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Michael Rallis, who wrestles for WWE since 2014 as Madcap Moss is an American professional wrestler. He is currently performing under the WWE brand Smackdown since 2022. He was born in Edina, Minnesota and raised there. Rallis attended the University of Minnesota and was a part of the university’s college American football team, the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team. It is an NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision level team. Madcap Moss initially wanted to become an American football player. To achieve his first career target, he appeared at the tryout of the Miami Dolphins, an NFL team. He could not sign a contract there and then went for WWE tryouts at the WWE Performance Center. He contacted Jim Ross for this. Jim Ross is an American professional wrestling commentator and talent relations executive.

Rallis got a developmental contract with WWE and began training at the WWE Performance Center from 2014 onwards. On December 18, 2014, Rallis made his debut under the ring name Digg Rawlis for the NXT brand of WWE. Madcap Moss got his first televised debut on May 15, 2015. He was working then as an enhancement talent with Elias Samson. His debut resulted in a loss against Blake and Murphy, a tag team in WWE. Moss continued to make further appearances for NXT. He later adopted the ring name Riddick Moss for a brief period. This was his way of honouring Randy Gene Moss, a former NFL player.

To date, Madcap Moss has managed to win the WWE NXT Championship once and in 2022 the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal once. He beat Finn Balor who ended up as the first runner-up in this championship.

On August 4, 2022, Moss announced that he is dating Tenille Dashwood, an Australian professional wrestler.

Madcap Moss Net Worth

Professional wrestling is one of the most loved sports in the world. It is played in almost every country and in almost every major sporting event, like the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games. This makes professional wrestling a very popular sport. Besides this, the game needs utmost dedication and hard work from the trainee. Amateur wrestlers begin at the academy level as players or join independent circuits locally or in other countries. From there, they strive to rise and become a part of major professional wrestling promotions that identify their talent and give them a platform to perform regularly and gain fans.

Madcap Moss

World Wrestling Entertainment is the world’s biggest professional wrestling promotion. Being a part of it is almost every budding and professional wrestler’s ultimate target besides winning other competitions like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. Those who get a contract from WWE and get to perform under one of its several brands, especially RAW and Smackdown have a very high potential of earning a lot of respect and money. A lot of well-respected wrestlers have been a part of WWE, like Undertaker, Kurt Angle (an Olympic gold medalist), John Cena, The Great Khali, and Charlotte Flair.

Madcap Moss is also a professional wrestler for WWE under its brand Smackdown. Being so, Moss is already one of the best-earning professional wrestlers around. Moreover, because WWE is also the most-watched professional wrestling promotion, Moss has many fans too. WWE pays Moss about $275000 every year as salary. Moreover, he has also earned a lot of money while he was at WWE NXT. As a result, his net worth has soared to a huge figure of over $1 million. Moss’ girlfriend is also a professional wrestler who has played for WWE and Impact Wrestling. She is in the independent circuit currently.

Madcap Moss Girlfriend

American professional wrestler Michael “Mike” Rallis or Madcap Moss, which is his ring name, is dating an Australian professional wrestler Tenille Dashwood. Tenille, while at WWE, wrestled under the ring name Emma. Rallis shared on August 4, 2022, that they are dating.

Madcap Moss

Tenille Dashwood is from Australia. She has played for several major professional wrestling promotions but her stint with WWE from 2012 to 2017 is the most famous segment of her career so far. There she performed under the ring name Emma. It is worth mentioning that Tenille was the first Australian female wrestler to play in the World Wrestling Entertainment promotion, the world’s biggest wrestling promotion. At WWE, Dashwood was active under the NXT division. However, she did make appearances on RAW and Smackdown televisions too.

Tenille says her inspirations for wrestling are Stone Cold Steve Austin, Lita, and Trish Stratus. She began her career while she was only 13 years old, in 2003, with training. From 2005 onwards she began to make appearances for the Australian wrestling promotion Pro Wrestling Australia. In 2008, she moved to Calgary in Canada for further training with Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy. She went back to the academy in 2011 and then got featured along with nine other trainees on World of Hurt, a television reality show. Tenille played her last match in Australia in 2011 and then moved to WWE.

Dashwood stayed at WWE for six years, from 2011 to 2017. There she did have a lot of success. After that, Dashwood moved to Ring of Honor, another American professional wrestling promotion and wrestled for a year there. Next, she joined Impact Wrestling from 2019 to 2022. She won the Impact Knockouts World Tag Team Championship once, with Madison Rayne. Tenille currently plays in the independent circuit.

Madcap Moss Action Figure

Action figures are miniature representations of your favorite character. It can be anyone; a sportsperson, superhero, or cartoon character. As a fan, you might have wanted to buy an action figure of that person or character. These are basically small statues of those characters with which children can play. There are more intricate and delicate action figures also available in the market. These are the ones which should be put on display and are not for playing with.

Action figures are a major source of income for many toy companies. The action figures often come with a license. Owing a license to produce a particular toy or figure gives the company a monopoly over producing the “official” action figures which directly relate to the character or person the action figure is of. No other company can produce it. Such “official” action figures are very valuable, especially after they go out of production.

WWE wrestlers’ action figures are very popular amongst WWE fans. Regardless of the fans’ age, they love to own a small figure resembling their favourite wrestler, especially the official ones, which simply completes the point of owning the action figure at all. They often come out on special and rare occasions also, like some special event, a memorable fight, or a particular day like Christmas, Halloween, and so on. For this reason, those figures are called limited editions. Some of the most collectable action figures are Madcap Moss, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Becky Lynch, Dakota Kai, and so on.

Major toy and playing card manufacturers sell action figures of popular WWE wrestlers like John Cena, Madcap Moss, Charlotte, etcetera. You can buy them from stores, the online shop of the manufacturer, and third-party online sellers like Amazon, eBay, and so on and so forth.

Madcap Moss WWE Smackdown

WWE Smackdown is a WWE brand. It is one of the two major WWE brands under which some of the WWE wrestlers perform weekly. The brands are how WWE’s roster is divided by WWE. Wrestlers under each brand have to perform weekly. It is a result of WWE’s program of extending its brand because of the huge number of professional wrestlers it signed. This happened when WWE purchased its two biggest competitors, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW). This doubled WWE’s roster in size and accommodating all the professional wrestlers under a single brand became impossible.

WWE established WWE Smackdown on March 25, 2002, along with RAW. The wrestlers under the Smackdown brand perform on a weekly basis, every Friday on the show Friday Night Smackdown and wrestle and do their acts. From 2011 to 2016, WWE discontinued SmackDown for a period of about 5 years. Both the brands, RAW and SmackDown, did not appear for the period. On the July 11 episode of Raw in the same year, Vince McMahon made Shane McMahon the commissioner of Smackdown when Smackdown returned.

WWE Smackdown has its own roster. It features those wrestlers who signed with the SmackDown brand. Players join a particular brand through picks in drafts. Thus, every player finds their name up for grabs in the drafts and then joins that particular brand when the brand picks them. It is important to note that despite the fact RAW and Smackdown are the most famous brands of WWE, these are not the only two brands WWE has.

The names of WWE Smackdown’s championships are WWE Universal Championship, WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship, WWE Intercontinental Championship, and WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship.

Smackdown features some of the best WWE wrestlers like Madcap Moss, Roman Reigns, and Liv Morgan.

Madcap Moss Injury

On 13 May 2022, a WWE professional wrestler got hurt on the May 13 edition of Smackdown on FOX. The injury he sustained was a kayfabe injury. He got that at the hands of Happy Corbin, a fellow professional wrestler who also performs for WWE.

Madcap Moss

WWE says that the injury is a result of the attacks Happy Corbin made on Madcap Moss. Continuous hits with a steel chair and the Andre trophy by Corbin caused this harm. According to WWE, what Madcap Moss suffered is a “cervical contusion”. Happy Corbin used to be Madcap’s friend but the two have been feuding for the past weeks then.

For those who do not know, cervical contusion occurs when the cervical spine, the uppermost part of the spine, is hurt. The spinal cord can sustain bruises and injuries if the cord gets compressed against the spinal column.

WWE Performance Center

The WWE Performance Center is World Wrestling Entertainment’s official professional wrestling academy. There are two branches of the WWE Performance Center in operation currently, one in Orlando, Florida, the United States, and the other in Enfield, London, England, the United Kingdom. WWE opened the centre in Orlando on 11 July 2013 and the centre in Enfiled on 11 January 2019.

The performance centres serve as training centres for WWE wrestlers and provide sporting and medical facilities to them. Besides wrestlers, even the other WWE personnel also train and improve upon their skills in the performance centres of WWE. The 26000 square feet facility has seven rings. One of them is a specially padded ring for wrestlers to perform their aerial moves. There is also a strength and conditioning program and edit and production facilities. WWE uses ultra slow motion cameras in the performance centres to help wrestlers review their moves and reflexes. Furthermore, there is also a voice-over room for the practice of wrestlers and on-air announcers.

While training about 65 to 70 wrestlers at the same time, the WWE Performance Center also trains its other personnel like ring announcers, referees, commentators, and backstage interviewers. Wrestlers come from a range of backgrounds, from professional independent circuit wrestlers to non-wrestlers. They also belong to both sporting and non-sporting backgrounds.

Apart from wrestlers with a contract with WWE, the performance centre also operates as a tryout where individuals can give a trial. It operates on an invite-only basis and people from a variety of backgrounds come. Regular ones are established, non-established, and amateur wrestlers and American football players. WWE Performance Center has produced noted professional wrestlers like Madcap Moss, Happy Corbin, and Pamela Martinez.

The current head trainer is Matt Bloom. Other trainers include Sara Amato, Mike Quackenbush, and Sarah Stock.

Minnesota Golden Gophers

Minnesota Golden Gophers is a college American football team. It is the University of Minnesota’s official football team and its students are the players here. Minnesota Golden Gophers football team represents the University of Minnesota at the NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision level.

The football team was founded in the year 1882. The team played its first match on 29 September 1882. It was a victorious effort as the Minnesota Golden Gophers defeated Hamline University’s team 4-0. Minnesota Golden Gophers football team’s biggest rivalry is with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s football team, the Wisconsin Badgers. The two teams, since 1890, have played 128 games to date, except in the year 1906. This is the most played rivalry in the history of Division I-A College Football.

The beginnings of the Minnesota Golden Gophers team were very humble. The team was very loosely knit and there was no restriction on the affiliation of the player. The player could be a student of the university or not be so. The team got its first coach in the year 1883. He was Thomas Peeble. He introduced cheer teams for the football players. Thomas is also called the Father of American Cheerleading. After that, they sometimes played without any coach or sometimes with multiple coaches. In 1900, the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team got its first salaried coach, Dr Henry Lane Williams.

The Golden Gophers have been selected nine times as National Champions. The first one was in 1904, and the last was in 1960. The team also has a hat trick on such wins, in 1934, 1935, and 1936. This was under their second full-time coach, Bernie Bierman. The team has had notable players like Carl Eller, Bobby Bell, Bronislao “Bronko” Nagurski, and Michael Rallis (who wrestles for WWE as Madcap Moss).


Was Madcap Moss in the NFL?

Professional wrestler for WWE Smackdown Madcap Moss has been an American football player too. He has not played the sport in the NFL but he has played it at the college level. Madcap Moss, whose real name is Michael Rallis, attended the University of Minnesota. There he played for the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team for four years, from 2008 to 2012. Rallis wanted to join NFL and thus he attended a tryout camp with the Miami Dolphins after graduation but Miami Dolphins did not give him a contract.

How old is Madcap Moss?

WWE professional wrestler Madcap Moss was born on 11 October 1989. He is 32 years old.

How much does Madcap Moss weigh?

Madcap Moss weighs 111 kgs. He plays for WWE as a professional wrestler under its brand Smackdown.

Who is Baron Corbin’s wife?

Baron Corbin is married to Rochelle Roman. He is an American professional wrestler who wrestles for WWE under its brand Smackdown. His real name is Thomas Pestock.

Did Madcap Moss play college football?

Professional wrestler Madcap Moss wanted to find a career in American football initially. While at college at the University of Minnesota, Madcap played for the Minnesota Golden Gophers football team at the college level. He went to a tryout camp with Miami Dolphins, an NFL team, but they did not sign him. He then joined WWE after a tryout.

What is madcap Mar’s real name?

WWE professional wrestler Madcap Moss wrestles under WWE’s Smackdown brand. His real name is Michael Rallis. Madcap Moss is one of his ring names which includes Digg Rawlis, Michael Carter, Mike Rawlis, and Riddick Moss.

How heavy is Eric Bugenhagen?

Eric Bugenhagen weighs 125 kg. He wrestles for the WWE brand Smackdown. His ring name is Rick Boogs.

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