Top five next generation ATP stars

The ATP  live scores tennis rating was first introduced on August 23, 1973. Points are awarded depending on the level of tournaments (maximum at the Grand Slams), see the details of the accrual system here. The results for the last 52 weeks are taken into account, the ATP rating itself is updated every Monday. Olympics monitors the latest rankings and the most obvious changes on a weekly basis.

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Modern historians claim that the prototype of the usual big tennis appeared in France in the seventh century. At that time, the game was called “je-de-pom”, local monks were actively interested in it. The real heyday of the game fell during the reign of King Henry the Fourth – the end of the 16th century. During that period, more than five thousand playgrounds were created.

Twelve players could participate in the game at the same time. At first, the opponents hit the serve with the palm of their hand, later, for greater convenience and comfort, gloves and boards were invented. After the invention of the racket and the stretched net, interest in the game grew even more.

A hundred years later, tennis became popular in such countries as Italy, England, and Germany. Later, residents of other continents learned about the interesting and exciting game.

Previously, the participants of the game had to be in closed areas, but now the team players have moved to an open area of ​​large sizes.

At the beginning of the XX century, Harvard students decided to hold a tournament of national teams. A university student named Dwayne Davis used his personal money to purchase a silver cup for a player who could defeat all opponents and, most importantly, created the rules of the game. Later, the tournament was held annually and in honor of its organizer was named “Davis Cup”, which has lost popularity to this day.

Rublev’s opinion on the change of generation

Masters finalist in Cincinnati Andrey Rublev answered the question about the generational change in the ATP. Now in the top 5 best players of the season are four tennis players no older than 25 years old – Alexander Zverev, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Daniil Medvedev and Rublev. Novak Djokovic leads the championship race.

“Generations are changing, and already at almost all Slams, at all major tournaments, there are always young players in the semi-finals. Either all or two. Even if you take the Grand Slams. Danya was in the Australian Open final, Tsitsipas was at Roland Garros, and Berrettini was at Wimbledon.

If you take the Masters, then in Miami in the semi-finals there were three young people and one from the previous generation – Bautista-Agut, in Madrid – only Dominic Thiem was not from the new generation. And sometimes it is referred to us.

The only thing is Rome, where the Nadal-Djokovic final was, but there were also two youngsters in the semi-finals. Therefore, it seems to me that this is already something normal, everyone is already getting used to it.

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