Solo Sikoa: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight, Parents, Siblings, WWE Career, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Awards, FAQs & More

Joseph Yokozuna Fatu, known as Solo Sikoa, stormed the American professional wrestling scene on March 18, 1993. He shines in the WWE SmackDown brand. His career, starting in 2018, showcases relentless dedication. In 2021, NXT 2.0 marked his breakthrough.

As a member of the esteemed Anoa’i family, he continues a proud legacy. His father, Rikishi, also dominated the WWE. Solo’s power and agility stand out. He plays a key role in The Bloodline. He even won the NXT North American Champion title once.

His brothers, Jimmy and Jey Uso, share his fame. Beyond his ring name, he is Joseph Sefa Fatu. He embodies perseverance and excellence. As a WWE rising star, he honors his roots and pushes boundaries.

This biography details Solo Sikoa’s personal and professional life. It covers his age, height, and weight. You’ll learn about his parents and siblings. It highlights his wrestling journey, achievements, and awards. His family life, including his wife and children, gets attention too. His financial success appears through his net worth insights. For more, explore the frequently asked questions. They reveal deeper insights into Solo Sikoa’s life and career.

Solo Sikoa Bio/Wiki

Solo Sikoa

Full Real Name Joseph Fatu
Famous Name Solo Sikoa
Nicknames The Street Champion

The Problem

Sefa Fatu

Uso Jr.

Date of Birth 18 March 1993 (Thursday)
Age (as of 2023) 30 years old
Place of Birth Sacramento, California, United States
Current Residence Sacramento, California, United States
Profession Wrestler, Street Fighter, Athlete, Celebrity Family Member, Social Media Influencer, and Entrepreneur
Net worth USD 3.5 Million (approx.)
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Mixed
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Education Graduate
School/College Dickinson State University
Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 109 kg

Solo Sikoa Early Life

Solo Sikoa

Joseph Fatu, known as Sikoa, hails from Sacramento, California, USA. A devout Christian, he was born on March 18, 1993. Currently, he is 30. From a young age, Sikoa developed a passion for wrestling. His father, Rikishi, coached him, instilling professional wrestling skills early. Fatu, a son of famed Samoan wrestlers, proudly carries on the legacy. His uncles include Umaga and Yokozuna, for whom he named his ring persona.

Sikoa began his education locally before moving to Dickinson State University. Even amidst academic pursuits, his wrestling dream persisted. After completing his studies, he chose the wrestling path. Sikoa quickly climbed the ranks, becoming a notable American wrestling icon. His skill and dedication captivate fans worldwide. As Joseph Fatu continues to shine in the ring, his legacy flourishes.

Solo Sikoa Parents

Solo Sikoa Father

To speak especially about his family, Sikoa is a member of a well-established family of American wrestlers. Solofa Fatu Jr., better known as Rikishi in the ring, is a professional wrestler and former WWE Tag Team Champion.

Solo Sikoa Mother

Sikoa’s mother’s name, on the other hand, is Talisua Fuavai-Fatu. He posted countless images of himself and his mum on social media.

Solo Sikoa Siblings

Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Jeremiah Peniata Fatu are Solo Sikoa’s three brothers. Rikishi, the wrestler’s father, trained the siblings as they grew up. Thavana Monalisa Fatu is the Fatu brothers’ sister. She is a fashion designer and plus-size model. The siblings are of Samoan heritage and are part of the Samoan wrestler Anoa’i family.

Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso

The ring names of twin brothers Joshua Samuel Fatu and Jonathan Solofa Fatu are Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso, respectively. They gained prominence after making their debut as The Usos as a tag team in 2009. WWE signs the brothers, who are part of the Samoan wrestler Anoa’i family. They also belong to The Bloodline stable, which also includes their brother, Solo Sikoa, and cousin, Roman Reigns. His personal attorney, Paul Heyman, and honorary member Sami Zayn were also present.

They are the first and only team to hold the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships simultaneously. Jimmy is married to Trinity McCray, a WWE Diva, and has two daughters, Jayla and Jaidan. Jey Uso is also a married man, having married Takecia Travis in 2015. The couple has two lovely sons. Jimmy and Jey, according to Rikishi, should play in the NFL. He wasn’t thrilled with their decision to wrestle, but fathers support their children.

J. P. Fatu

So, Fatu, Solo Sikoa’s brother, is an entrepreneur and actor. Fatu, unlike his siblings, has avoided the spotlight. Despite the effect of wrestling on his boyhood, he has never participated in wrestling. Jeremiah has not yet participated in wrestling, although he is always supportive of his brothers’ endeavors. His Facebook profile photo features his blood brothers, Joshua Samuel Fatu and Jonathan Solofa. He may be found on Facebook as @Jeremiah S. Fatu. He posted a photo of a lady wearing a matching pair of t-shirts, implying that he is in a relationship with the female.

Solo Sikoa Professional Wrestling Career

Independent circuit (2018–2021)

Kicking off his career on the independent circuit, Solo Sikoa, originally known as Sefa Fatu, made his in-ring debut in April 2018. Teaming up with his cousins, Jacob Fatu and Journey Fatu, he carved out a notable journey in the ring. His skill and prowess quickly led to victory, with Fatu clinching the FSW Nevada State Championship in January 2019. After holding onto the belt for a remarkable 149 days, he conceded to Hammerstone in June. Fatu’s star kept rising as he snatched the Arizona Wrestling Federation (AWF) Heavyweight Title in August 2019, maintaining his reign for an impressive 418 days before relinquishing it in January 2020.

The NXT Journey and WWE Debut (2021-2022)

Solo Sikoa, formerly known as Sefa Fatu, embarked on a new phase of his professional wrestling career when he signed a contract with WWE in August 2021. The WWE audience was first introduced to Sikoa on the NXT brand, where he instantly made an impression.

His debut moment was marked by interrupting a segment between co-hosts Grayson Waller and L.A. Knight during the Halloween Havoc event in October. By disrupting the show, he demonstrated his audacity and readiness to take on the competition. Following this strong introduction, Sikoa’s in-ring debut came about in the November 2 episode of NXT where he defeated Jeet Rama.

Building upon his initial victories, Sikoa eventually found himself at odds with wrestler Boa. This feud escalated to an intense series of matches, and their rivalry culminated in a No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere match on January 25, 2022. Sikoa emerged victorious from this match, displaying his resilience and tactical prowess.

Even as he continued his winning streak, Sikoa faced a significant hurdle: an injury. Despite this setback, Sikoa once again showcased his mettle by overcoming Von Wagner in a falls count anywhere match on the August 2 episode of NXT.

Solo Sikoa’s Transformation into The Bloodline’s Enforcer (2022-Present)

At Clash at the Castle on September 3, 2022, Sikoa returned from injury. He interfered in Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre’s main event match. This move helped Reigns retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Sikoa thus aligned with The Bloodline and turned heel. He debuted on the main roster in SmackDown’s September 9 episode. There, McIntyre beat him by disqualification after Karrion Kross’s attack. On NXT 2.0’s September 13 episode, Sikoa made a surprise entry. He defeated Carmelo Hayes and won the NXT North American Championship. Three nights later, he defended this title at SmackDown against Madcap Moss. However, he had to vacate the title on September 20 on NXT. He wasn’t sanctioned to compete in the match.

At Survivor Series WarGames on November 26, Sikoa and The Bloodline won. They defeated The Brawling Brutes, McIntyre, and Kevin Owens. On March 27, 2023, in Raw, Sikoa faced his first pinfall loss on the main roster. Cody Rhodes defeated him. At Wrestlemania 39 Night 2, Sikoa helped Reigns retain his title against Rhodes. At Night of Champions, Sikoa and Reigns lost a tag team match. The Usos’ interference backfired, causing Jimmy Uso to attack Reigns. This action led The Usos to leave The Bloodline.

On June 2, during a celebration on SmackDown, Sikoa excommunicated Jimmy on Reigns’ order. On June 16, Sikoa’s other brother, Jey, sided with Jimmy against Reigns and Sikoa. At Money in the Bank, Reigns and Sikoa lost to The Usos in a “Bloodline Civil War” tag team match. Jey pinned Reigns, marking Reigns’ first direct pinfall loss since December 2019. Finally, at Crown Jewel, Sikoa defeated John Cena using 9 Samoan Spikes.

Solo Sikoa vs Matt Riddle

The match was a no disqualification match. Matt Riddle surprised Solo Sikoa by appearing behind him before the opening bell. Despite this, Solo Sikoa managed to recover and retaliate. The match saw the use of kendo sticks and chairs, with both wrestlers dealing significant damage to each other. The audience was also treated to a table being brought into the mix, which was a request from the fans.

Riddle managed to land several hits on Sikoa with a kendo stick, forcing him to retreat. However, Sikoa stopped Riddle from setting up a table in the ring. After a series of exchanges, Riddle suplexed Sikoa onto two set-up chairs, which only resulted in a near fall.

The match continued outside the ring, with Riddle being hurled across the announce table. Despite this, Riddle managed to avoid having the table pushed over on him. The two fought to the top of the table, where Riddle managed to land a knee shot on Sikoa.

However, the match took a turn when the Usos, Solo Sikoa’s family, attacked Riddle, dragging him back into the ring. Despite Riddle managing to send them both to the floor and launching into a Floating Bro on Jimmy and Jey, Sikoa was able to rise and land a uranage on Riddle on the apron. Sikoa then hit Riddle with a Samoan Spike, which Riddle couldn’t kick out from, resulting in Sikoa’s victory.

After the match, the Usos added insult to injury by giving Riddle a 1-D through a table.

You can watch the match on WWE’s official YouTube channel here.

Solo Sikoa vs Cody Rhodes

In the world of professional wrestling, few matches have garnered as much attention as the recent showdown between Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa. This highly anticipated match took place at the WWE Sunday Stunner live event in Toledo, Ohio, on April 23, 2023. Both wrestlers have been in impressive form over the past few months, racking up numerous victories and demonstrating their prowess in the ring. Solo Sikoa, known as the Enforcer, has lost only one match on TV programming via pinfall or submission, and that defeat came at the hands of Cody Rhodes.

The event in Toledo was headlined by this marquee match, which saw Rhodes, also known as the American Nightmare, once again getting the better of Sikoa. This marked Solo’s third loss against the former AEW star, with the second one occurring at a house show in Fort Wayne. Despite the defeat, Solo Sikoa’s performance was commendable, showcasing his raw power and agility.

On the other hand, Cody Rhodes’ victory in Toledo further solidified his reputation as one of the top stars in professional wrestling. His technical prowess and strategic acumen were on full display, much to the delight of the fans. This match served as a testament to Rhodes’ enduring legacy in the wrestling world and his ability to deliver thrilling performances time and again.

In the aftermath of the match, the wrestling community has been abuzz with discussions and analyses. Fans and critics alike are eagerly looking forward to future encounters between these two titans of the wrestling world. As the dynamics between Cody Rhodes and Solo Sikoa continue to evolve, one thing is certain – the wrestling world can expect more exciting and intense matches from these two in the future.

Solo Sikoa Net Worth & Salary

Solo Sikoa’s net worth is expected to top $3 million in 2023, a very modest number for a rising star with the ability to turn any match into a spectacular spectacle. Nonetheless, it is commonly expected that as his stay with the organization advances, his financial success would rise, driving him to incredible heights.

According to reports, Solo Sikoa earns $80,000 per year. This value indicates his remuneration for his efforts and performances in the sector. While his income is notable, it is crucial to remember that as his career progresses and his fame develops, there is the possibility for significant improvements in his earnings. Solo Sikoa is ready to make big leaps in his financial success in the future, thanks to his talent and perseverance.

Solo Sikoa Wife: Almia Williams

In 2023, Joseph Sefa Fatu, better known as Solo Sikoa, joyfully exchanged wedding vows with his long-term sweetheart, Almia Williams, marking a new chapter in their years-long relationship. Surrounded by intimate family and friends, the couple reveled in their special day, with Solo’s brothers, Jimmy and Jey Uso, joining in the celebration.

Almia Williams, the enchanting bride and now Mrs. Sikoa, has been the subject of fan interest since her nuptials to Solo. Born on March 22, 1992, Almia is 30 years old, subtly older than her spouse, Solo, who was born on March 18, 1993.

Almia hails from the bustling city of Las Vegas, Nevada. After completing her high school education, she pursued further studies at Dickinson State University, the very place where she and Solo crossed paths and kindled their romance.

Upon completing her university education, Almia carved out a successful career in hotel management. Her LinkedIn profile reveals her five-year tenure as Assistant General Manager at Hampton & Inn Suites, followed by a promotion to Guest Service Agent at the same establishment. Now, she serves as a Business Executive within the organization.

The romantic journey of Solo Sikoa and Almia Williams has been an enduring one, filled with love and devotion. The couple initially connected at Dickinson State University and their relationship blossomed over the years. After an extended dating period, they became engaged in 2020, with their engagement lasting for over two years. Their love story culminated in their 2023 wedding, a testament to their enduring bond and unconditional love for each other.

Solo Sikoa Children

Solo Sikoa

Solo Sikoa and Almia Williams, proud parents of two sons, Zion and Zakhi Fatu, cherish their enriched family life. Their journey of parenthood began in October 2018 when Almia, donning a vibrant crimson gown, revealed via a mirror selfie that she and Solo were eagerly awaiting their first child. Her palpable excitement was mirrored by her fans, whose anticipation peaked as Almia proudly displayed her growing baby bump. Their firstborn, Zion Fatu, was born on November 21, 2018, with the first image of the baby boy shared a year later on his first birthday.

Fast forward to October 2020, and another exciting announcement was made. Almia, once again radiant in a pregnancy gown, shared a photo revealing the imminent arrival of another son. This joyous news was followed by the birth of their second child, Zakhi Christopher Fatu, in February 2021. Coincidentally, Zakhi’s birth occurred on Super Bowl Sunday, prompting Almia to share a photo of the newborn with the endearing hashtag, #SuperBowlBaby.

Their love-filled home bustles with the delightful sounds of their young sons, Zion, now 4, and Zakhi, 2. These joyful moments, such as the children giggling and frolicking during the 2020 Christmas festivities, are lovingly shared by Almia. The family’s joy was immortalized in a heartwarming Christmas photo, revealing a content family immersed in the holiday spirit, forever cementing their love and unity.

Solo Sikoa Age

Solo Sikoa is a professional wrestler from the United States who has competed on the WWE’s SmackDown brand. He won the NXT North American Championship in September 2022. He made his acting debut in the 2018 crime drama film Destroyer. Solo Sikoa was born on March 18, 1993 in Sacramento, California, USA. As of 2023, Solo Sikoa is currently 30 years old.

Solo Sikoa Nationality

So, Solo Sikoa (born March 18, 1993) is a professional wrestler from the United States. He is presently contracted to WWE, where he competes on the SmackDown brand as Solo Sikoa.

Solo Sikoa Height & Physical Appearance

Solo Sikoa stands at 5’8″ tall. He has beautiful warm brown eyes and black hair. Solo Sikoa is well-known for his athleticism and daring stunts. His hitting ability, on the other hand, is ferocious. As previously said, he combines the power of Roman Reigns with the quickness of The Usos. He employs skills like the Superkick, frog splash, and Samoan drop. He also employs his father’s signature motion, the stinkface, but without the same exaggeration. It’s more of a hip thrust.

Solo Sikoa Weight

He is roughly 109 kilograms or 240 lbs in weight.

Solo Sikoa Awards

Solo Sikoa

He won the AWF Heavyweight Championship once. He also won the Best storyline of the year in 2022. Then, he won the FSW Nevada State Championship once. Then, in 2022, he won the Faction of the Year. He was also ranked No. 401 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2022. Then, he won the NXT North American Championship once.


  • First, Sikoa has a plethora of tattoos on his body because he enjoys acquiring them.
  • His other nicknames are The Street Champion, The Problem, and Uso Jr.
  • He also took part in the WWE Clash at the Castle.
  • Sikoa’s official Instagram account has 431K followers (as of September 2023).
  • On May 22, 2022, he made his first Instagram post.
  • His hallmark techniques are the Top Rope Splash and the Savate Kick.
  • This professional wrestler stands 6 feet 2 inches tall (approx.).
  • He also wrestled for Future Stars of Wrestling and the Arizona Wrestling Federation.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Solo Sikoa to the Usos?

Fatu is the son of Samoan wrestlers Rikishi and Jey Uso, as well as Umaga, Yokozuna, and the Wild Samoans. He gets his ring name from his cousin, Yokozuna.

Is Solo Sikoa Umaga’s son?

He frequently pays respect to fellow Samoan Umaga, although the late WWE great is not his father. Solo Sikoa’s father is Rikishi, true name Solofa Fatu Jr., a Hall of Famer. In addition to Sikoa, the wrestling hero is the father of Jimmy and Jey Usos. Sikoa’s uncle, on the other hand, is Umaga.

Is Solo Sikora related to Roman Reigns?

If you’re curious, Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns are first cousins once removed. When one of the relatives is one generation removed from becoming first cousins, the phrase is used. Rikishi, the father of Solo Sikoa, Jey, and Jimmy Uso, is the Tribal Chief’s first cousin.

Does Solo Sikoa have a child?

Solo Sikoa and his wife have two children together. His wife’s name is Almia Williams. In terms of their first child, “Zion” was born in the year 2018. Furthermore, the second son, “Zakhi,” was born in 2021.

What is Solo Sikoa’s net worth in 2023?

Solo Sikoa’s net worth is estimated to be around $3 million in 2023.

What is Solo Sikoa’s annual salary?

According to reports, Solo Sikoa earns $80,000 per year.

Who is Solo Sikoa’s wife?

Solo Sikoa is married to Almia Williams. They tied the knot in 2023.

What is the age and background of Almia Williams?

Almia Williams was born on March 22, 1992, making her 31 years old in 2023. She hails from Las Vegas, Nevada and has a successful career in hotel management.

How did Solo Sikoa and Almia Williams meet?

Solo Sikoa and Almia Williams first crossed paths and kindled their romance at Dickinson State University, where they both studied.

Does Solo Sikoa have children?

Yes, Solo Sikoa and his wife Almia Williams have two sons, Zion and Zakhi Fatu.

How old is Solo Sikoa in 2023?

Solo Sikoa is 30 years old in 2023. He was born on March 18, 1993.

What is Solo Sikoa’s nationality?

Solo Sikoa is a professional wrestler from the United States.

What is Solo Sikoa’s height and physical appearance?

Solo Sikoa stands at 5’8″ tall, with warm brown eyes and black hair. He is known for his athleticism and daring stunts.

What is Solo Sikoa’s weight?

Solo Sikoa weighs approximately 109 kilograms or 240 lbs.

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