Ulla Sandrock: All About Jurgen Klopp’s Wife

Ulla Sandrock, often referred to as the “First Lady of Bundesliga,” has been the supportive and steadfast partner of Jurgen Klopp since 2005. Their relationship is well-known for its unique and captivating love story.

Apart from her role as Klopp’s wife, Ulla has made a name for herself as a published novelist and formerly worked as a teacher. Her influence and presence have been a constant in Klopp’s dynamic and successful career in football management.

Discover Ulla Sandrock, wife of football manager Jurgen Klopp. Learn about her life, career as a novelist, and her unique love story with Klopp.

Ulla Sandrock Bio/Wiki Table

Ulla Sandrock

Full Name Ulla Sandrock
Age 46 years old as of 2024
Date of Birth 1974
Place of Birth Germany
Nationality German
Ethnicity White
Height 1.70m (5’7″)
Weight 64kg (143lbs)
Marital Status Married
Spouse Jurgen Klopp
Children 1
Profession Social worker and children’s book writer
Books Tom and the Magic Football, Elli and Pit
Net Worth $200,000

Ulla Sandrock’s Biography, Age, Height & Weight

Ulla Sandrock, born in 1974, is currently 47 years old. Known for her generosity and her marriage to Jurgen Klopp, the former manager of Borussia Dortmund, she has earned the nickname “First Lady of the Bundesliga.” Her reputation for benevolence is widely recognized. Ulla Sandrock stands at a height of 1.70 meters and weighs approximately 64 Kg.

Ulla Sandrock’s Career

Before marrying Klopp, Ulla Sandrock had a strong passion for social work. She left Germany for Nairobi, Kenya, to teach at a university and assist children. There, she became a nurse, dedicating three years to helping malnourished kids recover. Later, she joined Klopp, having worked as a waiter and child psychologist.

As a writer, Sandrock excelled in children’s books. Her book “Elli and Pit” reflects her dedication to mentoring kids. She also wrote “Tom and the Magic Football,” about a boy who becomes a top football player.

Jurgen Klopp and Ulla Sandrock

Jurgen Klopp has experienced two marriages by 2024. His son Marc, born in 1988, comes from his previous marriage to Sabine Klopp.

In 2005, Klopp met Ulla Sandrock while she was working as a waitress at an Oktoberfest celebration. They married in December 2005.

How did Klopp and Sandrock meet?

Liverpool’s boss Jurgen Klopp and Ulla Sandrock have been together since December 2005. They first met when Sandrock was serving as a waitress at the Munich Oktoberfest.

Sandrock’s first children’s book, “Tom and the Magic Football,” was published in 2008. It features an 11-year-old boy who uses a magical football. A sequel to this book came out in 2010.

Does Ulla Sandrock Attend Liverpool Matches?

Ulla Sandrock regularly watches Liverpool games at Anfield, ardently supporting the team. At Liverpool’s 2019 Champions League Victory Parade, she famously stood on a trashcan to cheer for her husband and the team, showing her deep devotion to Liverpool.

Why was Ulla Sandrock dubbed the ‘First Lady of Bundesliga’?

Jurgen’s charity work and Ulla’s kindness earned her the “First Lady” title in Germany. In April, Ms. Sandrock made news by giving £1,000 worth of food cards to Waitrose staff in Formby, near their home.

Jurgen cited Ulla Sandrock’s influence as a reason for renewing his contract with Liverpool. Their marriage has flourished over six-and-a-half years, allowing them to settle in Merseyside.

Who is Ulla Sandrock’s Husband, Jurgen Klopp?

Jurgen Klopp, a German, currently leads Liverpool FC in the Premier League as head coach. During his playing career (1990–2001), he mainly played for Mainz. Klopp then transitioned to coaching, guiding Mainz to their first Bundesliga appearance and a UEFA Cup spot before their 2007 relegation.

With Dortmund, he clinched two Bundesliga titles, one German Cup, two Super Cups, and reached the Champions League final in 2013. At Liverpool FC, Klopp’s leadership brought home the Champions League in 2018–19 and the Premier League in 2019–20.

Managerial Honours

Klopp’s teams, known for their exhilarating football, have won several titles. During his tenure, he has achieved these notable victories:


  • Bundesliga promotion: 2003–04

Borussia Dortmund

  • Bundesliga: 2010–11, 2011–12
  • DFB-Pokal: 2011–12
  • DFL-Supercup: 2013, 2014
  • Champions League runner-up: 2012–13

Liverpool FC

  • League Cup runner-up: 2015–16
  • Europa League runner-up: 2015–16
  • Champions League runner-up: 2017-18
  • Champions League: 2018–19
  • Uefa Super Cup: 2019
  • Fifa Club World Cup: 2019
  • Premier League: 2019-20

Ulla Sandrock and Jurgen Klopp’s Children

Ulla Sandrock

Jurgen Klopp and Ulla Sandrock have no children together. Klopp has a son, Marc, from his previous marriage. Ulla and Marc have developed a strong relationship. Marc attended their wedding on December 5, 2005.

At 23, Marc witnessed Ulla and Klopp’s wedding vows. He once pursued football in Dortmund but retired due to injuries.

Ulla Sandrock’s Net Worth

Ulla Sandrock’s net worth currently stands at $200,000. As a social worker and children’s book author, she has earned a considerable amount from her work. Sandrock stays away from social media, not using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Jurgen Klopp’s Net Worth

Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool F.C., reportedly has a net worth of $50 million. He boasts endorsements with Warsteiner, Opel, Philips, and Sky Deutschland. Klopp also represents New Balance as a brand ambassador, the company producing Liverpool’s kits.


Who is Ulla Sandrock?

Ulla Sandrock is the wife of Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp and a former social worker and children’s book author.

What is Ulla Sandrock’s profession?

Ulla Sandrock worked as a social worker and is also a children’s book author, known for books like “Tom and the Magic Football.”

How did Ulla Sandrock and Jurgen Klopp meet?

They met in 2005 at an Oktoberfest celebration, where Ulla was working as a waitress.

When did Ulla Sandrock and Jurgen Klopp get married?

Ulla and Jurgen tied the knot in December 2005.

What is Ulla Sandrock’s net worth?

Ulla Sandrock’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000.

Does Ulla Sandrock attend Liverpool matches?

Yes, Ulla Sandrock frequently attends Liverpool matches, actively supporting the team.

Who is Jurgen Klopp?

Jurgen Klopp is a German football manager, currently the head coach of Liverpool FC.

What are some of Jurgen Klopp’s notable achievements as a manager?

Klopp has won several titles, including two Bundesliga championships with Dortmund and the Champions League and Premier League with Liverpool FC.

What is Jurgen Klopp’s net worth?

Jurgen Klopp’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million.

Does Jurgen Klopp have any children?

Yes, Jurgen Klopp has a son, Marc, from his previous marriage to Sabine Klopp.

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