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Austin White, an American famous wrestler and bodybuilder, was born on August 2, 1997. Currently, under contract with WWE, he fights on the Raw roster as Austin Theory. Prior to signing on with WWE, he competed in his own wrestling, winning the WWN Championship, the FIP World Heavyweight Championship, and the Evolve Championship while fighting for several offices covered by the World Wrestling Network.

He has the big title of United States Champion once in the WWE, and after winning the 2022 Money in the Bank ladder match, people gave him a one-year shot at the world championship.

Austin Theory Bio/Wiki

Name Austin Theory
Age 25 Years Old
Height 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters)
Net Worth $1 million USD
Girlfriend Not publicly known
Occupation Professional wrestler
Debut 2016
Brand WWE
Trained by AR Fox, Mr. Hughes, and WWE Performance Center
Championships EVOLVE Tag Team Championship (with Priscilla Kelly)
FIP Tag Team Championship (with Fred Yehi)
NXT North American Championship
Signature move ATL (Austin Theory’s Landing) and TKO (Total Knock Out)

Austin Theory Personal Information


Austin Theory has never been in matrimony and is not currently in one. Currently, he is seeing Jordyn Leonard. They have been dating for more than four years and are currently living. Currently engaged in live in are Jordyn Leonard and Austin Theory. They have been together for around four years and are open about their relationship.

Their shared want for a happy life has made their option to understand one another. Despite having a good relationship, they don’t seem to be getting together anytime soon.

Along with being an online coach, she also works as a bodybuilder and social media model.


Austin Theory was born on August 2, 1997. He is now just 25 years old.


Austin Theory’s height is 6 feet 1 inch or 1.85 m.


Austin Theory weighs around 220 lbs (100 kg).

Net Worth

Austin Theory has had a very successful and well-known career. The Austin Theory is quite famous. Here is the data if you are one of those that search for Austin Theory’s net worth. Austin Theory’s net worth is reportedly $2 million, according to mediareferee.


The tight regulations of WWE are subject to constant change at the whim of Chairman Vince McMahon. Flightful Select have shown the identities of the celebrities who we allow to receive haircuts. So, it is there for the public. According to the claims, Austin Theory is not internally there. We spotted him getting unusual haircuts almost weekly, but little information is there in public regarding why he wasn’t in the list. One of the year’s biggest trends has been theory. Of course, he’s the current US Champion, but it was intriguing that he wasn’t in the list.

Just one day after defeating AJ Styles at the WrestleMania Backlash premium live event, Edge, the current head of “The Judgement Day” faction, debuted a shorter haircut on Monday Night Raw last week.

Austin Theory Finisher

Some individuals just understand it, and Austin Theory quickly developed into the kind of Superstar that travels the globe, wins championships, and eventually joins WWE. In fact, he completed it all before turning 23 and did it in only four delicious years.

Theory is a case study in dramatic, quick development. From 2017 to 2019, he competed in Progress, EVOLVE, and CMLL, where he brushed elbows and shook hands with future NXT and WWE Superstars. He won the EVOLVE Championship in 2019 by defeating Roderick Strong and Fabian Aichner, who would later compete in NXT and NXT UK.

Theory’s reputation was so solid that he joined NXT while still in possession of the championship before briefly switching to Raw.

Theory continued to advance after playing a significant role in The Way in NXT alongside Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, and Indi Hartwell. As a result,Raw finally chose Theory in the 2021 WWE Draft and swiftly became the youngest US Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank in WWE history. Theory might be in charge of this organisation by the time he turns 30.

Austin Theory Parents

On August 2, 1997, Austin Theory was born to his mother and father in Atlanta, Georgia. A WWE star, he is.

His parents’ names and work are not known to us at this time. Also, none of the big news offices has talked to us about them.

In 2015, Austin, being 17 years old, took first place in the Teen Men division of the NPC Georgia Bodybuilding Championship.

He made his great wrestling debut on April 1, 2017, at a Progress and Evolve-hosted show. Also, he worked with Jinny to fight Will Ospreay and Kay Lee Ray in Chapter 67. He won that match.

Austin Theory is a person who lives in the United States and could be white. The wrestler has not yet learned anything about his family.

The online pages haven’t said about his family background either. Therefore, we still don’t know a lot about his family.

Austin Theory is a famous wrestler. He won the Evolve Championship at Evolve 117 by defeating Roderick Strong and Fabian Aichner.

At the start of 2019, he fought Willie Mack, Bárbaro Cavernario, and Sansón to capture the Crash Heavyweight Championship.

He made his debut for The Crash at the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre that same year.

Also, he won over Rush and La Peste Negra in a match with the help of Caristico and Volador Jr.

Then, he fought Bálor on April 18, 2022, to capture the US Championship for the first time in his work. He became the youngest US Champion in WWE history as a result.

Austin Theory Instagram

Instagram users can follow Austin Theory at @austin theory. On his IG page, he has got more than 401 thousand followers. He also follows 417 accounts and has 1428 pictures there.

Austin Theory Biceps

You might have noticed the man on Raw who resembles Seth, Dolph, or Miz in terms of weight and girth. But for a man of his size, his arms are excessively large. There is no indication of his arm length anywhere, so it must be at least 19 inches. You may have noticed that many WWE-trained wrestlers have identical arms. They must have different training regimens, I’m sure.

Austin Theory

Although Austin’s arms are a touch shorter than Cena’s, their shapes are very similar. You may not perform many triceps exercises, but even with limited resources, you can lift high weights in simple triceps exercises like full weights on cable pushdowns and 88 pounds in triceps extensions.

Austin Theory and John Cena

We have seen Theory as the 16-time World Champion, and Vince McMahon as the head of WWE. He maybe sees Theory as the next John Cena. Given that they have both been meaningful at one, a match between the two seems like the natural next step. But there has not been any sign of a good game to date, Theory still tries to push for a talk with the WWE legend at this year’s SummerSlam. On the other hand, Cena respects the US Champion and had kind words to say about him after the latter talked about the veteran in a video in which he was making fun of a teenage Cena fan.

Cena identified Theory as his current favourite wrestler in a recent Q&A on WWE’s TikTok account. He then pointed to his eyes, then to the camera, to show that he was watching Theory. When asked which star needed an attitude adjustment, Cena repeated his previous response, “Theory,” performing the identical action.

McMahon highly regards Theory, who will probably keep promoting the budding star. All parties involved would benefit from a match at SummerSlam, including the many fans who would love to see John Cena back in the ring.

Austin Theory and Vince McMahon Relationship

Because of his strong bond with Vince McMahon, Austin Theory has now spoken out about the WWE founder’s leaving.

The 25-year-old came to the party as McMahon’s friend and will soon start using that name in the ring, according to PWInsider.

austin theory

The wrestler was the choice by the former chairman and CEO, just like Drew McIntyre. They expected him to get great things.

He is currently living up to his reputation. The former United States Champion, who has developed into one of the biggest villains in the business, recently won the Money in the Bank ladder match, giving him the opportunity to challenge for either world title whenever he wants. He owes his old boss a lot as a result, and after a pause, he has spoken about the matter.

Austin Theory and Indi Hartwell

Johnny Gargano, an old NXT Superstar, thinks Indi Hartwell and Austin Theory will become famous WWE stars and work a lot to help the company’s fiscal win.

On NXT, all three people were a part of the The Way group, which also had Candice LeRae. Only Gargano is not now under a sign with WWE.

Following the end of his contract, the former North American Champion cut ties with the great player of pro wrestling in one month.

Johnny Gargano talked about Austin Theory working with Vince McMahon on RAW in a recent interview with Comicbook. He expressed his happiness for the rising celebrity and his belief that WWE has struck gold by signing both Indi Hartwell and the former NXT Superstar.

Austin Theory and Seth Rollins

Famous NXT talent Austin Theory talked about his brief time on the main roster, where he worked with the famous WWE Superstar Seth Rollins. On a recent episode of Table Talk, Theory spoke with WWE Hall of Famer D-Von Dudley on his brief but promising WWE career and his brief time on the main roster.

Later, Theory went back to NXT, where he went to The Way, a stable under the direction of Johnny Gargano.

Though disappointed that he didn’t get to spend more time with Rollins, Theory was appreciative of the time he did.

In 2019, Austin Theory joined WWE after a brief but fruitful experience on the independent circuit.

The 23-year-old performed for promotions including Progress and Evolve after making his professional debut at the age of 18. He had the No. 80 spot among the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2019.

Austin Theory and Johnny Gargano

On one week’s show of Monday Night Raw, Johnny Gargano joined the office again after letting his WWE term end in December. Austin Theory, an old player and the current owner of the Money in the Bank contract, talked to Gargano. Since Triple H took over as WWE’s president of creative in July after Vince McMahon left, rumours about Gargano maybe signing a new contract with the office have grown.

NXT, where Gargano wanted to work for his greatest success and fame in the wrestling industry, there, people found him and The Game booked him. Every important title there by the company, Gargano really held it.

So, at NXT WarGames in December, when the original NXT was thereby Tomasso Ciampa, Pete Dunne, LA Knight, and Tony D’Angelo in a losing effort, Gargano fought in his final match for the brand. The other players were Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, Tony D’Angelo, and Grayson Waller.

On the NXT show the next time, Johnny Wrestling gave a moving farewell speech before he was attacked by Waller at the episode’s climax.

Austin Theory and Bobby Lashley

At SummerSlam on July 30, the WWE United States winner Bobby Lashley will face a bad enemy.

Austin Theory then made a challenge to Lashley for a rematch for the championship at WWE’s premier summer pay-per-view during the opening segment of this week’s show of Monday Night Raw. This past Saturday at Money in the Bank, Lashley won against Theory to capture the win. Lashley used his real Hurt Lock pose to force Theory to tap out, earning him the U.S. title for the third time in his work till date.

We saw Theory as the seventh player in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match after dropping the match. He then was there in the contest, earning himself the right to fight for the uncontested WWE Universal Championship whenever he pleased the next year.

Austin Theory and Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns, a professional wrestler, defeated Drew McIntyre in the night’s main event of the Clash at the Castle in Cardiff, successfully defending his WWE Universal Championship title.

Tyson Fury, the ‘Bloodline’ debutant for Reigns, outpunched Austin Theory to lessen his prospects of winning the Money in the Bank contract, ensuring that the event lived up to its promise.

The fight for the intercontinental championship between Sheamus and Gunther, the current champion, was, nonetheless, the night’s best match.

Below, we examine each of the pay-per-outcomes or views

    • Austin Theory and Alpha Academy lost against wrestlers Madcap Moss and The Street Profits via pinfall.
  • Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss were defeated by Damage Control (Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai) via pinfall.

Austin Theory and Angel Gazra

The Street Profits have upped their game since winning the Raw Tag Team Championships, but when they defend against Austin Theory & Angel Garza at WrestleMania, they’ll have to fend off rivals who know a thing or two about capturing gold.

After dethroning Seth Rollins & Murphy six days earlier on Raw, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins successfully completed their first challenge as champions by defeating them once more in a rematch at WWE Elimination Chamber.

Garza was initially set to partner with United States Champion Andrade, but Zelina Vega declared on the March 30 episode of Raw that Andrade wasn’t physically fit to compete, so she chose Theory to compete in Andrade’s stead.

Garza is a former NXT Cruiserweight Champion, and Zelina Vega’s presence is likely to be significant because La Muneca is always a danger to swinging the scales in favour of her clients.

Austin Theory and Triple H

WWE has previously used the briefcase in unexpected ways. Seth Rollins’ cash-in at WrestleMania 31 is among them. Everyone was shocked by this alteration in the original plan, including Seth Rollins, as it was a first. When Theory chooses a partner, let’s say The Miz, and wins the tag team championship, Hunter can shock the audience once more. Theory will advance and be in good hands with The Miz as his coach and tag team partner. It would enable him to win other titles and ultimately help him win the global title. He will benefit from his character’s eventual evolution.

Is Austin Theory a WWE Champion?

In an unexpected change of events, Austin Theory won the United States Championship from Finn Balor on Monday Night Raw in a title contest.

After the 25-year-old was selected for the main roster in the WWE draught in October, the victory granted Theory his first championship in his early WWE career.

Austin Theory

Since being selected for the Raw brand, Theory has participated in a significant push. After reaching the main roster a little over a month ago, he was named to the men’s Survivor Series. Shortly after, Theory and WWE CEO Vince McMahon were partnered in a protracted plot.

Pat McAfee defeated Theory at WrestleMania 38 earlier this month, but Theory later helped Vince McMahon defeat McAfee in an unscheduled bout.

Theory made his NXT debut in December of 2019 after signing a contract with WWE. Before being returned to NXT in August of that year, he made a brief appearance on Raw beginning in March 2020.

Due to the fact that Ricochet, the intercontinental champion, did not compete at WrestleMania 38, WWE has recently devalued its mid-card belts. In fact, WrestleMania 37 last year was the last time the intercontinental title was defended on a pay-per-view.

The U.S. title victory by Theory may signal a change in WWE’s focus to emphasise its secondary championships more.

Austin theory FAQs

Who defeated Austin White to claim the US belt?

For his first title bout, Theory is treated like royalty. On April 18, 2022, Austin Theory beat Finn Balor to capture the WWE United States Championship.

How long did Austin White reign supreme?

In March 2019, Austin Theory will play in the Evolve Championship. The title was obtained through a staged match, like the majority of professional wrestling championships. Ten reigns have been held by ten different wrestlers.

What gimmick does Austin White use?

Austin Theory’s trademark selfies with teammates and opponents are one of the most recognisable aspects of his gimmick. However, a lot of fans asserted that Tyler Breeze, a former star who was cut, was the source of this concept.

Is Austin White a regular player?

After being selected for WWE Raw in 2021, Austin Theory established himself as a staple on the main roster. Because he stole Vince McMahon’s priceless golden egg at the Survivor Series, he also carries the title of McMahon’s disciple.

Why did people put Austin White on hold?

The #TheSpeakingOut movement brought up Theory’s name. We accuse Theory of sending improper texts to a minor admirer in 2018.

What side of Austin White are you on?

Not always has Theory been a liability. Along with the rest of The Way, he turned Face in 2021.

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