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Maxxine Dupri is an extremely recent wrestler. She made a lot of news in 2022 with a breakthrough performance. However, that still does not change the fact that she is quite new in the space. Although she has quite some fan following, she still does not have a Wikipedia page. So, it is difficult to gain information about her, who she is, or her background before she gained prominence as a professional wrestler to a certain extent. However, we gathered whatever bits and information we could about Maxxine Dupri. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and there is all that you must know about this young and promising female wrestler at WWE.

Moreover, despite being monstrous at her game, she is also exceptionally attractive which makes her a model figure. She has also worked with other sporting contingencies before she officially joined the WWE. Let us see more about her.

Maxxine Dupri Wiki

So, you already know that a lot is not known about Maxxine Dupri currently. However, if you are really fanning hard for this young wrestler, we might have some information for you!

Full name Sydney Jeannine Zmrzel


Maxxine Dupri in WWE, Sofia Cromwell in NXT
Date of Birth 19 May 1997
Age 25 years
Birthplace Phoenix, Arizona. However, she currently stays in Orlando, Florida.
Nationality American
Profession Wrestler, model and previously a cheerleader. However, she also manages her own company. So, she has a clothing brand called Jaunty. She is a fashion designer away from the limelight and opened the brand when she was only 21 in 2019.


Anthony Luke- the American footballer.
Religion Not explicitly known
Zodiac sign Taurus
Race/ ethnicity She has American citizenship. However, her ethnicity is not clearly known.

So, we have dealt with the personal life and background of Maxxine Dupri in more than enough detail. Therefore, now let us shift focus to her professional career which includes wrestling, dancing, managing her business, and so on.

Maxxine Dupri Real Name

So, if you are a WWE fan or someone who knows how things work there, you must be definitely aware of the fact that ring names are not real names. For example, who does not know The Rock? Being a legendary WWE wrestler to a hit Hollywood actor, we all know him. However, in reality, he is Dwayne Johnson. Moreover, for every contingency that you wrestle for, you will have a different ring name. So, if one wrestles for more than one platform, one will have multiple ring names. This is the exact case with Maxxine Dupri. She took birth as Sydney Jeannine Zmrzel. Therefore, this is her real name.

So, Maxxine Dupri is her current ring name. Therefore, she debuted in the WWE with the name Maxxine Dupri in 2022. However, she is also a part of NXT. Hence, she has a different ring name there. She is called Sofia Cromwell there. However, as you already know none of these are her real names.

Maxxine Dupri Age

So, we already know that Maxxine Dupri is rather young and fresh in the WWE franchise. Hence, this American wrestler took birth on 19 May 1997. Therefore, currently, she is only 25 years old. So, she might be very young. Yet, she has achieved a lot during this short time span. She has worked in both the NXT and WWE universes which are the biggest names when it comes to popular professional wrestling.

Maxxine Dupri Height

When you deal with a celebrity who is an actor or a sportsperson, you automatically take a close look at their physique. Moreover, why shouldn’t you? Their bodies are indeed the biggest part of their business and their greatest assets. They want people to notice them. Maxxine Dupri is also an extremely strong and attractive young wrestler at the same time. Moreover, her game demands she is very well-built. However, she is not very tall when it comes to standard height.

So, she has a height of 1.73m. Therefore, this means around 5 feet 7 inches but a little less than that. Hence, she is shorter than the average white woman. However, that has nothing to do with her performance. Let us take a quick look at some of her other physical dimensions.

Hair Color So, like most celebrities, Maxxine Dupri also does a lot of styling and dyeing with her hair. However, she could do anything and still look as gorgeous as ever. Currently, she has dyed her hair blonde.

However, her base hair color is a simple brown.

Eye Color Dark Brown
Height Feet – 5 feet 6.4 inches

Meters – 1. 73 m

Centimeters – 173 cm

Weight In kilogram- 61

In lbs- 134

 Maxxine Dupri Dance

So, before she stepped into the realm of professional wrestling, Maxxine Dupri used to be a cheerleader. Moreover, you can still find her dancing videos on Instagram reels, TikTok, and other platforms. So, she worked as a cheerleader for the LA Rams as well as the Phoenix Suns. However, there is a very strong reason why she gives that up and joins NXT, and then WWE. She herself says that in one of her interviews.

So, when she joined WWE, she did not just want to make money. Her primary aim was to get a belt around her waist because that is exactly why she wanted to be a wrestler from being a cheerleader. She said when she cheered for the Los Angeles Rams, they made it to the final- the Super Bowl. However, they finally lost. Moreover, when she cheered for the Phoenix Suns, her experience remained exactly the same. So, the team did manage to go to the NBA finals but they finally lost. These losses cost her a bit too much.

After cheerleading for so many matches, she said she was tired to see a team of men losing yet another match. Moreover, it was particularly distressing for her because as a cheerleader she was just a puppet. She could do nothing about it. Therefore, she wanted to join the WWE, and take the responsibility of winning a match on her own shoulders.

Maxxine Dupri WWE

So, her wrestling career began with WWE where she got the name, Maxxine Dupri. Therefore, at the beginning of this year, she participated in a tryout that WWE had organized. However, she went a long way from there. Hence, she managed to secure a contract with WWE soon after. Moreover, her introduction to WWE created a lot of waves.

So, she had left behind the storyline of the model powerhouse fighting group. Therefore, she is leading a solo show. The reason behind this is that Vince McMahon ousted Max Dupri. McMahon is a long-standing boss in WWE and this was his verdict. Therefore, her story sister emerged to be Maxxine Dupri who is receiving a gush of popularity.

Maxxine Dupri NXT

So, Maxxine Dupri really had her time in 2022. She finalized her contract and entered the NXT universe earlier this year. Therefore, she got her ring name, Sofia Cromwell. She worked with Robert Stone on screens. However, at that time, she was also managing Von Wagner. Therefore, she was remarkable in the rivalry between Robert Stone and Solo Sikoa which became very popular. However, this is not just it. Since she has worked with Robert Stone, this is going to impact her career hugely. She is taking the perfect steps in controlling Maximum Male Models sometime in the near or far future.

Moreover, another interesting fact that we might have missed out on is she performs under the brand of Smackdown. On July 22, 2022, she debuted with them and got the pseudonym, Maxxine Dupri. Therefore, she was represented as a member of the Maximum Male Models stable. And, as you already know, she was the sister of Max Dupri, as per the storyline.

Maxxine Dupri Jaunty

So, Jaunty is a clothing brand that Maxxine Dupri built from scratch. Therefore, behind the limelight of her modeling, wrestling, and cheerleading career, she is also a skilled fashion designer. As a result of her efforts, she launched her clothing line back in 2019. It was important to notice that she was only 21 at that point in time. Therefore, she was quite a young entrepreneur while having a thriving cheerleading and modeling career. So, she really has achieved a lot in such a short time.

So, now that we have discussed her professional life in detail as well, let us go to the final part. Her social media accounts.

Maxxine Dupri Twitter

So, Maxxine Dupri is there on Twitter and is quite popular there. Hence, she has a follower count of more than 21k which is huge. On the other hand, she follows only 255 people. However, it has been a long time since she joined Twitter which was back in December 2011. Her username is @maxxinedupri. Therefore, you can easily find her with this name. Her bio says she is a WWE SuperStar, Director of Talent at Maximum Male Models, and the owner and designer of Jaunty. Most of her content on Twitter is from the ring- her looks, or her performance! Moreover, she also retweets a lot of her appearances.

Maxxine Dupri Instagram

So, she is there on Instagram as well. You can find her out on @maxxinedupri. Most of her posts feature her own pictures- whether from the ring or in a steamy selfie or from a modeling shoot. However, she has a range of highlights from her holidays or the places she has visited. Currently, she has a follower count of 71.9k with 426 posts and 1380 following. Moreover, she is quite regular at posting. Therefore, you can come across her posts and stories every now and then. She also shares pictures from her personal collection, her friends, her vacations, and so on.

Maxxine Dupri Husband/Boyfriend

As per reports, Maxxine Dupri is currently dating Anthony Luke who is an American footballer. She has not publicly announced that she is married, and there is no information available about her wedding or marital status. However, without any official confirmation from Daigle herself, any information about her wedding or marital status is purely speculative.

Maxxine Dupri FAQs

Who is Maxxine Dupri WWE?

So, Maxxine Dupri recently made her debut in WWE in 2022. She is the storyline sister of Max Dupri. However, Maxxine Dupri is just her ring name in WWE. She has a huge identity outside that. So, she has worked as a cheerleader and works as a model and manager for NXT. Moreover, she also owns her own clothing business Jaunty. Therefore, she is really a multifaceted American businessman. Additionally, she is only 25 years old. So, she has achieved a lot in a remarkably short time.

How old is Maxine from WWE?

First things first, this is not the same person as the Maxxine Dupri that we are talking about. So, this is the ring name of Karlee Leilani Perez. She took birth on 19 April 1986. Therefore, currently, she is 36 years of age.

Why did Maxine leave the WWE?

So, Karlee Leilani Perez left the WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment due to a large number of frustrations. The 36-year-old star said that the house did not offer her a steady and guaranteed contract. Moreover, she felt her opportunities were narrowing down. She said she did not see a future where she could prove her worth. So, she was unable to take herself beyond the WWE NXT level. Hence, she left.

Who is Sophia Cromwell?

So, Sophia Cromwell is the ring name that Sydney Jeannine Zmrzel uses in the NXT universe. She had participated in a tryout that WWE or the World Wrestling Entertainment had organized in Las Vegas, Nevada. Out of the fourteen attendees who could manage to sign a contract with them, she was one of the most prominent ones. It was from then that her persona as Sofia Cromwell came into being.

Who has Robert Stone managed?

Robert Stone is a monumental figure in NXT. Moreover, Maxxine Dupri has also worked with him. So, ever since he signed with them, he has managed live events with several wrestlers. The list includes people ranging from Riddick Moss to Rinku Singh, Dorian Mak to Sourav Gujar. Moreover, he always had the best gift of gab. This makes him a remarkable manager.

Is Maxxine Dupri Married?

Maxxine Dupri has not publicly announced that she is married, and there is no information available about her wedding or marital status.

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