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So, if you are a WWE fan or someone who religiously follows professional wrestling for entertainment, Raquel Rodriguez should not be a name unknown to you. However, you might already know that professional wrestlers do not use their real names. While in the ring, they have a ring name with which they gain popularity. Moreover, they shape their social media presence, their branding, business enterprises, and everything else around this name. Therefore, their real names are totally absent from their professional lives. Similarly, Raquel Rodriguez is the ring name of Victoria Gonzalez. Therefore, she is also popularly called Raquel Gonzalez by fans.

Hence, she is currently a part of WWE. It was here where she got the ring name, Raquel Rodriguez. Therefore, she performs for the brand SmackDown under this name. Moreover, she has also been an NXT Women’s Champion previously. She has also bagged the titles of NXT women’s Tag Team Champion twice and WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. Therefore, it is quite evident that she had an exciting career at WWE.

So, Raquel Rodriguez took birth on 12 January 1991, in La Feria, Texas, United States of America. Moreover, she comes from a Mexican lineage. She has also always been an athlete which paved the way for her success as a wrestler. Hence, she was a part of the basketball team since she was in high school. Moreover, she played collegiately for the Texas A&M- Kingsville Javelinas throughout her high school and college days. Finally, in 2013, she shifted to Sam Houston State University. So, she went ahead with her collegiate basketball career there as well.

However, you can say that Raquel Rodriguez is native to wrestling. This is because her father Rick Gonzalez was also a professional wrestler in his time.

Raquel Rodriguez Wiki

So, if you are a die-hard fan of Raquel Rodriquez, you will definitely want to go through this section and know the most minute details about her.

Raquel Rodriguez

Full name Victoria Gonzalez


Raquel Rodriguez as the ring name in WWE, also called Raquel Gonzalez
Date of Birth 12 January 1991
Age 31 years (As of September 2022)
Birthplace La Feria, Texas, United States of America.
Nationality American
Profession So, you already know that she is a wrestler. She has been with the WWE for quite some time and performs professionally under the brand SmackDown. However, she has also been a trained basketball player since her high-school days.


Braun Strrowman- popular and fellow wrestler from WWE.
Religion Not explicitly known
Zodiac sign Capricorn
Race/ ethnicity She has American citizenship. However, her ethnicity is Mexican. So, she is a Latina.

Therefore, now we know enough about her personal life- her beginnings, her physical dimensions, her other life details, etc. Let us, hence, shift the focus to her professional life.

Raquel Rodriguez Age

So, Raquel Rodriguez took birth on 12 January 1991. Therefore, as of now, she is 31 years old.

Raquel Rodriguez Boyfriend

Raquel Rodriguez

So, Raquel Rodriguez has been in a relationship with Adam Scherr for quite some time now. Did you not recognize him? Well, he is the massive WWE wrestler with a height of 7 feet who goes with the ring name Braun Strowman. Moreover, they have been out in the public with their relationship. There is no secrecy involved. Rodriguez probably is also engaged to her boyfriend Strrowman, the popular WWE wrestler.

Raquel Rodriguez Height and Weight

So, the body and physical dimensions become extremely important for athletes, especially for WWE participants. For example, if you take a look at Dwayne Johnson, a major part of The Rock’s personality stands on how huge he is. Therefore, it is only natural that the bigger they are built, the more attractive they are, and the bigger fan following they have. So, they use their physique as an expensive brand. Hence, Raquel Rodriguez also has an extremely well-developed body. She is both tall and handsome. Therefore, she has a height of 1.83 m. This means she is roughly 6 feet tall. 6 feet is not very tall for an American woman. However, given her Mexican descent and worked-out figure, she has a standard height. So, now let us take a quick look at the rest of her physical dimensions.

Hair Color So, like most celebrities, Raquel Rodriguez often dyes and styles her hair. However, no matter what she does, she always looks amazing. But, her base hair color is a dark brown.
Eye Color Black
Height Feet – 6 feet 1 inch

Meters – 1. 83 m

Centimeters – 183 cm

Weight In kilogram- 80

In lbs- 180

So, now let us take a quick look at her personal life and background. 

Raquel Rodriguez Wrestler

So by now, it is evident that Raquel Rodriguez is not only huge but also strong and determined to go beyond the breaking point and emerge as the ultimate superstar in SmackDown. She has a towering presence with her huge 6-feet tall frame and extremely large back muscles. In her determination in the ring, she is pretty much unstoppable. That is exactly how WWE defines her career. Moreover, she is the daughter of Ricky Gonzalez, more popularly known as Desperado, Therefore, it was only natural that she would become a superstar when she grows up and she has been true to that lineage.

Hence, it was in 2017 when she made her first appearance on the radar of the WWE Universe. So, she was competing in the inaugural Mae Young Classic Tournament. However, the Rodriguez that you saw in 2017, a new face, a withdrawn youngster who had just come to the WWE Performance Center has nothing in common with the beast of power that she has become today. So, in the NXT universe, she is a towering symbol of strength and confidence. Moreover, she emerged on the blue brand on April 8 on the Friday Night SmackDown for the very first time. Since she is always keen on establishing her own will, it comes to no doubt that she leaves behind a lot of competition as she continues to grow at a huge speed.

Most recently, she teamed up with Aliyah against her former tag team partner and best friend Dakota Kai who betrayed her. So, the latter had teamed up with IYO SKY. However, Aliyah and Raquel Rodriguez defeated them in the tournament finals of Raw. Therefore, they bagged the titles of the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah

In the latest Raw finals, in August 2022, everybody wanted and expected Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky to win the title. However, that did not quite happen as Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah teamed up and ended up winning the title. However, there are a few reasons behind this. Both Rodriguez and Aliyah have struggled very hard to be on the main roster of WWE. They desperately tried to regain the momentum they had in the NXT universe. However, Kai and Sky had taken the company completely to themselves because of the amazing support they received from Bayley.

Moreover, the partnership between Rodriguez and Aliyah was highly experimental. It was just the creative team of WWE’s way of telling that they are absolutely unpredictable. Finally, Sasha Banks and Naomi- the previous titleholders had a role to play. So, they were to return and play with the current winners- who were expected to be Sky and Kai. However, that did not happen. When Rodriguez and Aliyah won, it itself became quite news. So, WWE decided to let them enjoy it because the feud between the teams of Sky and Kai with Naomi and Sasha Banks can emerge later in full length.

Raquel Rodriguez vs Rhea Ripley

When Raquel Rodriguez had to change her name from Raquel Gonzalez, she said jokingly that she loved her initials. R-R is also the initials of Rhea Ripley and they have always joked about forming a tag team. However, they might end up in a team together. So, this is because Bianca Blair wants to join hands with Rodriguez as well as Rhea Ripley to create a faction within the WWE. Moreover, she also believes that this is going to be the strongest stable given the powerhouses of energy that these women are. They have also been friends since their time at the NXT. Furthermore, they shared the screen on the 13 April 2021 episode because they held the titles of Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Women’s championship together.

So, now that we have dealt in detail with her professional life, let us take a quick look at her social media personality.

Raquel Rodriguez Instagram

So, yes, Raquel Rodriguez is there on Instagram. However, finding her might be a little difficult because she does not write Rodriguez in her name. Hence, you can find her by searching with her username which is @raquelwwe. She follows only 1191 people. However, she has a huge following of 489k! Moreover, she is quite an avid poster. This is evident because the total number of posts that she has made is a whopping 1,013! She also regularly shares stories.

You can call her Instagram feed to be a real hot mess.

So, she shares pictures from her performances, photoshoots, her own personal life, and often a steamy selfie or two of her own, in private. Moreover, she also often shares pictures of her friends and family and just like everyone else, her feed is quite wholesome!

Raquel Rodriguez Twitter

So, Raquel Rodriguez is there on Twitter. You can find her out with her username @RaquelWWE. She has been there on the platform since 2009 and has a following of 137.3k! So, she is active in this space. However, she mostly retweets and shares WWE stuff, unlike her personal life which is more evident from her Instagram feed. In fact, she hardly tweets herself.

Raquel Rodriguez FAQs

Raquel Rodriguez

How tall is Raquel Rodriguez?

So, Raquel Rodriguez is quite tall. She is 1.83m or 6 feet tall. This is well above the standard height for women in general.

Is Raquel Rodriguez Mexican?

Yes, Raquel Rodriguez is of Mexican descent but she was born in Texas, United States of America. Therefore, she is a Latina but an American citizen.

How old is WWE Raquel Rodriguez?

So, she took birth on 12 January 1991. Therefore, as of September 2022, she is 31 years old. When she first started with WWE in 2017, she was 25 years old. However, since then, she has had a remarkable career for 6 years.

What is Raquel Gonzalez’s real name?

Like everyone else in the WWE, Raquel Gonzalez is her ring name. However, now it has changed to Raquel Rodriguez. Her real name which she got at birth was Victoria Gonzalez.

What is Raquel Rodriguez’s signature move?

So, by now you already know that there is little that Raquel Rodriguez cannot do in the ring. With her huge build, strength, and determination she can pretty much take up every situation with expertise. However, the move in which she specializes in the Tejana Bomb. So, this has become her signature move over time.

What nationality is Raquel Rodriguez?

So, Raquel Rodriguez is a Latina because she is of Mexican lineage. However, she was born in La Feria, Texas in the United States of America. Therefore, she holds American citizenship and her nationality is American.

Who trained Raquel Gonzalez?

She was born to the famous wrestler of his time- Rick Gonzalez. Therefore, it is only obvious that she received the primary training from her father. However, her actual trainer for WWE was Rudy Boy Gonzalez. Moreover, she plays as a finisher with either the tequila shot move or with the One-armed powerbomb.

Is Raquel Gonzalez in a relationship?

Yes, she has been in a relationship for quite some time now. So, her boyfriend is Adam Scherr. He was extremely popular with his ring name Braun Strowman in the WWE. Moreover, the duo of wrestlers have come out with their relationship in public and are evidently quite happy together.

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