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Kanako Urai, born on September 26, 1981, is a Japanese professional wrestler signed with WWE. She performs on the SmackDown brand under the ring name Asuka and is a member of Damage CTRL.

Starting her career in 2004 as Kana, she wrestled in the AtoZ promotion until 2006. She took a brief hiatus and returned in 2007. Her talents were showcased in various promotions like JWP Joshi Puroresu and NEO Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling.

She won prestigious titles including the JWP Openweight Championship, Smash Diva Championship, and Wave Tag Team Championship. Urai made history by signing with WWE in 2015. She was the first Japanese female wrestler to do this in over two decades. Her achievements include a 510-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion, winning the Women’s Royal Rumble match in 2018, and three WWE Women’s Champion titles.

Urai’s versatility goes beyond the ring. She held the SmackDown Women’s Champion title, tied the record as a three-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, and won the 2020 Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match. In 2023, she won the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, and Elimination Chamber matches. She is the only woman in WWE to do this.

But wrestling isn’t her only talent. Urai is a skilled freelance graphic designer and video game journalist. She collaborated with Microsoft and sported an Xbox 360 logo on her gear, symbolizing her sponsorship. Since 2019, she has engaged fans through her YouTube channel, KanaChanTV. There, she shares her passion for gaming and lifestyle.

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Who is Asuka WWE?

Kanako Urai, known to the world as Asuka, is a prominent figure in professional wrestling, currently signed with WWE. Born on September 26, 1981, in Osaka, Japan, she’s renowned for her work as Kana in Japan and Asuka in WWE.

A former grand slam champion and Royal Rumble winner, she’s a force to be reckoned with in the ring. Asuka’s journey began as a graphic designer, but her passion for wrestling led her to become a full-time wrestler. Her career has seen her win several tournaments and championships, establishing herself as a dominant figure in the sport.

Asuka’s versatility extends to her YouTube channel, KanaChanTV, where she shares gaming and lifestyle content.

Asuka WWE Biography/Wiki

Birth Name Kanako Urai
Born September 26, 1981 (age 42), Osaka, Japan
Alma Mater Osaka University of Arts Junior College
Ring Names Asuka, Kana, Princess Kana
Billed Height 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in)
Billed Weight 62 kg (137 lb)
Billed From Osaka, Japan
Trained By Yuki Ishikawa
Debut June 16, 2004

Asuka WWE Early Life

Born on September 26, 1981, in Osaka, Japan, Kanako Urai, famously known as Asuka in the WWE, has a multifaceted background that extends beyond wrestling.

Before stepping into the ring, she graduated from the Osaka University of Arts Junior College and worked as a freelance graphic designer and video game journalist. Her passion for design led her to open her own graphic designing company during a hiatus from wrestling between 2004-2006.

Asuka’s early life was not just confined to academics and design; she was also fighting through chronic nephritis, a condition that didn’t deter her from pursuing her dreams. In 2019, she started her YouTube channel, KanaChanTV, focusing on gaming and lifestyle content.

Asuka’s early life showcases a blend of creativity, resilience, and determination that paved the way for her successful wrestling career. Her story continues to inspire fans across the globe.

Asuka WWE Parents & Siblings

While details about Asuka’s parents remain private, her family life has some intriguing aspects.

Born Kanako Urai on September 26, 1981, in Osaka, Japan, she has a twin sister named Fumie Urai.

Asuka WWE Nationality & Ethnicity

Asuka, whose real name is Kanako Urai, is of Japanese nationality. Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, she embodies her Japanese heritage in her wrestling persona and lifestyle.

Asuka WWE Education

Asuka’s educational background is as impressive as her wrestling career. She started her education at the Osaka International Takii High School and later graduated from the Osaka University of Arts Junior College.

Asuka Age

Asuka, born Kanako Urai on September 26, 1981, in Osaka, Japan, is currently 42 years old. Her age reflects a career filled with experience and accomplishments, both in and out of the wrestling ring.

Asuka Height

Standing at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm), Asuka’s height has never been a hindrance to her success in the wrestling world. Her agility, strength, and unique wrestling techniques have allowed her to compete at the highest level, proving that determination and skill are what truly define a champion.

Asuka Weight

Asuka’s weight is 60 kilograms (132 lbs), a reflection of her athletic build and rigorous training regimen.

Asuka Physical Appearance & Body Measurements

Asuka’s physical appearance is both striking and distinctive. Her body measurements are 36-32-36, and she often dyes her hair in bright colors like pink, blue, or green as part of her in-ring persona.

Her natural eye color is dark brown, and her natural hair color is black. Asuka’s unique appearance, coupled with her athletic physique, creates a memorable presence that resonates with fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

Asuka Career as Freelance Graphic Designer

Before becoming a renowned professional wrestler, Asuka, born Kanako Urai, had a flourishing career as a freelance graphic designer. Her colorful wrestling attires are a tribute to her previous profession, where she worked with notable brands including Nintendo, contributing character designs for the DS.

During her brief retirement from professional wrestling, Urai even opened her own graphic design agency. Her work as a graphic designer extended to being a gaming journalist for the Japanese version of the Xbox 360 magazine.

Asuka’s background in graphic design not only shaped her unique in-ring persona but also reflects her multifaceted talents and creativity. Her transition from the world of design to the wrestling ring showcases her adaptability and passion for diverse forms of art and entertainment.

Asuka Professional Wrestling Career


Early Career (2004–2010)

Kanako Urai began her career as a graphic designer but felt drawn to professional wrestling. Inspired by legends like Keiji Mutoh and others, she chose to follow her passion. Her trainer, Yuki Ishikawa, helped her adopt the ring name Kana. She made her wrestling debut in AtoZ on June 16, 2004, facing Leo-na.

Success marked her early career, but chronic nephritis forced her to retire on March 19, 2006. During her hiatus, Urai opened her own graphic design agency, where she combined her artistic and entrepreneurial skills.

The wrestling ring continued to call her, and she returned triumphantly on September 22, 2007. She worked as a freelancer with promotions like Ice Ribbon and NEO Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling. She also teamed with other wrestlers to form the Passion Red stable in NEO.

On October 10, 2009, Kana won her first professional wrestling title, the NEO Tag Team Championship. She teamed with Nanae Takahashi, but they lost the title two months later. Kana’s impact on wrestling was clear. She left Passion Red on January 24, 2010, and began a new chapter in her career. Her legacy as a wrestler and designer continues to grow.

Pro Wrestling Wave (2008, 2010–2015)

Kana, or Kanako Urai, began appearing in Pro Wrestling Wave in 2008. By 2010, she was a regular fixture. In 2011, she won the Catch the Wave tournament by defeating Aysumi Kurihara on July 24.

She teamed with Kurihara again to win the Dual Shock Wave 2011 tournament. They became the first Wave Tag Team Champions. Kana also teamed with Mio Shirai in Triple Tails.S, later known as White Tails.

Her dominance continued as she declared herself Wave’s new “ace.” She did this after defeating Yumi Ohka on November 27. Despite losing in the Wave Single Championship finals to Ohka, she remained a strong presence.

Kana and Mio Shirai won the Wave Tag Team Championship on April 21. This was Triple Tails.S’s first title win. They defended the title once but lost it to Shidarezakura in their second defense.

Her 2013 Dual Shock Wave tournament journey ended in the finals. Kana teamed with Yumi Ohka but lost in a thrilling three-way match. She reached the semi-finals in the 2015 Catch the Wave tournament, only to be defeated by the winner, Yumi Ohka.

Japanese independent circuit (2010–2015)

Kana, also known as Asuka, has had an impressive wrestling career. In 2010, she held her first event, Kana Pro. She also formed the Triple Tails stable with the Shirai sisters. Various main-event matches marked Kana Pro’s later events. She also became the president of the independent promotion 666.

In 2012, she debuted in DDT Pro-Wrestling. She had a thrilling battle royal for the Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship, winning and losing it in dramatic matches. Kana’s Ice Ribbon appearances included tag team victories and a loss of that same championship. She made her international debut in Mexico and appeared at the 2012 Japan Expo in Paris.

After leaving WNC in 2012, Kana appeared more in Ice Ribbon and JWP. Her storyline in JWP added drama to her career, including winning the JWP Openweight Champion title. She also collaborated with Ayumi Kurihara for the “kanAyu” event and had successful title defenses.

Triple Tails.S disbanded in 2013, leading Kana to produce independent events like KanaProMania. She also participated in rare women’s matches promoted by Pro Wrestling Noah. Kana made a special appearance for All Japan Pro Wrestling in 2014 and announced an indefinite hiatus from wrestling. Her career has had significant milestones and continues to be influential.

Smash (2010–2012)

Kana, known to WWE fans as Asuka, made her debut in Yoshihiro Tajiri’s Smash promotion on June 25, 2010. Her initial loss to Syuri set the stage for a rematch where Kana, now portrayed as a heel, defeated Syuri in just three minutes. Her manifesto in the Weekly Pro-Wrestling magazine, where she criticized the Joshi Puroresu community, created a buzz and led to confrontations with other wrestlers.

Kana’s feud with Tajiri culminated in an intergender match, which she lost. She later reemerged as the leader of the Triple Tails stable with the Shirai sisters, adopting the moniker “World Famous Kana.” Her matches against male opponents continued, with mixed results.

A new feud began with Serena, who referred to Kana as a talented “amateur” wrestler. This led to a series of matches, including a six-woman tag team match and a singles match, both won by Serena. Kana’s determination led her to the Smash Diva Championship tournament, where she defeated Lin “Bitch” Byron and Syuri to face Serena in the finals. Kana’s victory over Serena made her the inaugural Smash Diva Champion.

Her reign as champion was marked by two short-lived title defenses, losing to Tomoka Nakagawa and regaining the title, only to lose it again to Syuri. The two rivals reconciled after the match, ending their long-standing feud.

American Independent Circuit (2011–2014)

Kana, known in WWE as Asuka, made her U.S. debut in August 2011, working for all-female promotion Shimmer Women Athletes and Chikara. In her Shimmer debut, she established herself as a villain by ignoring welcoming gestures and defeated Mia Yim in her first match. She continued her winning streak by defeating Sara Del Rey but was later defeated by Cheerleader Melissa in a match to determine the number #1 contender to the Shimmer Championship. Kana ended her weekend with a victory over LuFisto, showing sportsmanship by shaking her hand.

Kana’s debut in Chikara saw her defeat Jessie McKay but lose to Sara Del Rey in the main event. Returning to Shimmer as a babyface, Kana teamed with LuFisto in various matches, facing both victories and defeats in singles and tag team matches.

In October 2012, Kana and LuFisto unsuccessfully challenged The Canadian NINJAs for the Shimmer Tag Team Championship. Kana’s singles matches saw mixed results, including a notable defeat by Ayako Hamada and victories over Athena and Made in Sin.

Kana’s subsequent appearances in Shimmer included unsuccessful challenges for the Shimmer Tag Team Championship and singles victories and defeats against various opponents. Her partnership with LuFisto continued to be a prominent feature, but they were unable to capture the Tag Team Championship.

Kana’s final appearance in Shimmer was on October 18, 2014, where she unsuccessfully challenged Cheerleader Melissa for the Shimmer Championship.

Wrestling New Classic (2012)

On April 5, 2012, Kana was named as part of the roster of Wrestling New Classic (WNC), the follow-up promotion to Smash, marking the end of her freelancing days. She signed a contract with WNC, though the deal allowed her to continue working for Pro Wrestling Wave and producing her independent events. Kana’s WNC debut was on April 26, where she teamed with Mio Shirai to defeat Makoto and Syuri. This led to a heated rivalry between Kana and Makoto, with Kana repeatedly defeating Makoto in various matches.

Kana’s alliance with Syuri ended when Syuri turned on her and joined a villainous stable. This led to a series of matches where Kana teamed with various partners to face Syuri’s new alliance. The rivalry culminated in a significant win for Kana over Syuri in a tag team match.

Kana also collaborated with Makoto to produce an event celebrating their common birthday, where they teamed up in various matches. During this time, Kana entered the WNC Women’s Championship tournament, defeating Makoto in the first round but was eliminated in the semi-finals due to interference.

However, Kana’s time with WNC ended abruptly. She quit the promotion, claiming that she had not been paid for months and had not been able to get in contact with the promotion’s president. WNC officially released her from her contract on December 4, and she returned to freelancing.

Reina Joshi Puroresu (2014–2015)

On August 30, 2014, Kana began working for Reina Joshi Puroresu as a storyline consultant and quickly made an impact by stripping Ariya and Makoto of the Reina World Tag Team Championship. She and Arisa Nakajima then won the titles on November 20, defeating Lin Byron and Syuri in a tournament final. On December 26, Kana defeated Syuri to win the Reina World Women’s Championship and subsequently reformed Reina as the promotion’s new “general producer” (GP).

In early 2015, Kana launched her own stable, initially named Kana-gun (Kana Army), but later renamed Piero-gun (Clown Army), with members adopting Kana’s clown makeup. The stable included native wrestlers Makoto and Rina Yamashita, foreigners Alex Lee, Cat Power, and La Comandante, and male wrestlers Hercules Senga and Yuko Miyamoto.

Kana and Nakajima successfully defended the Reina World Tag Team Championship on January 12, 2015, but lost the titles on February 25 at KanaProMania: Advance to Hikaru Shida and Syuri. On March 25, Kana lost her position as the Reina GP in a six-person tag team match.

In May, Kana made her first successful defenses of the Reina World Women’s Championship against visiting Mexican wrestlers Gitana and Reyna Isis, and made her third successful title defense against Yako Fujigasaki on June 13. On August 31, Kana relinquished the Reina World Women’s Championship ahead of her departure from the promotion. She wrestled her final match for Reina on September 4, teaming with Syuri to defeat Konami and Makoto.


NXT Women’s Champion (2015–2017)

On August 22, 2015, Japanese wrestler Urai, known as Asuka in WWE, appeared at WWE’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn event. This was a big milestone. She was the first female Japanese wrestler to sign with WWE since 1994. In WWE’s developmental brand NXT, Asuka debuted on September 23. This led to a showdown with Dana Brooke and Emma and many victories.

Critics praised Asuka’s NXT performance, especially her match against Emma. In 2016, she fought in a battle royal for the NXT Women’s Championship. She won the title by beating Bayley. Successful defenses against Nia Jax and others made her a dominant champion.

During her reign, Asuka became a villain, refusing to shake hands and attacking other wrestlers. She broke records, including Goldberg’s winning streak. Asuka also became the longest-reigning singles champion in NXT history.

Her title defense against Ember Moon showed more of her villainous side. She retained her title in many tough matches. An injury in a match against Ember Moon ended her 510-day reign as NXT Women’s Champion.

Undefeated streak (2017–2018)

On September 11, 2017, Asuka was introduced to the Raw brand, marking a new chapter in her WWE career. Her in-ring debut came at TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs on October 22, where she defeated her long-time rival Emma. Asuka’s momentum continued at Survivor Series, where she was the sole survivor for Team Raw, and she set a new WWE record for the fastest submission win in a women’s match by defeating Dana Brooke in just three seconds.

Asuka’s rise culminated in her victory at the Royal Rumble on January 28, 2018, where she won the first women’s Royal Rumble match, earning a championship opportunity at WrestleMania 34. Her path to WrestleMania included a feud with Nia Jax, whom she defeated at Elimination Chamber and on Raw, solidifying her position as a top contender.

In addition to her singles success, Asuka also participated in the Mixed Match Challenge tournament, teaming with The Miz. Their partnership led to victories over notable teams, including Alexa Bliss and Braun Strowman, and Charlotte Flair and Bobby Roode, ultimately winning the tournament.

Asuka’s undefeated streak, lasting 914 days or roughly 2 and a half years, became a defining aspect of her character. However, it came to an end at WrestleMania 34, where she submitted to Charlotte in a match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

SmackDown Women’s Champion (2018–2019)


Asuka’s journey on SmackDown began on April 17, 2018, when she was drafted as part of the WWE Superstar Shake-up. Her arrival was marked by saving Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch from an attack by The IIconics and then-SmackDown Women’s Champion Carmella. This led to a championship match against Carmella at Money in the Bank, where Asuka suffered her first official pinfall loss in WWE due to interference from James Ellsworth.

Despite the setback, Asuka remained a prominent figure on SmackDown, engaging in various feuds and tag team matches. She teamed with Naomi against The IIconics at WWE Super Show-Down and participated in the second season of Mixed Match Challenge with The Miz, reaching the semi-finals.

A significant milestone came when Asuka won a battle royal to enter the first-ever women’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. At the TLC event on December 16, Asuka captured the title for the first time in her career, thanks to interference from Ronda Rousey.

Asuka’s 100-day reign as champion saw successful defenses against challengers like Naomi, Becky Lynch, and Mandy Rose. However, her reign ended abruptly when she dropped the title to Charlotte Flair on the March 26 episode of SmackDown.

The Kabuki Warriors (2019–2020)

On April 16, 2019, Paige introduced a new women’s tag team on SmackDown, consisting of Asuka and the debuting NXT star Kairi Sane. Named “The Kabuki Warriors,” they were quickly thrust into a feud with The IIconics (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce) over the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. After defeating The IIconics in Tokyo, they earned a title match but initially failed to capture the titles.

The Kabuki Warriors’ momentum continued, and on October 6 at Hell in a Cell, they won the Women’s Tag Team Championship from Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, with Asuka using a green mist tactic. This marked a turning point as they transitioned into heels, cutting promos against top stars like Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. Their heel persona was further solidified when Asuka used the green mist on their manager Paige, ending their association.

As part of the 2019 Draft, The Kabuki Warriors were drafted to the Raw brand. Asuka renewed her rivalry with Becky Lynch, challenging her for the Raw Women’s Championship at the Royal Rumble but failing to win the title. A rematch also ended in defeat for Asuka.

At WrestleMania 36, The Kabuki Warriors lost their WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship to Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross, ending a record 181-day reign. However, Asuka’s individual success continued as she qualified for and won the Women’s Money in the Bank match.

Grand Slam Champion (2020–2022)

On the Raw episode following Money in the Bank 2020, Becky Lynch vacated the Raw Women’s Championship due to pregnancy, revealing that the ladder match was for the title, making Asuka the new champion. This achievement also made Asuka the second Women’s Grand Slam winner and third Women’s Triple Crown winner in WWE history. She embraced Lynch, turning face, and began a feud with Nia Jax, retaining her title at Backlash.

Asuka’s reign saw a controversial loss to Sasha Banks at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules, reversed to a no-contest by Stephanie McMahon. However, Asuka lost the title to Banks after choosing to save her partner, Kairi Sane, from an attack by Bayley. This marked Sane’s final WWE appearance, disbanding The Kabuki Warriors.

At SummerSlam, Asuka competed against both Bayley and Banks, losing the first match but winning back the Raw Women’s Championship from Banks. She successfully defended her title against various challengers, including Zelina Vega and Lana. At TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs, Asuka teamed with Charlotte Flair to win the tag team titles, becoming a double champion. They lost the titles at the Royal Rumble, and Asuka lost the Raw Women’s title at WrestleMania 37 to Rhea Ripley.

After a series of rematches and triple threat matches, Asuka became inactive due to an injury and was declared a free agent during the 2021 WWE Draft. She returned in April 2022, confronting Becky Lynch, and earned a title match for the Raw Women’s Championship at Hell in a Cell, which she lost.

Asuka continued to be a prominent figure in the women’s division, qualifying for the Money in the Bank ladder match but failing to win. On October 31, she and Alexa Bliss won the women’s tag team titles, only to lose them at Crown Jewel due to interference.

Character reinvention (2023–present)

In January 2023, Asuka returned to WWE, channeling her Kana character. She secured third place in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Next, she won the Elimination Chamber match in February. Competitors she defeated included Carmella, Liv Morgan, Natalya, Nikki Cross, and Raquel Rodriguez. Although this win earned her a Raw Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair at WrestleMania 39, she didn’t capture the title.

However, Asuka’s momentum continued, and she was drafted to the SmackDown brand during the 2023 WWE Draft. Following that, her renewed rivalry with Belair led to a title rematch at Night of Champions. Consequently, Asuka emerged victorious, becoming the Raw Women’s Champion for the third time. Not only did this win solidify her legacy, but it also made her one of only four individuals to have won the Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, and Elimination Chamber matches.

On the June 9 episode of SmackDown, the title was rebranded as the WWE Women’s Championship. Additionally, Asuka was presented with a new championship design. During her reign, she successfully defended the title against Charlotte Flair. Unfortunately, her reign ended at SummerSlam, where she lost the title to Belair in a thrilling triple threat match, also involving Flair. Finally, Asuka attempted but failed to regain the title from Sky and Flair in another triple threat match at Fastlane.

Damage CTRL (2023–present)

During the November 10, 2023 episode of SmackDown, Asuka, teaming up with Belair and Flair, faced off against Damage CTRL’s Bayley, Sky, and the newly returned Kairi Sane in a six-woman tag team match. Sane, who made her comeback at Crown Jewel and joined Damage CTRL that same evening, witnessed a dramatic turn of events when Asuka betrayed her teammates, reuniting with Sane and simultaneously aligning herself with Damage CTRL. However, at Survivor Series WarGames, Asuka and Damage CTRL faced a setback as they were defeated by the team of Belair, Flair, Lynch, and Shotzi in a thrilling WarGames match.

Asuka Husband & Children

Asuka, the famous WWE wrestler, keeps her personal life private. Information about her husband and children is scarce.

No official word exists about her marital status. Some sources say she’s married to Jadarius McKenzie, while others mention Daisuke Ura. Details about her husband’s age, net worth, or profession aren’t available.

Asuka is known to be a mother, but the child’s father’s identity is undisclosed. WWE superstar Becky Lynch subtly acknowledged Asuka’s motherhood in an interview. She praised her for balancing family life with a successful career.

Asuka prefers to keep her personal life private. Her focus remains on her impressive wrestling career and in-ring achievements.

Asuka Salary, Earnings & Net Worth 2023

Asuka, the renowned WWE Superstar, has made significant strides in her financial standing as of 2023. With an estimated net worth surpassing the $1 million mark, she stands as one of the prominent figures in the wrestling industry.

Her annual earnings from WWE alone exceed $350,000, a figure that reflects her status as one of the highest-paid female superstars in the organization.

This basic salary does not include additional income from endorsements, where Asuka has been associated with various brands, further enhancing her financial portfolio.

Asuka WWE Championships and Accomplishments

Asuka, the Japanese professional wrestler and WWE Superstar, has a remarkable list of championships and accomplishments that underline her dominance in the ring. Her achievements include:

    • NXT Women’s Championship (1 time): A testament to her dominance during her time in NXT.
    • WWE Women’s Championship (3 times): Highlighting her top-tier status in the WWE women’s division.

    • WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship (1 time): Further solidifying her as a premier competitor.
    • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship (3 times): Partnering with talents like Kairi Sane, Charlotte Flair, and Alexa Bliss.
    • Women’s Money in the Bank (2020): A significant victory that showcased her in-ring intelligence.
    • Women’s Royal Rumble (2018): Demonstrating her endurance in one of WWE’s marquee matches.
    • Third Women’s Triple Crown Champion & Second Women’s Grand Slam Champion: Underscoring her decorated WWE career.
    • Mixed Match Challenge (Season 1) – with The Miz: A unique achievement highlighting her versatility.
    • NXT Year-End Award (3 times): Recognized as Female Competitor of the Year (2016, 2017) and Overall Competitor of the Year (2017).

  • WWE Year-End Award (1 time): Winning Women’s Tag Team of the Year in 2019 with Kairi Sane.

Asuka’s achievements emphasize her significant impact on professional wrestling and her continued prominence in WWE’s women’s division.

Social Media

Asuka WWE Instagram

Asuka, the WWE Super Star, has made a significant presence on Instagram, where she actively shares content with her fans. With over 2.3 million followers, her Instagram account @wwe_asuka showcases a collection of 1,784 posts, including images, videos, and reels.

Asuka WWE Twitter

Asuka, the renowned WWE Super Star, maintains an active presence on Twitter under the handle @WWEAsuka. Her Twitter profile is a hub for fans to follow her latest updates, including her appearances on Friday Night SmackDown and her thoughts on various WWE events.

Asuka Youtube

Asuka, the world-famous WWE wrestler, also known as Kana, has a dedicated YouTube channel called KanaChanTV. This channel showcases her daily life and offers a fun and engaging way for fans to connect with her outside the ring. From home videos to shorts and playlists, KanaChanTV provides a unique insight into Asuka’s personality and interests.


Who is Asuka WWE?

Asuka, born Kanako Urai on September 26, 1981, in Osaka, Japan, is a renowned professional wrestler currently signed with WWE. She began her career as a graphic designer but soon followed her passion for wrestling. She’s known for her achievements in the ring, including winning several tournaments and championships.

What is Asuka’s background before wrestling?

Before stepping into wrestling, Asuka graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College. She worked as a freelance graphic designer and video game journalist and even opened her graphic designing company during a hiatus from wrestling between 2004-2006.

Does Asuka have any siblings?

Yes, Asuka has a twin sister named Fumie Urai.

What is Asuka’s nationality and ethnicity?

Asuka is of Japanese nationality and embodies her Japanese heritage in her wrestling persona and lifestyle.

Where did Asuka pursue her education?

Asuka started her education at Osaka International Takii High School and later graduated from the Osaka University of Arts Junior College.

How old is Asuka?

Born on September 26, 1981, Asuka is currently 42 years old.

What is Asuka’s height?

Asuka stands at 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm).

What is Asuka’s weight?

Asuka’s weight is 60 kilograms (132 lbs), a reflection of her athletic build.

How would you describe Asuka’s physical appearance and body measurements?

Asuka’s physical appearance is striking, with body measurements of 36-32-36. She often dyes her hair bright colors, and her natural eye color is dark brown. Her unique appearance resonates with fans and fellow wrestlers alike.

What is Asuka’s online presence outside of wrestling?

Asuka has extended her versatility to YouTube with her channel, KanaChanTV, where she shares gaming and lifestyle content. Her content reflects her interests beyond wrestling and showcases her creativity.

Who is Asuka’s husband, and does she have children?

Asuka is known for keeping her personal life private, and there’s no official confirmation about her marital status. Some claim she’s married to Jadarius McKenzie or Daisuke Ura, but details remain unverified. Asuka is a mother, though the identity of the child’s father is undisclosed.

How does Asuka balance her family life with her wrestling career?

Despite keeping her personal life private, Asuka’s ability to balance family life with a successful wrestling career has been acknowledged by fellow WWE superstar Becky Lynch. Her focus on her wrestling achievements does not diminish her commitment to her family.

What is Asuka’s net worth and salary in 2023?

Asuka’s net worth surpasses $1 million as of 2023, and her annual earnings from WWE alone exceed $350,000. This doesn’t include additional income from endorsements and partnerships with various brands.

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