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Born on July 27, 1980, Nicholas Theodore Nemeth is an American stand-up comedian and professional wrestler. He gained fame primarily during his tenure with WWE, where he went by the ring name Dolph Ziggler.

Coming from an accomplished amateur wrestling background, where he made significant records for Kent State University, Nemeth transitioned into professional wrestling in 2004, joining WWE’s developmental program. Initial assignments saw him at Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) under his real name, before advancing to the Raw brand, adopting the persona of a caddie for Kerwin White. His journey included a brief return to OVW and participation in the Spirit Squad, a cheerleading-themed team winning the World Tag Team Championship.

Following a stint at Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) where he won the Tag Team Championship twice, Nemeth made a significant return to WWE’s main roster in 2008, rebranded as Dolph Ziggler. His decorated career features 15 championship titles, including the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Championships, among others. He has also earned distinctive achievements like becoming the sole survivor in two Survivor Series matches, winning the 2012 Money in the Bank, and headlining various WWE pay-per-view events. His unique blend of professional wrestling and comedy has made him a distinct figure in WWE.

Dolph Ziggler: Get all the details about the WWE superstar, including his wiki, real name, age, height, net worth, WWE career, brother, wife, signature move, appearances in movies and TV shows, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs). Explore the exciting world of Dolph Ziggler, his achievements, and his unique wrestling style.

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Category Details
Birth name Nicholas Theodore Nemeth
Born July 27, 1980 (age 43)
Birthplace Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.
Relatives Ryan Nemeth (brother)
Ring name(s) Dolph Ziggler, Nick Nemeth, Nicky, Colonel Sanders
Billed height 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Billed weight 218 lb (99 kg)
Billed from Hollywood, Florida
Trained by Florida Championship Wrestling, Lance Storm, Ohio Valley Wrestling, Steve Keirn, Tom Prichard
Debut November 3, 2004

Early Life

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, popularly known as Dolph Ziggler in the WWE, was born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 27, 1980. A childhood fan of professional wrestling, he attended his first wrestling event at five and made a decisive career choice by 12. His ring name, “Dolph,” was a tribute to his great-grandfather, while “Ziggler” was a friend’s suggestion, as he shared on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling Podcast.

Nemeth’s wrestling journey began at St. Edward High School in Lakewood, Ohio, where he competed as an amateur wrestler. Here, he established a school record with 82 career pins, sharing the mat with teammates like Gray Maynard and Andy Hrovat. Their collective efforts propelled the team to secure National Championships twice.

Nemeth’s wrestling prowess extended into his college years at Kent State University, where he set a then-record for most career wins. Although surpassed in 2006, he remained a celebrated figure in the team’s history, standing second for all-time career victories as of 2010, boasting 121 wins from 2000 to 2003. Simultaneously, he pursued a major in political science, minoring in pre-law.

Nemeth’s impressive academic pursuits earned him acceptance into Arizona State University’s law school. However, his wrestling career took precedence when he was offered a WWE tryout. A distinguished collegiate wrestler, he became a three-time All-Mid-American Conference champion, winning the 165 lb tournament in 2000, 2002, and 2003. As of 2010, he was the most recent Kent State University wrestler to claim three amateur wrestling championships.

Dolph Ziggler Real Name

The real name of Dolph Ziggler is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth​​.

Dolph Ziggler Nationality & Ethnicity

Dolph Ziggler, the accomplished professional wrestler, hails from the United States, making him American by nationality. In terms of his ethnic background, Ziggler has a diverse heritage that includes Hungarian, Irish, English, Italian, and possibly other ethnicities as well.

Dolph Ziggler Parents, Family & Brother

Dolph Ziggler, whose birth name is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, was born on July 27, 1980, in Cleveland, Ohio. His passion for professional wrestling ignited at a young age when he attended a wrestling event at the Richfield Coliseum at the age of five. This early exposure to the world of wrestling planted the seed for his future career.

At the age of 12, Ziggler made a firm decision to pursue professional wrestling as his calling. Drawing inspiration from his wrestling idol and in honor of his great-grandfather, he adopted the name “Dolph” as his wrestling moniker. Additionally, it was a friend who recommended the surname “Ziggler,” which completed his wrestling persona.

Within Ziggler’s family, he has a brother named Ryan Nemeth, who also shares a passion for professional wrestling. Ryan Nemeth has ventured into the wrestling industry himself and has made a name for himself as a professional wrestler.

Dolph Ziggler Age: How Old is Dolph Ziggler?

Dolph Ziggler, the accomplished professional wrestler, was born on July 27, 1980, making him 43 years old as of 2023. Over the years, Ziggler has garnered a significant following and established himself as a prominent figure in the world of wrestling.

Dolph Ziggler Height: How Tall is Dolph Ziggler?

Dolph Ziggler, the acclaimed professional wrestler and entertainer, has a height that is commonly listed as 5 feet 11 inches, which is equivalent to approximately 180.3 centimeters. While Ziggler occasionally refers to himself as “about 6 feet” on his Twitter, he has also stated his height as 5’11” in other interviews and articles.

Dolph Ziggler Weight: How Much Does Dolph Ziggler Weigh?

Dolph Ziggler, the renowned professional wrestler and entertainer, has a weight that is estimated to be around 218 pounds or roughly 99 kilograms. Known for his impressive physique and athleticism, Ziggler’s weight plays a significant role in his wrestling career, as it contributes to his overall strength and agility in the ring.

Dolph Ziggler Professional Wrestling Career: World Wrestling Entertainment / WWE

Dolph Ziggler, real name Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, is a professional wrestler and stand-up comedian. He signed a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2004 and has been a significant figure in the organization since then.

Early Career and The Spirit Squad (2004–2006)

Ziggler made his first appearance in WWE in 2004, wrestling primarily in dark matches and house shows under his real name. In 2005, he was repackaged as part of an all-male cheerleader group known as The Spirit Squad, taking on the name Nicky. The Spirit Squad was a heel (villainous) stable that found considerable success, even capturing the World Tag Team Championship.

Developmental territories (2007–2008)

After the disbandment of The Spirit Squad, Nemeth returned to WWE’s developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). Here he adopted the name “Dolph Ziggler” and began refining his character, which was that of an arrogant, show-stealing performer.

Repackaging (2008–2010)

In 2008, Ziggler was re-introduced to the main roster. His catchphrase, “Hi, I’m Dolph Ziggler,” was an instant hit and helped to distinguish his character. He began establishing himself as a workhorse in the company, regularly delivering high-quality matches.

Intercontinental Champion (2010–2011)

Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler won his first Intercontinental Championship in 2010, defeating Kofi Kingston. His reign as Intercontinental Champion helped solidify his reputation as a reliable and talented performer, capable of bringing prestige to the titles he held.

United States Champion (2011–2012)

In 2011, Ziggler captured the United States Championship, further cementing his status as a mid-card stalwart. His technical wrestling prowess was evident in his matches, and he was often praised for his ability to sell the offensive maneuvers of his opponents.

World Heavyweight Champion (2012–2013)

Ziggler’s career reached its peak when he won the World Heavyweight Championship in 2013. He cashed in his Money in the Bank contract the night after WrestleMania 29, in one of the most celebrated moments of his career.

Feud with The Authority (2013–2015)

After losing the World Heavyweight Championship due to injury, Ziggler found himself in a storyline feuding with The Authority, a power-hungry stable led by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Ziggler’s underdog struggle against The Authority was a major storyline during this period.

Storyline with Lana and Rusev (2015–2016)

In 2015, Ziggler was involved in a romantic storyline with Lana, who had just split from Rusev. The storyline was controversial and was eventually dropped.

Championship Reigns (2016–2018)

During these years, Ziggler had numerous runs with the Intercontinental and United States Championships. His reigns further proved his versatility as both a heel and a face (hero) character.

Alliance with Drew McIntyre (2018–2019)

In 2018, Dolph Ziggler formed an alliance with Drew McIntyre on Raw. They attacked Titus Worldwide and defeated them. Ziggler won the Intercontinental Championship from Seth Rollins with McIntyre’s help. They continued their partnership and successfully defended the Raw Tag Team Championship against Rollins and Dean Ambrose at Hell in a Cell. However, tensions arose within their group, and Braun Strowman joined them temporarily to combat The Shield. They eventually lost the tag team titles to Rollins and Ambrose due to Strowman’s interference.

Ziggler and McIntyre had a match against each other, which Ziggler won with interference from Finn Bálor. After some back-and-forth encounters, McIntyre defeated Ziggler in a cage match. Ziggler later appeared in the Royal Rumble match and had a comedy tour, leading to his absence from WWE television.

The Dirty Dawgs (2019–2022)

Dolph Ziggler returned to SmackDown Live and had a feud with WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, but failed to win the title. He also had unsuccessful attempts at winning the WWE Championship from Kevin Owens and Kingston in triple threat matches. Ziggler attacked Shawn Michaels and The Miz, leading to a match against Goldberg at SummerSlam, which he lost.

Ziggler teamed up with Robert Roode and won the Raw Tag Team Championship, but lost the titles to The Viking Raiders. They aligned with King Corbin and participated in the Royal Rumble. Ziggler had a feud with Otis over Mandy Rose and was later traded to Raw. He challenged Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship but was unsuccessful.

Ziggler and Roode won the SmackDown Tag Team Championship and later lost it to Rey and Dominik Mysterio. They were drafted to Raw and participated in a #1 contender’s match for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Ziggler competed in the Survivor Series battle royal and the Royal Rumble.

NXT Champion (2022–2023)

On February 8, during an NXT 2.0 episode, Ziggler made an unexpected appearance in a segment featuring Bron Breakker and Santos Escobar. He went on to win the NXT Championship in a triple threat match against Tommaso Ciampa and reigning champion Breakker at NXT Roadblock on March 8.

Ziggler successfully defended his title against L.A. Knight the next week and retained it against Breakker at Stand & Deliver on April 2, thanks to interference from Roode. However, his 27-day reign ended when he lost the title to Breakker on the April 4 episode of Raw.

Ziggler was not picked in the 2023 WWE Draft and was subsequently released on September 21, 2023, concluding his 19-year association with WWE.

Dolph Ziggler Released 2023

In a shocking turn of events, Dolph Ziggler, one of WWE’s longest-tenured stars, was released from the company on September 21, 2023. According to Forbes, his release came amid a new merger and TV deal that also saw other notable wrestlers like Shelton Benjamin let go.

Sporting News highlighted that Ziggler’s real name, Nick Nemeth, was among the biggest releases from the company this year. CBS Sports reported that Ziggler was among more than 20 superstars released after the announcement of a new TV deal. USA Today confirmed that Ziggler’s release was part of major cuts made by WWE. Sportskeeda even speculated on the potential reasons behind Ziggler’s surprising release, although details remain unclear.

This development has left fans and industry experts alike questioning the future direction of WWE, especially considering Ziggler’s 19-year association with the company. His release not only marks the end of an era but also raises questions about the stability and career longevity of other WWE talents. As the wrestling world continues to react to this news, all eyes are on Ziggler to see what his next move will be in the ever-evolving landscape of professional wrestling.

Professional Wrestling Style and Persona

Dolph Ziggler’s prowess in the wrestling ring is hailed by Sports Illustrated as phenomenal, with his performances captivating fans and fellow athletes alike. The magazine lauds Ziggler for his compelling and believable mic skills, as well as his exceptional talent to enhance his opponents’ performances. Jim Cornette, a notable figure in the wrestling world, has likened Ziggler to wrestling icon Curt Hennig, expressing surprise at the intensity and skill with which Ziggler has honed his craft.

Ziggler is known for his signature finishing moves, the Zig Zag and superkick, both showcasing his agility and strength. Earlier in his career, he was known to deploy a sleeper hold submission, demonstrating his wrestling versatility. His athleticism and dynamic persona earned him the nicknames “The Showstealer” and “The Showoff.” He was also called “The Natural” in his early days. As his career progressed, his association with Vickie Guerrero gave rise to additional nicknames like “Blonde Ambition” and “Blonde Perfection,” reflecting his signature blonde hair.

The wrestling superstar first emerged in the wrestling scene as a caddie sidekick, but this was short-lived following Chavo Guerrero’s departure from his golfer gimmick. Ziggler’s first lasting persona was as Nicky, a member of the Spirit Squad, where he experienced moderate success, including a World Tag Team Championship win. This phase of his career involved intense training with real cheerleaders and gymnasts to cultivate authenticity.

In 2008, Ziggler was reintroduced as a narcissistic character that resonated with audiences. He showcased an exaggerated ego, employing underhanded tactics in the ring, and proclaiming himself as “perfection.” His character evolved in 2013, becoming a determined individual bent on proving his worth. Further transformations included mimicking other wrestlers to provoke audiences, and a self-pitying heel blaming others for his setbacks.

Stand-Up Comedy

Ryan Nemeth, a professional wrestler, developed an interest in stand-up comedy during his upbringing, influenced by comedians like Johnny Carson, Dana Carvey, and Adam Sandler. In 2013, he performed stand-up for the first time in a small Los Angeles venue and received offers to perform at comedy clubs near WWE events.

Nemeth had been studying comedy for nearly a decade in preparation for a comedy career. He co-hosted an improv comedy show called Flying Chuck with fellow wrestlers John Morrison and Ryan Nemeth. Eventually, he became an opening act for his friend Sarah Tiana and appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle III in 2018. While still wrestling for WWE, Nemeth began seriously pursuing stand-up comedy and headlined shows close to WWE pay-per-view events, utilizing the wrestling fan base.

After the 2019 Royal Rumble, he embarked on his first headlining tour and took a break from WWE television to focus on it. He later continued the tour, scheduling shows in Texas for late May.

Dolph Ziggler Championships and Accomplishments

Dolph Ziggler, a renowned professional wrestler, has established himself as one of the most accomplished athletes in the industry. Throughout his career, Ziggler has amassed an impressive collection of championships and accomplishments, demonstrating his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport. The following table showcases the various titles and accolades that Dolph Ziggler has earned throughout his journey in the world of professional wrestling.

Championship Number of Times
FCW Florida Tag Team Championship 2
NXT Championship 1
World Heavyweight Championship 2
WWE United States Championship 2
WWE Intercontinental Championship 6
WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship 1
WWE Raw Tag Team Championship 2
World Tag Team Championship 1
Money in the Bank 1

Dolph Ziggler Personal Life & Relationship

Dolph Ziggler’s Girlfriend

As of 2023, the 43-year-old American wrestler Dolph Ziggler is in a relationship with Ashley Mae Sebera. Known for his relatively private nature, Ziggler tends to keep his personal life out of the public eye. His current relationship status indicates a clear commitment to privacy in his personal affairs​.

Dolph Ziggler’s Wife

Despite being in a long-term relationship with Ashley Mae Sebera since 2015, WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler, whose real name is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, is not married as of 2023. His partner, known by her ring name Dana Brooke, is also a professional wrestler and fitness model, making them a particularly athletic couple​.

Dolph Ziggler Married

As of 2023, Dolph Ziggler is not married. His long-term relationship with Ashley Mae Sebera has not led to marriage, making him one of the prominent WWE figures who are currently unmarried​.

Dolph Ziggler Children

Regarding children, Dolph Ziggler does not have any as of 2023. Despite his long-term relationship with Ashley Mae Sebera, they have not had children together​​.

Dolph Ziggler Relationship/Dating History

Throughout his career, Dolph Ziggler has been involved with several women. He had a relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella during his early days in WWE around 2008. They ended their relationship a few years later due to Ziggler’s alleged infidelity, but they remain friends according to Bella​.

Ziggler also had a brief relationship with WWE Hall of Famer Sunny over a decade ago. Their relationship did not extend beyond a short fling, according to Sunny​​.

In 2012, Ziggler was involved in a relationship with actress Amy Schumer. The relationship lasted only a few months, with Schumer stating that she broke up with Ziggler because their intimate relationship was “too athletic.” Despite this, Ziggler and Schumer remain friends​.

Ziggler also had a relationship with WWE 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke. They were together for nearly two years between 2015 and 2017. While they never publicly discussed their relationship, they shared numerous personal photos together on social media. After their breakup, Brooke has had several relationships, including her current engagement to Mixed Martial Artist Ulysses Diaz​.

Dolph Ziggler Brother

Dolph Ziggler

Due to his involvement with AEW, Ryan Nemeth’s name has already begun to gain recognition among the professional wrestling community. However, despite the fact that he worked for WWE, not many people were aware of him prior to earning that opportunity. He spent several years working for the corporation in development, although he was never entirely successful.

However, for the previous ten years, his brother, Dolph Ziggler, has been a prominent performer in the WWE. Ryan is a brilliant talker, so WWE may have made a decent decision by pairing the two men up on TV. But it never materialised, and instead he went on to become successful in movies and, most recently, in wrestling.

Dolph Ziggler Net Worth 2023

American professional wrestler and stand-up comedian Dolph Ziggler, reputed as one of the best in his field, possesses a net worth of around $52 million in 2023. This estimate is sourced from various web publications, solidifying his standing in the professional wrestling world.

Ziggler’s Luxurious Car Collection

Ziggler is known for owning a collection of high-end, luxurious cars. Notably, he recently acquired a $2 million USD Bugatti Veyron. Other notable vehicles in his collection include:

  • Lamborghini Urus
  • Audi Q8
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom
  • Jaguar F-TYPE
  • Porsche Cayenne

Dolph Ziggler’s Lavish Home

Ziggler’s residence is a grand 10,000-square-foot house in Cleveland, Ohio, which he bought for an estimated $15 million. This sprawling villa offers an array of high-end features. The home comes equipped with two indoor pools, a home cinema, a game room, among other luxury amenities.

Dolph Ziggler Movies

Some films of Dolph are:

  • Me Him Her in 2015.
  • Buddy Hutchins in 2015 also.
  • Countdown in 2016.
  • The Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania! In 2017.
  • The Speed of Time in 2020.

Some of his TV shows are:

  • Deal or No Deal in 2009.
  • Lopez Tonight in 2010.
  • Silent Library in 2011.
  • Total Divas from 2014 to 2017.
  • @midnight with Chris Hardwick in 2017.
  • Adam Ruins Everything in 2017 also.
  • Wild ‘n Out in 2018.
  • Jeff Ross Presents Roast Battle in 2018 also.
  • Miz & Mrs. in 2018 and 2022.
  • The Challenge in 2018 also.

Dolph Ziggler Twitter

Zigger has an account on Twitter with the username @HEELZiggler. Also, he has 2.6 Million followers and follows 3204 people. Moreover, he joined Twitter in August 2018. Also, he has tweeted 39 times.

Dolph Ziggler Signature Move

Heart Stopper

Although it occasionally comes after several elbow drops, this is a typical jumping elbow drop. The athleticism of Ziggler may occasionally give me a large air for the jumping elbow drop, which is then followed by theatrics. Although there is no proof, it is widely believed that this move was one of the main causes of Jerry “The King” Lawler’s heart attack that occurred shortly after his match with Dolph Ziggler.

Satellite DDT

The opponent is pulled down on their head by Ziggler using his weight and momentum after jumping up while maintaining the front facelock in this variation of the jumping DDT. Ziggler can once more jump extremely high, which gives this move greater strength and momentum.


The technique is a leg drop bulldog in which Ziggler jumps in the air and utilises one of his legs to push down on an opponent’s head. One of Ziggler’s primary hallmark moves is it.

Zig Zag

For this manoeuvre, Ziggler performs a jumping reverse bulldog. He springs forward while facing or diagonally across from his opponent, grabs his head, and pulls backward, causing both men to fall to the ground face down (on their back). Originally Ziggler’s finisher, this is now considered one of his hallmark moves.


Ziggler used to make this his signature move, but it is now his go-to finisher. Ziggler also places his kick on the chin of his opponent, much like Shawn Michaels does in Sweet Chin Music.

Dolph Ziggler & Vickie Guerrero

Dolph Ziggler

One of the WWE’s quickest-rising talents is without a doubt Dolph Ziggler, who won the World Heavyweight Championship Money in the Bank contract. Ziggler must let go of some unnecessary baggage in order to take off fully, which requires him to do without Vickie Guerrero.

Vickie has been Ziggler’s manager for more than two years, and while she initially helped him get some attention and was a valuable tool, she is now Dolph’s biggest obstacle. Ziggler must go it alone because he consistently makes an impression in the ring and has demonstrated skill on the mic when given the chance.

Dolph Ziggler & Ryan Nemeth

Dolph Ziggler

In response to the notion of teaming up with Ryan Nemeth, an AEW wrestler and brother, Dolph Ziggler has expressed his opinion.

Also, Dolph (actual name Nicholas Nemeth) has been connected with WWE for almost 18 years. One of today’s top in-ring performers is largely acknowledged to be the former NXT champion. Also, Ryan Nemeth, his younger brother, put a lot of effort into the independent music scene for eight years before Tony Khan signed him in 2021.

On social media, the Nemeth brothers frequently make sarcastic jabs at one another. Fans frequently enjoy the sibling jabs between the two Cleveland natives who work for competing promotions.

Dolph Ziggler FAQs

Who is Dolph Ziggler?

Dolph Ziggler, whose real name is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, is an American professional wrestler. He gained fame and recognition for his time in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) where he performed under the ring name Dolph Ziggler.

What is Dolph Ziggler’s real name?

Dolph Ziggler’s real name is Nicholas Theodore Nemeth​.

When and where was Dolph Ziggler born?

He was born on July 27, 1980, in Cleveland, Ohio, United States​​.

What is Dolph Ziggler’s height and weight?

Dolph Ziggler stands at approximately 6 feet (183 cm) tall and weighs around 218 pounds (99 kg).

What is Dolph Ziggler’s career in wrestling?

Dolph Ziggler signed a developmental contract with WWE in 2004 and was sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He made his debut on the main roster in 2005, and after a stint back in OVW and Florida Championship Wrestling, he returned to the main roster in 2008 as Dolph Ziggler. He has held numerous championships in WWE, including the World Heavyweight Championship, the NXT Championship, and the Intercontinental Championship, among others​​.

Where did Dolph Ziggler’s name come from?

Ziggler chose the name “Dolph” because it was his great-grandfather’s name. The surname “Ziggler” was suggested by a friend​.

What is Dolph Ziggler’s background in amateur wrestling?

Ziggler was an amateur wrestler in high school and college. He holds the school record for most pins in a career with 82 at St. Edward High School. He was also a collegiate wrestler at Kent State University, setting what was then the record for most career wins in the team’s history​.

What did Dolph Ziggler study in college?

He majored in political science with a pre-law minor at Kent State University​.

What was Dolph Ziggler planning to do before he joined WWE?

Before his WWE tryout, he had been accepted to law school at Arizona State University​.

What is Dolph Ziggler’s finishing move?

Dolph Ziggler’s finishing move is called the “Zig Zag.” It is a jumping reverse bulldog maneuver where he leaps onto his opponent’s back, grabs their head, and falls backward to the mat, driving their face into the canvas.

Has Dolph Ziggler appeared in any movies or TV shows?

Yes, Dolph Ziggler has ventured into acting and has appeared in a few movies and TV shows. Some notable appearances include the films “Countdown” and “6:42.” He has also made guest appearances on television shows such as “Psych” and “Deal or No Deal.”

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