he founded. This pivotal moment marked a new chapter for The Judgment Day, setting the stage for their continued impact in the WWE universe.

Life after Edge (2022–present)

Dominik Mysterio Joins The Judgment Day:

A key storyline in 2022 involved The Judgment Day’s feud with The Mysterios (Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio). This rivalry focused on The Judgment Day’s efforts to recruit Dominik. Despite early setbacks, including losses to the Mysterios at SummerSlam and Clash at the Castle, the narrative took a dramatic turn when Dominik betrayed both Edge and his father Rey Mysterio, thus turning heel for the first time in his career. Dominik’s official induction into The Judgment Day was cemented on the following episode of Raw, where he aided the group in attacking Edge and Rey.

Faction Warfare with The O.C.

In another high-stakes rivalry, Finn Bálor emerged victorious over Edge in an “I Quit” match at Extreme Rules, a victory punctuated by Rhea Ripley’s attack on Edge’s wife, Beth Phoenix. The ongoing conflict with The O.C. (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows) saw further escalation at Crown Jewel, where Bálor, Priest, and Dominik triumphed, assisted by Ripley’s interference.

The O.C.’s response was introducing Mia Yim to counter Ripley’s influence. However, at Survivor Series WarGames, while Bálor suffered defeat at the hands of Styles and Ripley’s team lost in a WarGames match, The Judgment Day ultimately claimed victory over The O.C. in an eight-person mixed tag team match on the following episode of Raw, concluding their intense feud.

Quest for gold (2023)

Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 39 Highlights

At the Royal Rumble on January 28, Dominik Mysterio, Finn Bálor, and Damian Priest participated in the men’s Royal Rumble match. Despite their efforts, Bálor and Priest were eliminated by Edge, and Dominik by the eventual winner, Cody Rhodes. Rhea Ripley made a striking impact, winning the women’s Royal Rumble match as the first entrant, a feat only achieved by a few in WWE history. Ripley then set her sights on Charlotte Flair’s SmackDown Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 39.

Championship Pursuits and WrestleMania Outcomes

The road to WrestleMania 39 saw mixed outcomes for The Judgment Day. At Elimination Chamber, despite their aggressive strategies, Bálor and Ripley lost a mixed tag team match to Edge and Beth Phoenix, and Priest failed to capture the United States Championship. WrestleMania 39 brought mixed fortunes: Dominik was defeated by Rey Mysterio, but Ripley triumphed over Charlotte Flair, claiming the SmackDown Women’s Championship, thus achieving the status of Women’s Triple Crown and Grand Slam champion. Bálor, adopting his Demon persona, faced a setback in a Hell in a Cell match against Edge, sustaining a significant injury.

Post-WrestleMania Success and Challenges:

The aftermath of WrestleMania saw The Judgment Day continue their pursuit of glory. Priest confronted Bad Bunny, leading to a dramatic showdown. At Backlash, Ripley successfully defended her title, while Priest faced defeat. Both Bálor and Priest made efforts in the World Heavyweight Championship tournament but fell short to Seth Rollins. At Night of Champions, Ripley’s dominance continued with a swift victory over Natalya.

Dominik Mysterio’s Rising Star

Dominik Mysterio’s accomplishments became a focal point as he captured the NXT North American Championship, marking his first singles title in WWE. This victory, aided by interference from his stablemates, ended Wes Lee’s record-setting title reign. Dominik’s successful title defenses across various WWE brands underscored his growing prominence.

Internal Tensions and Resolutions

Internal tensions within The Judgment Day surfaced, particularly between Bálor and Priest, but the group overcame these challenges. A notable victory came when they defeated a team comprising Rollins and the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, with Ripley playing a crucial role.

Continued Dominance and Future Endeavors

Despite some setbacks, including unsuccessful title challenges and in-ring arguments, The Judgment Day remained a dominant force. Dominik Mysterio continued his impressive run as NXT North American Champion, and the stable’s cohesive strength was evident in their matches and strategies.

Championship reigns (2023–present)

Triumphant Championship Victories and Defenses

At Payback on September 2, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest clinched the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship in a memorable Pittsburgh Steel City Street Fight. Their victory, aided by Dominik Mysterio, Rhea Ripley, and JD McDonagh, not only established Bálor as the 24th Grand Slam Champion but also positioned The Judgment Day as the second faction to hold titles across WWE’s three brands. That same night, Ripley successfully defended her Women’s World Championship against Raquel Rodriguez. On September 11, Ripley continued her dominance by retaining her title in a rematch with Rodriguez, despite a post-match attack from Nia Jax.

Championship Challenges and Regains

The stable faced challenges at NXT No Mercy, where Dominik lost the NXT North American Championship to Trick Williams, though he quickly regained it three days later. However, at Fastlane, Bálor and Priest’s reign as the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions was cut short at 35 days due to an inadvertent mishap by McDonagh. They rebounded swiftly, regaining the titles on October 16, marking their second reign.

Crown Jewel and Survivor Series: WarGames Highlights

Crown Jewel saw Priest attempt a Money in the Bank cash-in on Seth Rollins, which was thwarted by Sami Zayn. Ripley defended her title in a fatal five-way match, while Priest fell short against Rhodes. At Survivor Series: WarGames, after a series of chaotic events, The Judgment Day faced Rollins, Rhodes, Jey Uso, and Zayn in a WarGames match. Despite Ripley’s attempt to cash in Priest’s Money in the Bank contract and McDonagh’s daring efforts, the team ultimately lost.

Strategic Alliances and Future Prospects

During this period, The Judgment Day formed strategic alliances, including Drew McIntyre as their fifth member for the WarGames match. They successfully defended their tag titles with McIntyre’s assistance, underscoring their adaptability and tactical acumen. The addition of Randy Orton to the opposing team at Survivor Series added another layer of intensity to their rivalry.

Reception of “The Judgment Day”

The Judgment Day WWE

Fans and Backstage Acclaim for “The Judgment Day”

The formation and progress of “The Judgment Day” have garnered considerable acclaim, both from the audience and backstage personnel within WWE. A notable highlight has been the unexpected heel turn of Dominik Mysterio, which has added an exciting dimension to the group’s storyline and has been particularly appreciated by fans and wrestling critics alike.

Comparisons from Outside WWE

The group’s impact and influence have reached beyond the bounds of WWE. AEW wrestler Malakai Black, who previously competed in WWE as Aleister Black, drew comparisons between “The Judgment Day” and “House of Black,” a stable he is a part of in AEW. On his Twitch stream, he acknowledged that he felt WWE was attempting to mirror the success and intrigue of “House of Black” with the formation of “The Judgment Day.” He viewed this mimicry as an indication of the group’s success and interest among wrestling fans. This comparison, while somewhat controversial, underlines the significance of “The Judgment Day” in the contemporary wrestling landscape.

Championships and Accomplishments of “The Judgment Day”

The Judgment Day stable, a formidable group in WWE, boasts a remarkable array of accolades and championships. Their achievements are recognized by Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) and through various WWE titles.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated:

Esteemed for its credibility in the wrestling industry, Pro Wrestling Illustrated has recognized several members of “The Judgment Day” in its annual rankings:

  • Rhea Ripley earned the prestigious No. 1 spot in the PWI Women’s 250 in 2023, ranking her as the top women’s singles wrestler.
  • Finn Bálor was ranked No. 61 among the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2023.
  • Damian Priest also featured prominently, securing the No. 71 position in the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2023.
  • “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio made an impressive entry at No. 94 in the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2023.

WWE Championships:

Alongside their PWI accolades, “The Judgment Day” members have achieved notable success in WWE championships:

  • Rhea Ripley currently reigns as the Women’s World Champion, marking her first tenure with this title.
  • “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio is a two-time, current NXT North American Champion, showcasing his growing prominence in the sport.
  • The duo of Finn Bálor and Damian Priest currently hold the WWE Raw Tag Team Championship for the second time, underscoring their teamwork and skill.
  • Additionally, Bálor and Priest have also secured the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship twice, further proving their dominance in the tag team category.
  • Ripley’s triumph in the Women’s Royal Rumble in 2023 and Priest’s victory in the Men’s Money in the Bank in 2023 are testament to their individual prowess and resilience in the ring.

These achievements collectively highlight “The Judgment Day” as a powerhouse in the world of professional wrestling, with each member demonstrating exceptional talent and determination.

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